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Hello Dojo community!

I'm pretty much a Traditional Artist at the moment but hopefully I can get my lazy ass and start drawing more with my good old tablet.

I preeeety much just followed dojo works incognito and now trying to beat my bad introverted side by throwing myself at the mercy of the almighty internetz.

What more to say...
-I live in the hellhole Brazil;
-NOT a musician despise my current nickname;
-Hate my perfectionist side sometimes;
-LOVE mangas (Used to watch a lot of anime in the past, now its the manga/illustration phase);
-Aspiring game designer (close to finishing my courses here);
-Used to play a lot of games (life is being harsh);

Welp enough saying about me, here's few of my works: (using tabs cus I don't know how to post lol)

0 :  Just to keep this post as clear as possible, use tabs to see~
1 : Image
2 : Image
3 : Image

If you reeeeealy want to check out more of my stuff go to my gallery in DA that I somehow still use to this day: link

As I'm a introverted freak, I may be way too shy to even socialize so don't mind me and I apologize if people think I'm just ignoring or something. (Just be more patient. I hoping to fix this bad posture of mine)

I shall appear sometime, somewhere in the dojo.

See ya around~

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wwwooowwww. youre art is really amazing! aspiring artists like you are certainly welcome in the Dojo! love your work, hoping to see more


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Damn man! Your art is SICK! I would lovvveee to see you around the Dojo more often, cuz damn is that art amazing. Especially that Ainz Ooal Gown one, which is really impressive in my opinion. I think you would do great using a tablet, and can't wait to see what you'll do with it in the future! It was a pleasure to see your work, and welcome to the Dojo!

"Damn, this is some crazy déjà vu..." - Ryn

Duelist : viewtopic.php?f=47&t=16545

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I will try to get a routine of wandering around here more often.

Though my internal time clock may be broken beyond repairs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I LOVE how you colored them! I have a bit of experience of art yet, i just dont have the ability to color!
Welcome to the dojo!

"Just don't be too rough daddy" - HunterZ
"Danku derpy, big fan on the show with the magic horses" - TheKitsuneGamer
"I don't want mine to be that thicc" - Adri
"The ass is the first one to get up" - also Adri

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i sense comic duels.... Anyway, WELCOME TO THE DOJO... 4 days late...

My Unfinished Duelist
"Colorflare vs Roblexxxx" - Shlopidy
Working on: Duelist Demo
Joint with Awesome Anims

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@Derp123 Don't worry! It takes a while but once you get the hang of it, coloring will be one of the fun parts in drawing~ (Except Color Pencil... THEY rekt sooooo hard your arms+hands)

@KarnageTheAnimator As you can see I too get late with replies and stuff lol :p
and Duels huuuuh.... Who knows...? :>

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