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The deadline has been extended to pretty much until I get enough entries.

Welcome to the Class Collab!
The idea is pretty simple, we all know classes in RPG's.
The idea is to have each participant animate a different class of his own choice!
It can be a traditional warrior-esque character fighting a bunch of sticks, or even your own made up bomb-launching crossbowman blowing up a massive dragon boss!
It can as well be your Duelist, as long as he belongs to some sort of class.
For example, someone like Yupia would be a Cyber Swordsman of some sort, while someone like Bog would probably be some sort of body-modification magician.
Duelists will be presented with something like
(Duelist Name) as (Class name) with the actual username on the side.
While someone who just plainly animates a class would be presented like
(Username) as (Class name)
Links to your channels/profiles will also be on the side of the screen when your entry comes up.
You can get somewhat as wild as you want with your classes, however, if you can't think up of anything I made a suggestion section at the end.
I will start editing the collab along with all the entires in 25/07/2016. Tell me if you have any problems with it

    • Every program is allowed as long as your animation is high quality!
    • Animation has to be at least 10 - 30 seconds long, or even longer as long as long as your animation is of high quality, and isn't rushed.
    • Ultimate abilities are encouraged!
    • 24 FPS for flash, 15 - 18 for pivot (I believe that for Pivot it should be at least a little bit flexible, for reasons that would be troublesome to explain)
    • VCAM allowed
    • Canvas size: 1280 x 720 seems fair enough. Comment if you have any issues with it
    • Allowed filetypes: .swf, .avi, .mp4, .fla, .gif, .wmv(only if you really need it as a .gif, otherwise I don't really like working with gifs) tell me if you guys need more filetypes!
    • If you are a beginner, then sorry, but this collab is not for you.
    Need to be at least at a decent skill of animating. Know the important rules of animating, especially easing, and force(Seriously, alot of animators here put some great effort into their animations but never use easing at all. It turns out to look bad when otherwise it would've looked great). If you know you're not at that level, please don't make me deny your request for nothing. It makes me feel bad :|
    • Fullbody, sticks and sprites are all allowed!
    • Joints are encouraged, but only if there are 2 sticks on the same entry. For example, one animator animating the healer/paladin healing or supporting the other animator, which will be animating a more offensive role.
    • Do not add music
    • Please, PLEEEEASE add sound effects! it is crucial to make your anims seem good. If someone has no sfx, i'll add them, but please, let's try to avoid that happening unless you really have a problem with sfx.
    • No 2 classes of the exact same kind. To avoid that, in the participants section I will also list all of the taken classes.
    Simple, post a comment here including all the required info:
    • The class you wanna animate
    • Your latest/best animation
    Also, please do not be offended if I didn't accept you. I want this collab to be a pretty high quality one.
    I may not be a great animator myself, but I feel like a collab like this has alot of potential.
    In addition, classes that are too damn absurd, and way too specific, like an exploding samurai on a tank with a minigun probably won't be accepted.
This section is for people who aren't too familiar with classes, or just want some nice suggestions. These suggestions will mostly be traditional types of classes.
By the way, for some reason I put way more explanation in the warrior class. This is because I didn't really think about making it simpler.
Also, completely ignore everything i've said about armor. It probably won't help you at all because your class will probably be wrecking sticks and not showing off
your armor.

Warrior types:
Gladiator - Taunts, counterattacks, heavy armor, balanced in defense and power.
Fencer - Massive counterattacking abillity, dodging, quick slashes, stabs. Low defense, but massive dexterity and damage.
Paladin - Hammers, maces, holy-based abilities and strikes, shield bashes, and strong execution abilities. No consistent damage, but massive armor, and strong bursts of power, with the use of buffs. Can also heal himself, or allies.
Death Knight - The complete opposite of Paladin. With dark powers, necromancy, massive spikey 2 handed swords, and big, slow slashes, along with good armor and skills, the death knight is definitely one of the stronger classes.
Dragon knight - Usually with a shield and a spear, the dragon knight is an agile warrior with Dragon based abillities.
Berserker - Massive weapons, extremely strong strikes, spin 2 win, with sluggish, slow strikes as one of his only weaknesses, the berserker is a powerhouse
Samurai - With extremely fast and accurate strikes, hard hitter, big combos and flurrys of slashes, the only downside to the Samurai is his weak armor.
And, use your imagination to come up with even more!

Magician types:
Sorcerer - Quick, fast paced spells hitting with a good amount of damage.
Warlock - Can summon higher beings to aid him in battle (usually demonic ones)
Conjurer - Can summon spirit animals and conjure spirit weapons
Wizard - Slow, and really hard hitting spells. Meteors, earthquakes, all of the massive yet slow stuff.
Pyromancer - Loads of fire. Absolute loads.
Ice mage - Loads of ice. Absolute loads.
Necromancer - Reviving dead enemies to do his biddings, and summoning skeletons as well as using their flesh and bones to defend or attack.
Psychic - Can control the mind of enemies, and most likely has telekinesis too. Can also cause enemies to fight each other.
Druid - Can morph into animals, and use nature spells.
Shaman - Uses totems to buff himself, as well as use elemental spells. Pretty much the Avatar
And, use your imagination to come up with even more!

