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Collaborate! Guidelines

Welcome to the Collaborate forum, where you will find many different collaborations being hosted by members like yourself. Feel free to jump in and participate to any of the collabs that are currently on offer. Just keep in mind of the Sitewide Rules when posting, especially the section on common sense netiquette. Please be aware that you will not be able to create collaborations of your own until you have been joining in forum discussion and participating in our activities!

There are a few stipulations with all these individual collabs, of course. They all have their own requirements, they may not even be open to public, but require you to demonstrate some animation prowess. There will be simple collabs and more ambitious ones as well. Read thoroughly, choose wisely and be earnest in your participation. Only ask to join when you are confident that you have enough time put aside to make a part. It is in bad spirit to take up a space when spaces may be limited in number. Please use the thread often to keep everyone up to date on your process. Communication is key when making collaborations, afterall!

What if you want to host a collaboration? Well, here's a few tips to garner attention and interest in your fellow Dojo members. First, you have to be clear on giving information about your collaboration. Ideas are nice, but animation is also a technical field to navigate. Consider the following:

  • The idea. Advertise the idea in mind for your collaboration.
  • The program. Do you need it to be a particular program for this to succeed?
  • The canvas. How big do you want everyone to work by?
  • The FPS. How many frames per second do you want this animation to be?
  • The length. Specify a minimum and/or maximum length for other members to know how much they have to create.
  • Other information. Do you want it a certain colour scheme? Anything that is unique that you want should be described here.
  • The process. Let them know how you are going to pick members and how you will compile this together as collab host.
  • The deadline. Please pick a reasonable date to allow all members to work at a good pace.

There can be a myriad of different information you can give out, the more the better. Providing a default template for members to use is another useful way to have the process run more smoothly. You want to communicate clearly and let other members know what you want out of them, and the ready information available shows you are taking this collaboration seriously.

Once a few collaborations of yours have run smoothly, members will put faith in your ability to lead these projects, and you yourself will be finding budding partnerships with other animators or artists that you will enjoy working with who deliver time and time again.

Remember collaborations do not necessarily have to be animation only. Artists and musical talents are all welcome to make a thread as well.

Being on the Blacklist

If you find yourself unable to create a new topic, then you have been placed in the Blacklist. Blacklisted members are unable to create new topics, and therefore new collaborations. You will only find yourself in this position when there has been evidence of consistent abandonment of your collaborations. Hosting a collaboration takes work and energy as it requires organization and compiling skills. Please think carefully before deciding to host a collab, as it is frowned upon to waste everyone's time and effort. You will only find yourself in this list if the blame lies squarely on you, as a host. Not gathering enough entries, entrant drop outs etc. are not the host's fault. Explaining the situation and officially closing down a collab thread will also help keep transparency for all users of the forum.

To be removed from the blacklist, please PM the forum mod. If the next collab also ends up in abandonment, you will find yourself back on the list and being removed from it will prove more difficult than the last.

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