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Herro world! I am The Brother34. You may call me Blu.

I am a Stick Nodes Animator (4 years (almost...September = anniversary month).
I have been watching and conversing with so many other animators from the Stick Nodes community and from the Dojo. I happen to be recognized as a "Brother" to people, so expect nothing less than someone to talk to that would talk back in a treble of good consciousness.

If you would ever like to see any of my animations, a good start would be on my activities page. Then proceed over to my youtube channel which grows even when I am absent for a while.

Currently, I am working on my *Final Animation. What many suspect it to be a goodbye, I see as a checkpoint to this race I've been in for years. Racing against myself, I have improved and taken many criticisms into account. I see now that I am ready. That is why I am making a Final Animation.

Until then... Au revoir. :)

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Welcome to the dojo Blu! I to am a sticknodes animator, though I only have slightly over a year worth of experience.


Written Duelist

I like dead memes. Sorry.

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