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Dojo Partner
Welcome To Aerial Master

This Collab Is Finished!

Dojo Version
YouTube Version

In this collab, you will fight mid-sky dive. Your goal is to make it to land safely while a group of enemies start attacking you. As like most of my collabs, it will be synced.

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/yGNWV4d

Part Example



You cannot change anything unless told you can(ie; bg, symbols, tweens, etc.).
Do not change the dimensions or the frame rate.
Name all of your symbols, tweens, and folders with your name in front like “YOURNAMEHERE_Symbol1” (this can easily be done with “libappend”).
You can do joints.
Do not add or remove frames.
Flash 8 ONLY.
You will get 2 weeks to finish.
You must make an application so I can make your soundline and give you your template.
Do not upload your part before the full collab is released.
I will notify you when your part is due, and notify you on the day it is due as well. I will ask if you need an extension, but I will NOT accept an excuse like “I wasn’t feeling motivated”. I will accept extensions over serious events.
Join the Discord. I will give you your file there.
Please do not send me your application by PM. Leave your application on this forum page.
You will get to decide which part in the collab you want, unlike my other collabs. Include the spot you want in your application. You can ask for any. I will decide for you.
If you do not join the Discord or if I don't have a way to contact you on Discord, your application will be ignored.
The canvas size will be 800x400


Enter and exit any way you want.
Do not move out of frame until you leave.
Don’t make your part look too insane.
Don’t send me your swf or mp4. I need the .fla.
Do not do Vcam or flash effects. They will be removed in the final cut.
If you chose Part 13, the second half of your soundline will be on land.
You will be animating at 23.97 fps
You will be flying downward to the right (at a 45° angle)


In your application do not be vague with your soundline, but do not overcomplicate it. If your soundline idea is different when you receive it, it means it just sounded better. It does not mean I ignored your request.
If you want your soundine changed, let me know.
Do not add or remove sounds.
Follow the soundline.


P1- @H360 - Finished
P2- @Ninjafish - Finished
P3- @Daffa29 - Finished
P4- @Shuriken - Finished
P5- @Hydrios - Finished
P6- @mowfaq2015 - Finished
P7- @Awez - Finished
P8- @Granex - Finished
P9- @shaolinanims - Finished
P10- @RemyTHG - Finished
P11- @SonicXD001 - Finished
P12- @KourAdro - Finished
P13- @lammbert5 & @Shadarama - Finished

To enter, fill in this application

Animation Example: (Animation showing your level of skill)
POC: (Possibility of Completion from 1-100)
Move Types: (What you want your soundline to sound like)
Character’s Name: (The name of your Duelist, RHG, etc.)
Part Wanted: (The part you want from 2-13)

Please give me time to make your soundline. They can take a while to get to sometimes.


I will be doing the vcam, but it WON'T be NEARLY as hectic as it was in the Kryptonite Collab. It will stay stationary for the most part and will look nearly EXACTLY like the example video.

I will be handing you your template over Discord. Here is what it will look like.

My previous collaborations
Collision - The Guardian - Kryptonite

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Ex: you know my skill!

POC: 80%

Move Types: Hard hits, energy blasts, normal hits and sword hits.

Name: STHOMas

Pt wanted: PT 2

Currently on a break until September-October. Do not direct any questions towards me, as I will not answer them until then.

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Animation Example: The Kryptonite and Collision or http://sta.sh/080zzj92nkv (WIP)
POC: 100
Move Types: Sword attacks, Clone attacks, Alot of Slashes, Some kicks, and (if part 13 is good) Blast as a finisher (if 10 is ok then) a multi slash as the finisher.
Character’s Name: ShadedSword
Part Wanted: Part 10 or 13. Mostly 13.

Current status for dueling: Looking for a long (or short) Duel

life and death. Angelic and demonic. Why not both? -random spanish moosik plays-

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Dojo Partner
@STHOM Sorry, man. My expectations are gonna be a little higher for this collab.
@RemyTHG Welcome!

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Animation Example: http://hyunsdojo.com/user_post.php?show ... 5_b48518f2
POC: 90
Move Types:he is a combat master so mostly kung fu kicks and punches
Character’s Name: Jack
Part Wanted: 9 please

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Dojo Partner
@shaolinanims Welcome. You'll receive your template soon.

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Animation Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrKH9h00En4
POC: 95% - 100%
Move Types: Hand to hand combat, magic, and some explosion
Character’s Name: Galaxy
Part Wanted: part 13 (or part 12 if you want a better animator for that place)

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Dojo Partner
@KourAdro Welcome. You'll receive your template soon.

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wait i couldnt get what will i animate for this collab... can you explain clearly to me ;-;

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Animation example:https://youtu.be/NxrXUP3AAMo
Move Types:quick attack and lightning particles that explodes.
Character name:RezRex.
Part wanted:P11

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