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Hello World!

Not sure who's gonna read this, but I guess if I wanna meet people here and such I gotta introduce myself. So, I'm gonna call myself Lead here. Like the stuff that used to be in pencils. Not my real name. I got no idea what I'm doing currently, I'm basically pressing random buttons in hopes of having a beneficial result. I have never made a post on any social media up until now. I have not made much, but I have several ideas and I hope to get them into the world. That would be p cool :D. I want to make a duelist called Graphite, as well as maybe write a webtoon. I am a big fan of many webtoons, I like to use an app which is called webtoon, you can read and subscribe to different series with it. My favorites are Tower of God, Xinker, God of Highschool, Room of Swords, The Gamer, The Badguys, and Hardcore Leveling Warrior. I would reccomend it to anyone who is interested in comics, it is free and super great.

Anyways, I am a somewhat OK animator looking for support. At the time of this post I don't even know how to turn a Flash file into a video file. If I could get some guidance and advice, I think I could do some p great stuff. Plz contact me if you feel like it, I would be happy to meet new people!

Thank you Hyun and friends for making such a great site!

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!

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Hi... Did you seriously expected a nice, long and epic message from me??! Well, yeah, you did and it's kinda mean that I didn't write a nice, long and epic message to you BUTT... wait, I meant 'BUT'... CRAP, THIS IS EMBARASSING... MOM, COULD YOU HELP MEEEEEE? NO? CRAP!!!

I'm Bored LOL

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Hello! Welcome to the dojo!

@LeadSmythe777 I don't use Flash, but I've heard Swivel is a great program for converting sfw files to video files.
You can follow this link to find and download the program:
https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator ... ces/swivel

My Duelist: Wick

Currently Dueling: vs Stockton

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