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My name is Tassei 達成 [Means "achievement" in Japanese.]. I'm a Jamaican who wants to be a competent animator. After seeing the Hyun's Dojo trailer, I joined straight away. My old acc didn't work out so well.

On a side note: Using a tablet is sooooo hard >3<

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Well we're glad to have you here, i hope to see great tings from you!Itoo want to be a competent animator so let's do our best!

"... Our fight only consists of 1 event, that I will reach your level....After that? I'm gonna be 1 level higher..."

My Duelist: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=16177

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Unfortuantely, the dojo trailer is for the Hyun's Dojo Studio, who is the creator of this site. Not many people here can actually animate the stuff you saw in the trailer. However, this is still a great community and I hope u enjoy it here!

Welcome to the dojo! :D

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