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Tutorials Guidelines

Welcome to the ultimate source of animation knowledge! This is a place where people can post up any useful tutorials and guides regarding animation. If you have a tutorial that you think is helpful, don’t be afraid to share it with the rest of us! This is the BEST place to be for beginner animators to start off and learn about all the different techniques and styles of animation. Make sure to follow these simple rules of this forum:

Read the Sitewide Rules
All Sitewide Rules apply to this section! Please read and make sure that you abide by all these rules.

Tutorials and guides only
This is only a place for tutorials and guides! Do not post any animations or works without the sole purpose of teaching others.

Give credit to other tutorials
If you find a tutorial from another source, make sure to give proper credit to the source! Posting guides and claiming them as your own is not acceptable.

If you make your own tutorial, make sure you have experience
Make sure you have at least some affinity in the subject you are trying to teach. If you don’t have enough experience in what you’re trying to teach, then you may be misleading others to learn the wrong things. A good rule of thumb is to post some of your animations first either in the Tests / WIP / C&C section or the Dojo Portal, and see what things people like about your animation and style. Based on what the people like about your work, you can start working on tutorials for them!

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