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Artwork Guidelines

Welcome to the Artwork section of Hyun's Dojo! Here you will be able to post your artwork in your own thread and get feedback from your fellow Dojo members to improve your art. Or, if you are more of an onlooker than an artist, feel free to leave your compliments and critiques to the artists in this section! Please follow these few simple rules:

Read the Sitewide Rules.
Please be aware of the Sitewide Rules and there are a few additional rules to this section.

Mark spoiler for any NSFW content.
It is in our best interests to mark sensitive subject manner under the [NSFW] tag when you post anything that could be Not Safe For Work. As well as using the tag, please hide the images under a spoiler tag to prevent other members from accidentally scrolling past these images. We also do not want to host artwork depicting sexual acts of any kind. Any artwork that are heavily fanserviced should be hidden under a spoiler and warned about. Nude studies are acceptable in this section but they cannot contain subjects that are under the age of 18. Please also consider that any artwork that borders on obscene (be it religious attacks, large amounts of blood and gore etc.) will be subject for removal at the moderator's discretion.

Give credit where credit is due.
We do not tolerate members claiming other artist's work as your own. Any members found doing so will face repercussions as this counts as art theft. When posting any creative content on the Dojo where you have used heavy referencing or tracing, you must state that it has been referenced or traced and give credit to the original source. Failure to label heavily referenced or traced works will mislead people into thinking the entire work is yours and will be classified as plagiarism.

Keep all your art in one thread.
Please try to keep all of your art in one individual thread. This is to prevent cluttering of the forum. It would also be easier to track each artist's gradual change and growth over a long period of time. If you do not feel you want to do that, you are welcome to use this thread to get feedback on your work.

How do I give constructive criticism?
When giving feedback on someone’s work, it is best practice to follow these guidelines:
  • State something positive about the artwork. A good critique will always point out a good trait in an artwork. Only focusing and pointing out the bad parts will just bring a negative vibe to the critique. Let the artist know what he/she should keep doing as well as what he should improve on.
  • Never call someone’s work bad. This is the worst thing to do in a critique because it does nothing but discourage artists that want to improve. Use better words like “things that could improve are…” Or “This part could be better because…”
  • ALWAYS provide reasons or suggestions for everything you critique. If you think something should improve, provide a reason WHY you think that and suggest a few things that could make it better.
  • RESPECT all art and skill levels. Everyone here is striving to improve regardless of drawing skill so do NOT judge people, laugh, or poke fun at someone because of their apparent lack of drawing skill or subject. Always treat people with respect regardless of what the drawing looks like.

People are trying to HELP you not MAKE FUN of you.
A common feeling people might get when receiving feedback, is that it will feel like critiques are just making fun of their work and bringing them down. Remember that the best way to learn is to feed off of other people’s opinions and how THEY see your work. Take all comments and learn from them, even if some might not be as helpful. We’re all just trying to learn and become better so don’t be afraid and use critiques as a tool for your success.

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