Rogue types:
Assassin - Assassinates enemies quickly and swiftly, usually in 1 hit.
Ninja - Smoke grenades, backstabs, invisibility, etc.
Shadower - Usually a rogue which utilizes shadows to his advantage.
Bandit - Strong, brutal strikes to critical enemy points.
Pirate - Do I really need to explain this?
Scout - Moves really fast, along with quick takedowns
Sorry for not explaining much, not really too shabby on the rogue subject
use your imagination to come up with even more!

Bowman - Uses his bow for brutal piercing strikes
Crossbowman - Quick flurrys of arrows, used almost like guns,
Gunslinger - Usually with dual pistols, or revolvers.
Magical Ranger - Uses enchanted bullets or arrows.
Trapper - Uses traps and explosions
Sorry for not explaining much either, but the ranger class is way too big.

Q: How will the collab be made?
A: I will most likely use sony vegas to put all of the entrys together

Q: What exactly should my ultimate ability look like?
A: Think of what fits the class you chose, or perhaps your duelist.
For example, for a gunslinger i'll give him some sort of insta-headshot 10 people or something, and for a Warlock I would summon a massive reaper spirit slaying everyone.

Q: What should my class do in the collab?
A: I believe the best thing to do would be either slaying a tough boss, or slaying a bunch of minions, or just randomly beating the living shit out of a stickman! Anything works.

Q: If I'm a participant, does that definitely mean that my entry would appear on the collab?
A: Nope. If you were accepted but still made a lower standard entry it would probably mean nothing.

Q: Can I make 2 entrys?
A: Preferably not, unless we don't find enough participants. You have to animate 2 different classes though

Q: What can a healer type magician do?
A: Tough question. The best I could think of is animating 2 dudes, either as a joint entry or by yourself, having one support the other offense-type character.

Q: Are angles allowed?
A: Yup!

Q: Are there any limit to the number of participants allowed?
A: Nope, as many as possible!

That's all I can think of for now. Comment whatever questions you have and i'll add them.
Guitarii - Fencer (Warrior)
yunero - Berserker (Warrior)
RoastyToasty - Samurai (Warrior)
IAmTheOcelot - Jet Slasher (Ranger & Warrior)
TerrahMail - Spellblade (Warrior & Magician)
Flame - Slayer (Warrior)
Price - Weapon Conjurer (Magician)
Vibra - Assassin (Rogue)
RawGreen - Cybermancer (Uh.. Dunno yet? o_o)
Ikouza - Parivir (Warrior)
X - Monk/Cleric (Warrior/Magician)
Anise - Bowman (Ranger)
Mikipoint - Earth Bender (Magician)
Bio - Magical XBowman (Ranger)
hydrios - Druid (Magician)
WaterDan - Battle Cryomancer(Magician & Warrior)
Dagon - Archer (Ranger)
Saboar - Dark Knight (Warrior)
Jaws - Warrior (Warrior)

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Wow this is really well layed out! I'd love to join but I'v honestly horrible at animation right now XD good luck to everybody who does join though!

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http://sta.sh/012bt7bmdxbn (WIP)

Those would probably be enough. My speedbattle was like a year ago, but my Erase Yupia was like end of December.
And Im just showing what ive been currently working on, if that'd be enough to demo my skills :^)

Also are angles allowed?

TJG10able wrote:

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http://yunero.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/b4 ... _1fbdcb8e/
http://yunero.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/00 ... _9328401d/

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@yunero @Guitarii You're in! good luck! And yes, angles are allowed. I'll add it to the QnA

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Btw can you extend the due date? Like, early July would be fine since I'll be doing two animations (Duel and demo) and maybe I can't reach the due date :( or can I pass late? Lol

TJG10able wrote:

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Guitarii wrote:
Btw can you extend the due date? Like, early July would be fine since I'll be doing two animations (Duel and demo) and maybe I can't reach the due date :( or can I pass late? Lol

Will do, once I get back home I'll change the date

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Can i get a part in as a Samurai. Here are my animations

http://roastytoasty.hyunsdojo.com/showc ... _ce927cf8/

http://roastytoasty.hyunsdojo.com/showc ... _afb32aff/

http://roastytoasty.hyunsdojo.com/showc ... _26918317/

http://roastytoasty.hyunsdojo.com/showc ... _6d3cdf25/

" Most of the time, Camila's like a cute kitten who's happy to cuddle with anyone. But every once in a while she pulls a bazooka out from nowhere and blasts someone to smithereens in a single post."

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RoastyToasty wrote:

@RoastyToasty Sick animations man, you're in!

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Magical Blader bruh....Magical Blader

http://terrahmail.hyunsdojo.com/albums/ ... 0a099edd1b

I love tomatoes, ehehehe. Ketchup not so much.

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