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Legends tell of a crystal that will materialize into a weapon depending on who picks it up.

The Collab
Simply get in, take the crystal, make it create a weapon from it, use the weapon to fence off against any evil that tries to claim it, and get out.


By Yugie

The Rules:
  • dont add a watermark or logo for now, send it to me and i will add it myself
  • the full weapon must be made from crystal on a color close to the crystal itself (#66FF00, #339900, #66FF66, around those colors, make it green)
  • the weapon IS PART OF THE CRYSTAL, the weapon is a extention of it
  • use the crystal image on top if you dont have flash or make your own, dont use gradients if you dont want, you can simplify it as much as you need as long as its still the same shape and around the same color (it will be very smal in the end)
  • you may AND CAN use camera angles, fullbody, sprites, stickfigs, vcam. but be sure to return everything to the original way in the end AND START.
  • since the background is static, you can import it in Stick nodes, pivot and wathever else you may use. if you STILL cant import it, contact me ASAP, so we find a solution (I dont want to resort to chromakey since it can mess some stuff up)
  • USE SFX or not
  • if you want you can sync and do whatever, if you do, i will lower (or remove) music during it or try to fit it in.
in the end the cristal must return to its original place somehow (be creative on how) and to its original form (be creativo on how), you can shatter, de-grow, etc...

  • Framerate: something youre confortable with, but dont do anything bellow 12 fps k? please? thanks

  • Dimentions: any 16/9 ratio multiple (like template and bg)

  • Deadline: 31st of August

  • Length: The entry must be 5 seconds or longer ... try not to go crazy ... :P

  • Joints and multiple entries are allowed

Flash 8: https://sta.sh/025pgzlgwb5i
Flash mx2004:https://sta.sh/027bkzia0kgd
.png version: https://i.imgur.com/bbS4p2G.png

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: The beginning and last frame must be this:
size reference:

Entry Requirements:
ANYONE CAN ENTER, but, show me a piece of your work, not only so I can give tips for the collab, but also for me to see, I get curious ...
Remember to ping me -> @A_creator me

the application must inclde:
weapon you will use (and a link to a image of it when possible)
example of your work (just to know your style a bit better)

for easier contact, feel free to join my discord server:

Participants list:
INTROA_creator/SCX17/Ryukung/Pyx (big ass sword)
Lade360 (yoyo)
Dsnip_DJz (great sword)
MagicToons (pole)
Scarlet_Anims (scythe)
SP (gauntlets)
Yugie (sword)
Ivan James (gravity gun)
Yu Ishizaki (keyblade)
Yu I. (spear)
vMeh (great sword)
Solemrex (glave)
Blackroseninja (STOP sign)
lade360 (katana)
VenXCT (lever shotgun)
Pyx (sword)
Bluudymations (gauntlets)
Ninjaxbox (bow)
Schmitzel (sniper rifle)
TheDucker1 (slipper)
THUNDER2k (pencil)
saberCX17 (kusarigama)
Blezzyanimates (discord ping infinity glove)
Aversios (shotgun)
Random Thinking Anims
Ryukung (bow)
Strife22 (boomerang)
Blackroseninja (ninjato)
Hato (revolver)
Zaachh (hook blades)

Bold: completed
underlined: no weapon image submited yet
striked: dropped out

when finished, send to [email protected] :
-The entry(s) in swf/mp4/avi or another video format.
-Your logo and name you want to be used/credited as.

Have fun :]

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The layout is so chaotic ... you gotta organise yer post a bit better :]

I can help you in that if you want :]

But, MAN ... I can't help cringe at the layout. It's too chaotic for my liking.

Update: It's fine now :]
Thanks to someone ... me

==========|| NF ||==========
Duel 6: Gakill vs NF
Comic Duel: Poruga vs NF
Comic Duel: Thomas vs NF
Comic Duel: Nora vs NF

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Can I get in ??

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can i use sticknodes

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"any program allowed" means... any program allowed... Duh

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I'm gonna join here ya go

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Yo can i join?
Is sfx allowed?

Don't give up on your dreams


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I have serious concerns bout if this collab will work, please tell me what collab do you prefer:

Shared sword (how it is)
Shared weapon (passing down a handle that uppon being picked up, materializes a weapon made of cristal, to join the collab, one must say what weapon will they use and JUST use that one)
Is that a weapon collab (you get assigned a thing to use as a weapon, use the bg template to fight off enemies using that object)

once i decide, ill be able to make assets with certainty

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In my opinion, it's fine how it is being Shared Sword (how it is). But that's just me.

My Duelist

( ͡° - ͡°)

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Shared sword is my opinion

Don't give up on your dreams


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