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Hi my name is Green

Im interested in animations and video productions in general.
currently I'm learning professional Video production and in my free time learning to do "high quality" animations.

Im around twenty, live in germany and slightly addicted of being productive xD

Did I miss something important?

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Hi there Green, welcome to the dojo. You're gonna love it here ^^

My duelist:
Zayne and Dave

(Status:working on duelist demo)

"Every f*ck up makes life interesting" - Hatena360 (2018, June 17, 12:05 ish wherever he lives)

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Productivity and animation work well together. Welcome!

Me: i spilled soda on mah keyboard
Shuriken255: shit man...
Shuriken255: buy new soda

Quik: I take back what I said. I fucking hate you guys.This thread is why we can't have nice things.

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Welcome to the Dojo! I wish you good luck on those “high quality” animations!

"Damn, this is some crazy déjà vu..." - Ryn

Duelist : viewtopic.php?f=47&t=16545

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