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My biggest mistake is when I joined a site and instantly create a character so I can battle with other people's characters. Back then when fluidanims was around, they were called RHG but now they are called Duelist I guess.

I've seen a lot of animators make their own characters from the fluidanims times until now. But most of the time, they make characters because they are inspired by Hyun or Terkoiz or something, or maybe they thought creating a character can improve their animating skills. But in reality, they are not.

I'm used to be like that person. I WAS that kind of person. I thought gaining more points means gaining more experiences. But animating is not about getting imaginary meaningless points. And look at me now, I still can't make a decent animation even after 7 years, from the time I discovered fluidanims until now.

The point is that I don't want you, dear aspiring animators, to do the same mistakes as I did. And I would like you to give me a chance to talk about my mistakes and what I should have done so you guys will do the right thing this time.

And this one big mistake made me do three other big mistakes.

My second biggest mistake is being inspired by the wrong people.

I get that a lot of animators here are inspired by legendary sticks animators like Terkoiz or Hyun or Stone, people who have been around for a long time. But you know... the two words, legendary and sticks, doesn't really work together very well.

You need to understand that these legendary sticks animators are probably inspired by animations made by real legendary animators. Maybe they watched Studio Ghibli movies or watched a lot of Disney movies and they are inspired by those animators and they want to be like them.

It's okay to be impressed by them but if your inspirations are limited to sticks and not high quality animations, and you want to be the next Hyun or something, do you really wanna stick with just sticks? Or flat backgrounds? Or the same flat camera angle?

There are lots and lots of people who can make better animations and backgrounds, scenery, stories. I mean, just go to artstation and you'll see lots and lots of paintings that shows the mood, the atmosphere, the story. Or take a break and watch your favourite animated movies. An example is Up by Pixar. Look how they are able to animate a good scenery, how the characters are animated to show their personalities. These are the kind of people we should be inspired by. We should try to be as good as they are. Maybe even make something revolutionary like Pixar's Toy Story, the first fully animated CGI movie.

My third one, I didn't learn the basic.

If you wanna draw a good picture, then learn the fundamentals of art. And if you wanna animate a good animation, learn the 12 principles of animation. I cannot stress you how important it is to learn these.

I've been drawing and animating for 7 years but since last year, when I discovered them, my improvement was skyrocketed. So please, do learn them even if it's boring.

But that doesn't mean you're not allowed to animate sticks or draw anime, you still can. You can have some fun with anime or sticks, but once you've learned something from these, you'll notice an improvement and maybe you'll think "what else I should do to improve my skills".

And my last one, start animating from slow.

It's very tempting to animate something that moves quick. But you must start animating from something slow. Animate a walking cycle, or someone standing up, or someone waving, or someone grabbing something.

The reason why you should start from slow is because you'll develop the patient in animating. You'll understand how long it takes to animate someone doing something. If you animate something quick, you'll end up being impatient and the character moves lightning speed for no reason.

In conclusion, I'm glad that you guys are into animating. But please don't make the same mistakes as I did. Animating is not about getting points, it's part of art. Take inspiration from real animators who took countless of hours studying and still studying animation and art. Don't feel discourage from learning. If you made mistakes while you study, that's fine because you're still learning. And don't start animating quick movement.

I wish I can make a video on this and post it on the portal so a lot of people, a lot of beginners can see it and improve the right way. The tutorial section didn't get a lot of attention so yeah. I hope this... half rant and half advice helps you, dear aspiring animators.

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Someone said it. Amen brother. Amen.

My favorite mythical creature is the honest politician.

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this. This is what most beginner artist in general are missing on.

it's not suppose to look like anything, a "good" result is a side effect not the goal - embrace the suck.

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When I first joined this website (which wasn't very long ago, and I do have some sort of self-taught Animation basics before I come here), I got the impression that Hyun's Dojo is exclusively stickman animations (and comics that works too). All duelists have to animate with stickman. It is the Battle of the STICKS! Yet this place isn't meant to be like that. Full body animators and artists are just as welcome.

I found Hyun's Dojo mainly on YouTube and the most popular animations are stickman animations so... Yeah.

I want to make a difference by using full body animation as much as I could. If I am capable of animating full body then... Why not?

My duelist "Liqua": viewtopic.php?f=47&t=18699
My art post viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18989

Duel requests: CLOSED!

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Worth the time reading the paragraph. This could inspire all beginners.

This dude has something in his mind.

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Thanks for these tips, I am new myself and to be honest I do animate quickly :( thanks for the tips bro!


-From Nite.

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