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I'm gonna drop off my animation practices. Please CNC them, so I can become a better animator. DONT HOLD BACK. Give me ways to get better.

Sword Practice, its a quickie.

First try at lightning effects.

Practice 2, Combo

Practice 3, Combo 2
(I got lazy)

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Well, going hard, this is not good, its below mediocre. The stick construction is horrible, the legs have no knees, the sticks are wobbly.

Try watching some Hyun Tutorials, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... E5777D03B8

Hope this will help.

I'm a living meme, I have no purpose in life.

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Thank you, keep em coming people. DONT HOLD BACK NEGATIVITY FOR CNC.

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Lightning is supposed to be fast,your lightning was coming down pretty slow

The sword trails are pretty small,it looks like you copy pasted the trails
You should draw each trails seperately

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Please do not limit your lightning to simple scribbles and blurs. There's so much more you can do.
A shake. Some sounds. Pressure sensitivity. Flashes. Gradient circle. Flares.

And you construction... sigh.... it's the stuff I'm looking for for my collab. Unfortunately, I think you're actually giving it your best, which is just unfortunate.

You've gotta be more experimental and get out of your comfort zone...

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InHouse Staff
i like that you attempted a stab in the sword animation, not many people do that. trails are interesting too. my advice would be to move the head every frame with the body so its not still for two frames or so

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