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Hiya Everybody! TazD here! I'm just a Webcomic Artist who wants to try to make Animations! If you have no clue who TazD is... Well... here's a Picture...Image
This is Taz D. Gamer, he is an Overactive dog that loves video games and drawing. I soon want to make him a duelist, but I have no experience with animating. If anyone wants to animate him for me I would really appreciate that.
Email me at [email protected]

If he was a duelist...
Positive Qualities:
- Fast
- Flexible
- Quick on feet
- Smart and Inventive
- Electric Gloves - "Allows to hack and control electricity, Shoots lightning bolts at command, stuns opponents"
- Ice Shoes - "Grants speed and agility, Spawns ice for walls and ramps, skates around the map
- Funny/Punny - loves to aggravate the opponent with Jokes/Pranks/Puns
- Rage Mode - Electricity turns to Fire, Ice turns to Burning Water, Attack is way more powerful
Negative Qualities:
- Weakness is Fire
- Enters Rage Mode very easily
- Electric Gloves - Malfunctions when soaked with water
- Ice Shoes - Melts when comes in contact with fire
- Rage Mode - Less Defensive, Lacks thinking power, makes mistakes easier, more likely to go for the kill
- Attack is not that Powerful
- Will try to overwhelm opponent till they make mistakes easier
- Will try to pin down opponents with ice or stun them with lightning to claim victory

That's basically TazD in a nutshell. Again, I want to make him a duelist but lack animation skills. If anyone wants to animate him for me, that would be greatly appreciated. Email: [email protected]
Thxs >W<
Stay TazD!!

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Welcome. This is the place to start if you have no experience in animating. That character's pretty good since he's interesting and simple enough to animate, though for a total beginner you'll do better with stickfigs.
If you find the program Flash 8, then check out the tutorial section; other free programs have lots of tutorials on Youtube.

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Welcome TazD!

I'm SalihMan, and I'm amazed to see a webcomic artist! :D
I'm sad to say that we don't allow other people to animate for you, everything has to be completely made by YOU. However you're in luck, because Dojo Duels also allows comic artists to duel! There are TONS of comic duelists dueling already, be sure to check it out: viewforum.php?f=65 . If you're interested in Comic Duels, be sure to start out HERE! And if you've got any more questions, you can ask anyone in our official discord server! I hope to see your around, and hopefully as a comic duelist!

-Stay TazD!

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to animate it or make a comic then... THXS >W<

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