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Hanif13 Proudly Presents:



So, what's this collab about this time?

By looking at the title, you may notice this collab is based on one of the most popular FPS games, "Team Fortress 2". This collab is about stickfigures which each stickfigure roles as one of the 9 classes in Team Fortress 2: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Engineer, Heavy, Demoman, Medic, Sniper, and Spy. And they're fighting against enemy team. So what you have to animate is:

Make an animation of your stickfigure(s) fighting against enemy team with any classes you want to animate. If you want to animate RED team, you have to fight against BLU team and vice versa

Seems interesting, how to join?

In order to join this collab, post a comment in this thread with these following things:
1. Name: (Your Name)
2. Class Used: (Class or classes you used in your entry)
3. Class You Main/Favourite Class: (What class you main in TF2. If none, then you can fill it with your favourite class. Only one class, do not more than one)
4. BLU/RED Team: (What team you want to animate in your entry)
5. Steam Account: (Your Steam Account. Will be used in the credits and so i can add you to my Friends List :D. This is Optional)

Ok, how about the rules?

There are several rules that you have to obey in order to make your entry accepted. The rules are:
- Must at least know what Team Fortress 2 is
- You can make one or more entries. More entries will be much better!
- Canvas Size must be 1280X720
- FPS must be 23.97
- The length must be around 7-20 seconds
- You can use any Flash version you want, even Animate version!. Non-Flash users can even join too!
- You must add your own SFX for your entry(s). For non-Flash users, i'll add the SFX for you :)
- Make sure your animation and SFX are made inside the Symbol provided in the template
- Do not use angles. This collab focuses on 2D fighting style
- You must start and also end your animation from out of VCAM area
- Joints are allowed
- Send your entry in .fla via PM
- Please save your entry file with your name
- You must use the template provided for your entry
- It's suggested that for any Flash version which supports Actionscript 3.0, use VCAM AS3 in order to make the compiling progress faster
- Read the rules carefully

Please download the template: https://sta.sh/28j9ur0rr2i

Wow, the rules are pretty tight. Can you suggest me something to make my entry more colorful and fun to watch?

Since this is a game-based collab, here are some suggestions for you:
- If you want to make an entry focused on melee fight, i suggest you use Scout or Demoknight in your animation
- You can use sounds/voices used in the game so your entry can be more colorful and fun to watch. TF2 soundpack link: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=10510
- You can even put memes, but only TF2-related memes, like: Pootis, Nope.avi, Lime Scout, W+M1 Pyro, etc.
- Animate a dress worn in each class is not a must, but it will look better if you animate it

Hmm, i might take consideration about joining this collab. When's the deadline?

The deadline is currently not set yet, but the collab will be closed when i already finished my "Answering Ask HanifAnims" video, which i'm working on it now, so you better hurry

- NomaR: [Scout, Sniper], Sniper, BLU, roman27
- Shaolin: Spy, Spy, RED
- Awez: All Classes, Engineer, BLU
- Galvy_01ITA: Spy, Sniper, BLU, Galvy_01ITA
- Uni: Demoman, Scout, RED
- DarvinBet: [Demoknight, Spy, Engineer], Sniper, RED, DarvinBet
- 41: Soldier, Pyro, BLU (1 Entry Accepted)
- Audz: [Spy, Scout], Scout, BLU
- Kudo: [Scout, Heavy, Soldier], Scout, RED, KUDO
- Yunero: [Spy, Scout], Spy, RED
- CIRTEX: [Engineer, Heavy, Scout, Soldier, Spy], Medic, [BLU and RED]
- Grandlord: [Pyro, Sniper], Scout, RED
- Hexal: [Scout/Spy], Scout, RED, a unicock || Ⓖ๏ℭ (1 Entry Accepted)
- Cryotic762: Soldier, Soldier, RED, cryotic762
- jommics: Scout, Pyro, RED, proslayer345
- TESLA_Anims: [Soldier, Demoman], Demoman, RED
- xHUNTERx14: [Spy, Sniper], Spy, BLU
- Lucas (Lukedog): [Scout, Medic], Engineer, RED

Well, That's it. This is the second time i'm hosting a collab. I found this kind of idea when i was taking a bath, again XD. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to post it in this thread. Thank you :)

DISCORD CHAT: https://discord.gg/m3g3YUU

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIuhn ... 2mZxJqQu_Q
DeviantArt: http://graytyphoon.deviantart.com/
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What kind of file do we have to send?

Don't read this... Why did you read this?! I told you to NOT read this.

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1) Name: NomaR
2) Class used: Scout, Sniper
3) Class I main: Sniper
4) BLU Team
5) roman27

-forget about adding spy
-Just in case for people who didn't know, there's a thread for the soundpack for tf2 which is right here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=10510
-does my name have to be in tf2 build font

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NomaR wrote:
1) Name: Nomaru
2) Class used: Scout
3) Class I main: I don't know
4) BLU Team
5) why do you want my steam account?

-I have a few suggestions for how the collab ends
-Could you give me more time, I'm only allowed to animate during weekends
-I'm using Macromedia Flash 8, so is that okay?

Please fill number 3 with your favourite class instead. the number 5 reason already added in the main thread

- Tell me your suggestion
- Sure. i even only allowed to animate on Saturday only
- Of course

Equalibrium wrote:
What kind of file do we have to send?

.fla file. Send it through PM

UPDATE: The template is now available

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIuhn ... 2mZxJqQu_Q
DeviantArt: http://graytyphoon.deviantart.com/
The Image Made By Shiro!


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@Hanif13 updated my application b

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I do not know this game

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1. Name: Shaolin
2. Class Used: hmmm can i juist run around knifing people
4. BLU/RED Team:Red

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Yeah man, i'll join. Nice to see a collab that supports Animate CC users.

1. Name: Awez
2. I'll likely be animating everyone (on blu team)
3. Class used: Dont main anyone, but I use engineer most of the games.

Hope this turns out well.


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Galvy_01ITA as a BLU Spy, Sniper Main on Steam Galvy_01ITA

Probably will end up animating not just one

I'm an assassin. What does that mean? One is a job while the other is mental sickness!

Duelist:Kurai Suimin
Status: Waiting for a worthy opponent

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wait there isn't a background in the template?

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