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[CANCELLED] Talk Shit Get Hit

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Pretty self-explanatory. Ever just wanna hit those people who talk a bunch of shit? Well in this collab, you can! Simply make an entry of someone talking shit in some way, then getting the everloving crap beaten out of them. Doesn't matter WHO is in the animation, How many people, or why. as long as SOMEONE talks shit then that someone gets their ass handed to them (metaphorically), it's acceptable.

Please read these rules BEFORE posting and try re-reading them again before making your part. Trust me, there's nothing more annoying when hosting a collab then somebody giving me their entry and 100% completely disregarding half the basic necessary rules, and then wondering why their part never got in. Or just when they ask questions of things already stated in the rules, which is not AS annoying, but still a little bit. For those of you thinking "Things like that don't happen!" Yes, random stranger, they do.

Due date has been Extended to May 30th

-Make an entry involving someone insulting someone else, then that someone being killed/hurt/beat up in some way
-Can be any character, existent or non-existent, but permission to use the character is preferred (which narrows it down to like every character on the dojo)
-Yes, it will be funny, obviously, but keep in mind this is a FIGHTING collab, not just a Comedy, so I expect fighting or some sort of action to occur in your part.
-Sticks, Fullbody, etc are all allowed
-Put your name in the Top-right corner.
-DUE DATE is May 30th

Here's a template (Flash 8 ) http://sta.sh/0ujwcqizqqp
It has a little refresher on some of the rules included in the file if you need them.

-All animation programs accepted
-Any FPS from 24 to 60 is allowed (Set to 24 in flash template but changing it is allowed)
-Resolution MUST either be 800x450 (Flash Users only, set already in template) OR be a 1920x1080 MP4 for ANYTHING else.
-(Flash users) Audio Bitrate must be 160 kbps (it's already set that way in the template if you don't know how)
-Turn in files (FLA and SWF for flash, MP4 for everything else) to me via Dojo PM or Discord DM. Please don't release these files to the public if possible.
-Preferred site for sending files will be direct file sending through Discord DM (if the file is small enough) as well as sta.sh or MediaFire.
-Add any symbols, layers, etc you want
-Add SFX!!! (Yes, SFX are required)
-Don't add music
-Angles highly preferred
-Add voice acting if you like (as long as it's kinda good)
-Joints Allowed
-Multiple entries are allowed, but I prefer getting one
GOOD entry I like than 5 bad short entries I don't like,
so one entry is recommended unless you're good enough
to pull off more than one good one. If your entries don't get
accepted because you sent me 3 bad ones, it's all on you.

Please add a background if you can. it's not absolutely necessarily, but will definitely help your chances of getting in.
BE CREATIVE: Not only with the fight, but with what exactly the shit-talker says. I don't wanna see like 10 entries with the same boring "Fuck you" I want some creative shit.
Lastly, make sure to ENJOY. This collab is meant to be fun so have fun!


Q: Can we joint?
A: Yes

Q: Are SFX required?
A: Yes, they are. No SFX will heavily hurt your chances of getting in unless I want your part enough to where I'd be willing to put SFX for you (I'm bad at it that's why), but in most cases this doesn't happen because the actual good animators I want in this collab are almost all professional enough to add SFX.

Q: Are multiple entries allowed?
A: Yes, but as stated in the rules, I'd prefer a single entry because QUALITY > QUANTITY any day of the week. If I get 1 good entry I have 1 good entry, but if I get 5 useless ones, I have no entries.

Q: Can we use Angles?
A: YES, and please do! They're preferred in this collab.

Q: Do we have to label symbols? (flash)
A: Nope. I'll only ACTUALLY be using the SWF, then converting that to MP4, so don't worry about labeling symbols. The reason I need the FLA is if I find something wrong with the entry that I can fix from the FLA.

Q: Can we use more than 2 characters?
A: Why you sure can! You can have as many characters as you like! I'd like to see how you'd make it interesting that way.

Q: Can we use Vcam?
A: Yes of course. I actually completely forgot to mention this, but yes it's 100% allowed.

I had forgotten to mention to put your name in the top-right corner. I've just fixed it though lol.

TESLA_Anims (incomplete)
UnusAngelusAlatum (incomplete)
DarvinBet (incomplete)
remyanims (1 part complete)
FreezingMarine (incomplete)
Acely (incomplete)
shaolinanims (1 part complete)
Bluelight (incomplete)
apex-predator (incomplete)
Tibbzz (incomplete)
FadeAnims (incomplete)
Naitoshadou (1 part Complete)
Pinto (incomplete)
Exortine (incomplete)
Awez (1 part complete)
Blazeanims (Incomplete)
Setto (1 part complete)
Scarfy (Incomplete)
Loops (Incomplete)
Fierce_Animz (Incomplete)
pixelatedscribbles (Incomplete)
CaptinK (incomplete)
LeoTenkaiachi (incomplete)
GrappleAnimations (incomplete)

Please join This collab's Discord!
Originally, this was the Discord Server for the Rushed Tribute Collab, which I also hosted! But I legit just now changed up this previously dead server for this new collab!

There's nothing here dude why are you even reading this

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ooh can i join?

and here I am.

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all that money, the money is the motive
all that money, the money she be foldin
girl put in work, girl girl put in work

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I'll join this one


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do we need a tryout for this?

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Lemme in Bro >:) also can we use Vcam?

i suck at animation


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Yeh..lemme join

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mmmm, this seems interesting, can't wait to see the results

Faction : Order of Origins
Duel 4: Core VS Negasth (Starting)
Duel 5: Pyro & Kuro VS Tafari & Negasth (Starting)

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FreezingMarine wrote:
Lemme in Bro >:) also can we use Vcam?

Yes you can! I actually forgot about this subject, and I figure a lot of people will ask, so I've added it to the FAQ.

remyanims wrote:
do we need a tryout for this?

No you don't. I'm not having any particular skill requirements until I know how many people want to join, and what level most people are. However, that does not mean the requirements won't increase in the future, so those in beginner level at all, Make sure to do your best!

There's nothing here dude why are you even reading this

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