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Dojo Partner
This collab is complete. Watch the full thing here!

Welcome to a video game themed synced collaboration!


This Collab's Example

Watch the Trailer!

Video games have become a large part of our lives in recent years. All the way from 1972's Pong, to 2018's Far Cry 5, you can pay a small tribute to your favorite game series in this collab! However, to every large-scaled project, there needs to be a set of rules and organization to keep it all from falling apart. Please read all rules and instructions in order to participate in this collaboration.


Please read all rules before making an application!

Base Rules:
Join this collab's Discord Server for easier communication
You must have a good understanding of how to animate
You may only sign up for 1 part
You must fill out an application
Wait for a response to your application
Don't make the template yourself (it will be handed to you over the Discord Server)
You cannot reference the same game as another accepted participant
No multi-referenced games are allowed (Smash Bros, PS Allstars, Street Fighter X Tekken, etc.)
Your game must not have originated from a book or film
Do not upload your part before the whole collab is released
You will have 2 weeks to finish your part
I will allow extensions only when necessary
You may joint

File Rules:
Don't change the fps (23.97)
Don't change the canvas size (800 x 400)
Don't touch the folders titled "Don't Touch"
Don't rename the file name
Make sure the file is in a Flash 8 format when you send your finished part in.
Do not delete any frames
You may add frames if needed
Enter the stage any way you would like
Do not do the vcam work
Do not add shadows
Do not add sfx unless you are given permission

Application Rules:
Fill out a proper application on this forum page
Do not sign up using someone else's animation
Do not be vague with your sfx request
If you are jointing, add the other user's Username and an animation example showing their skill level as well

Discord: https://discord.gg/ws6Waja

Fill out this application in order to apply for this collab

Username: (Username you want to be displayed on the screen)
Animation Example: (Link to an animation showing your skill level)
POC: (Your "Possibility Of Completion". Rate how likely you would be able to complete your part from 1-100)
Part: (The part of the collab you want)
Video Game: (The video game title or series you want to reference)
SFX: (List of sfx you want to use in your soundline)


Username: Hatena360
Animation Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvGdXMg ... e=youtu.be
POC: 100
Part: 4
Video Game: Cuphead
SFX: Snaps, bangs, etc sampled from the game, kicks, punches, and a final blast


1 - @AJAnims - Finished - Sonic
2 - @Ziro - Finished - Minesweeper
3 - @Ninjafish - Finished - God of War
4 - @H360 - Finished - Cuphead
5 - @RemyTHG - Finished - Overwatch
6 - @Burnhard - Finished - Doom
7 - @T-Bot - Finished - King of Fighters
8 - @legendarybits - Finished - TF2
9 - @Yunero - Finished - Skullgirls
10 - @NomaR - Finished - Fallout: New Vegas
11 - @YuIshizaki Finished - Final Fantasy
12 - @OP34 - Finished - Patapon
13 - @hexalLol2016 - Finished - Left for Dead
14 - @Mowfaq2015 - Finished - Brawlhalla
15 - @KourAdro - Finished - Super Mario
16 - @CD_Cewlio - Finished - Street Fighter

Waiting List
This list is for people who are waiting for other participants to drop out of the collab.

@The_Guardian - Nihilumbra
@SuMicAnims - Fortnite

Music: "Too Far" by Miza ft. Harley Bird

Collab Process: 100% Complete

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Username: AJAnims
Animation Example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KveWjMkOums
POC: 90
Part: 1 (again lol)
Video game: Sonic
SFX: Spin jumps, spin dashes, running sound effects and homing attacks (sonic sfx in general).

"A bagel is just a donut that hasn't achieved its dreams yet." -Drew Lynch

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSEuRI9btwmKByLk3uxiv3g

DeviantArt: https://aidantheartist.deviantart.com

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Username: Xen0try
Animation Example(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se_QpODVdIY, https://sta.sh/026hybah6c5n, or https://sta.sh/0p9gtpeqrvv
POC: 80
Part: 9
Video game: Overwatch
SFX: Its up to you just use a few normal Overwatch Sounds

"<v> ....god damnit nappa I just wanted some fucking pizza XD." -RemyTHG

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Dojo Partner
@AJAnims You're in. You'll receive your template soon.
@Smemx Sorry, you're not skilled enough.

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ok ill keep trying to improve

"<v> ....god damnit nappa I just wanted some fucking pizza XD." -RemyTHG

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Animation Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzLh8lg0do8
POC: 100
Part: 5
Video Game: Brawlhalla
SFX: brawlhalla gauntlets punches, Brawlhalla spear hits if you don't have those sfx just use some blunt sword bashes for gauntlets and sword hits for spear

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Username: Mowfaq2015
Animation Example: http://hyunsdojo.com/user_post.php?u=mo ... 3_a5d521d8
POC: %100
Part: 14
Video Game: Shadow fight
SFX: mortal kombat and some slow motion sounds after powerfull hit, also please try to make the soundline too fast or too slow.
here is some gameplay of the game :/:

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Dojo Partner
@cd_cewlio @mowfaq2015 You're in. You'll receive your templates soon.
(mowfaq2015's application was accepted with an animation he shared privately)

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Username: SimbaAnims
Animation Example: http://hyunsdojo.com/user.php?u=simbaanims&page=albums
POC: %95
Part: 8
Video Game: Terraria
SFX: Lots of sword wooshes, Sword Slashes, Sword Stabs, And Explosions.

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Username: yunero
Animation Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbBrZMlEUrg
POC: 100
Part: Any
Video Game: Skullgirls
SFX: sword slices, and heavy hits

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