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Hello . From titles suggested I'm randomraven .
But you can call raven for short .

Will I'm juts random artist how stream of being animator.
But failes horrorble wene trying do it .

Tho I won't stop trying! You juts won't see it sometimes.
If I do post it.

But ! You can injoying my artwork of my chacters and world !
I even have little comic going on of them . Tho it's not that good
and you can easily tell wile making it I'm trying to improve my
skill of making comics .

Links to comic .:
(Don't worry the art gets better more deeper it gets . I hope )

Also sorry for horrible grammar and spelling
mistakes. You probably already found couple in here . So don't
worry I'll try improv in that compartment too!

And if you like to see more of my art you can go here .

Tho I must warn you. I post some fetishe things . But do not worry!! I make sure to put warning and filters on it . So kids and adults won't have to see it .

Over all . I hope my time here ill gain some friendship and lernd some cool things . And you can lend in trash hehe .

Will have wonderful day .

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