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hello .-.

I'm NTN, fairly new to the community in terms of an account and up until now, I'm still learning my way through.
I have been a fan of the Dojo since when I was about 7 years old. 8 years later, still a frequent viewer it seems. I am a decent animator that started with Pivot Animations and is now transitioning to Flash. Done a few animations and I think they're really good.

Expecting to have a great time learning in this community.

Seeing you guys, many animators in one place, seems amazing considering I'm the only one with interest in this in my class.

Anyways, I hope to be great at animating as all of you guys. Am just a guy with a dream of becoming a professional animator :)


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Hi NTN! Glad to meet you and welcome to the dojo! I have the same dream as well. ^-^
Anyways, I'd like to see some of your animations!

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Welcome to the Dojo NTN! I hope you'll be able to achieve your dream of becoming a professional animator, and feel free to give me a message if you need help!

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Wazzup NTN Im Vest
Good luck on achieving your dream on becoming a successful Animator
And have A goooood time in the dojo and hoped no one shall bully this innocent dojo member!!!


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