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Promo is out now!
Watch it here: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/992/

So I'm pretty sure that most of you know the "toss games".
There's a lot of games like it so why not make collab of it?
If you don't know what a toss game is, take a look at this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/508440
It's also like Strollin of SP, but the stick isn't running but stumbling up and down.

This will be a pass the fla collab and here is what I started: http://sta.sh/01z6sn3tjsie
Basically you're just gonna animate the guy going like that and getting a power up, power ups should be unique.
You can use any power up you can think of, wings? rockets? you can make another guy/bot whatever attacking him so he could continue going.
You can also change your character like to a bird/dragon/fox? but be sure to turn him back to normal when you end your part.
You can also make a power up that will let him run on the ground, like a car/tank or even go underground or outer space.
You can also set up traps/things in the ground like a cannon/spring to make him go up more. This won't be considered as power ups as long as they're not something big.

The way the background works is kinda different. Like I said you can make him go under ground or outer space. I'll be making a long vertical background and it's up to you to move it up and down or move the vcam up and down, either way works. Just be sure to return it to the original position except if someone wants to continue without the bg being returned, I guess lol.

As for the power up, you need to make an icon of it and it would come out of the right side to the guy, like I did in mine.
Be sure to make a proper detailed icon. Example: http://www.filz.us/view/f6a9132b-abd/

Other Rules:
27 fps
Please add sfx
Please return the vcam to the full view position or at least close to it.
Don't add music.
DON'T convert your part to a symbol.
PLEASE NAME your symbols.
Rename the fla when you're done.
Minimum of 3 seconds per part.
One Power up per part.
Maximum of parts: 5(for now)
Flash 8 only(for now)
Maximum time per person: 1 week
Due date: Until no one want to animate more of this shit.
Shitty parts won't be accepted, by shitty I mean those that really suck.
Duplicate the vcam and put your name on the top right and be sure to BREAK it down(the text)
Also put your layers in one folder and rename it.

Be sure to give it to me when you finish your part. I'll be the one passing to a new participant.
Pass it to me on irc / fb if I'm there, if not here on the forums.

Also be sure to state your power up when you sign up.

Rebellion - Poop Rocket(1)
Exortine - Stretchy Limbs(2)
Marc-Alex123- self leg explosion toss(3)
b3azt - Inflation(4)
Externus - Robot Suit(5)
Serge - Web(6)
Exceld - Fart Jet(7)
KD007 - Cola rocket(8)
Lyle - Flare Booster(9)
ACBeam - Squid monster thingy(10)
A13x - Skateboard(11)
Marc-Alex123- 3DMG(12)
Marvelous - 3KG LPG (13)
Pox - Duplication (14)
Savy - red bull gives you wings(15)
JPrinceG2 - flooding the stage(16)
Naval - Flame booster (17)
Op34 - Super Kick (18)
JanRavnik - Flame (19)
Kodoku - Jet sword(20)
Guitarii - jetboard(21)
JSpark - re-Toss
270 - size changing
MoraeDev - All Start Support
Stan-Sci-fi Wings [xz-8]
Alien - Jet board
SansCobra - Turtle Mine
dhecode - Teleporter
2unknown21 - Horse Jockey
Activeframe - Titan
DimasFA - Flame Explosion
Orion - freeze
Quinsilva - Ice riding
iDrinkBacon - Drugs
BBHSN98 - Batman Red
Purp3L - Creeper

The participants list has no order, I'll pass it to anyone who's available.
You can ask me for the fla, if there's no one animating it.

Got any more questions? Just post on the thread about it.
If not, Let's go!

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Banned User


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add me in

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Banned User
Joint collab 'eh? its similiar like Rocket collab lol

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@stickmaniaz Yeah but this gives more freedom to the animator hmmm.

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Can i join? I wanna be apart of this :D

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Jan - pogo stick


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If I'm available:
JSpark - re-Toss (a stick figure will grab him and then toss him)


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im in
Marc-Alex123- self leg explosion toss


ahhhhh, words of wisdom.

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