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I know this isn't really related to stick/fullbody animation or art, but I enjoy modding android devices as a hobby
and one of those things are boot animations, so I decided to make one that is based on the Dojo intro!


This is currently supporting only 720 - 1080p devices, and I might consider making one like this for tablets too.
Please remember, this is your choice to install it and anything that happens once you decide to flash it is your
responsibility, not mine, though I would be happy to help if you have any queries/issues with this.

1. Download the zip that matches your devices resolution (perform a quick google search if you are unsure).
links: 1080p: https://mega.nz/#!XxRA3Lab!filBvCcPXglg ... WZIovOmCwU
720p: https://mega.nz/#!igh0jSpa!Grd37luGjFRj ... jjU49LTqKo

2. Place the downloaded zip file onto your device's SD card or internal storage, depending on which one you
prefer or are able to access.

3. Enter your recovery by shutting down your device and performing a 2-3 button combination that is specific
for your device, if you are unsure of what it may be then simply do a quick google search of your devices
model, followed by "recovery steps".

4. Once you have entered your recovery, select something along the lines of "install from sdcard", now you
may notice that there are two of these, one is sdcard, and the other is sdcard1, sdcard is actually your
internal storage (the one that comes with your device) while sdcard1 is your external storage (the one
you put into your device, also known as "expandable storage". Choose the one that you put the zip file

5. Now simply find the zip file that you put onto that storage and select it (most of the time the navigation
keys are volume+ for up, and volume- for down, but some recoveries have fancy touch navigation :O.

6. Once you have selected the zip file, wait for it to install, once it has finished, it should tell you "install
complete!", once this has happened, it means you're done installing!

7. Now just go back to the first screen you saw on recovery and select "reboot", then just wait until your
device restarts and you should now see the Hyun's Dojo intro appear as your boot animation! :D

Note: I'm not entirely sure if this is one of the things you can post in the downloads, if not then I'll happily
(sadly) remove it.

Edit: I suggest backing up your phone with software designed specifically for it before you do this! G'luck.

<------------------------------ Enjoy your double bladed device!------------------------------>

politics bore me ngl

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interesting! really nice idea


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this is nice of you.

despite only making up 13% of the population....

only for the cool kids

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You sir, are amazing. It worked on my phone(Moto G). Question, how did you make the bootloader? I've been interested in modifying android devices for quite some time.

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Doesnt matter if its not strictly related to animation, I think its fine cause its related in some way, and anyways we share a lot of stuff on this site that isnt animation itself anyways. I think its really cool that you like to mod android devices and its really cool that you can do it on this level. Its awesome knowing someone who can do stuff like this. I always want to know more about the tech world, and how it can be used, and u just widened my horizons a bit on how u can do it.

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i have that phone too

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it doesnt matter that this isnt realated to animation or arts lol this a downloadable stuff.
good job making it happen m8 gonna try this :T

hi im so happy :D

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Well in this case I'd be glad to take requests, as long as the ideas aren't stupid.

politics bore me ngl

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oh my god this is just what i need in life \(0[]0)/

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does this have a virus?

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