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 ! DerpyMan wrote:
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Welcome, to your run full of action and syncing! In this collab you must run and slice everyone on your path syncing your movements to music(soundline). If you don't know what synced collab is, then you should see this and this.

This collab is finished. Just checking for some bugs and mistakes.

Part 1 - Egor - Done!
Part 2 - JH - Done!
Part 3 - Fox - Down!
Part 4 - Marc-Alex123 - Done!
Part 5 - Aquila - Done!
Part 6 - Asasinsonic - Done!
Part 7 - Dracko - Done!
Part 8 - Sockratees - Done!
Part 9 - Savy - Done!
Part 10 - Shuriken - Done!
Part 11 - Op34 - Done!
Part 12 - Hares - Done!
Part 13 - Unseen - Done!
Part 14 - FranlLoL - Done!
Part 15 - X-treme - Done!
Part 16 - Guz - Done!


Last edited by DerpyMan on January 24th, 2018, 1:31 pm, edited 31 times in total.
Reason: Finished collab
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@Shuriken I'm not sure I understand "save your fla for Flash cs6" (i use flash CC) once I understand what you mean I'd love to send you an application.

My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mikeatron72
My deviantart: http://mikeatron72.deviantart.com
My happiness: all of you.

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File => Save as... => Choose format => *.fla for Adobe Flash CS6


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Name: -Fox-
Animation: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/5736/
Character's name: Biske
Character's power: Creates blue sword (With flame sound) or just somthing with flame
Type of sounds: Melee / Sword
Special asks: I wanna more meat and hardcore!!!

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animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umMauQuJT-s
-no soundline challenge-
character: Elias
power: blue wings
sound: melee (punches, kicks, etc.)
-no special asks-

My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mikeatron72
My deviantart: http://mikeatron72.deviantart.com
My happiness: all of you.

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Animation: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/5841/
-didnt do soundline yet DX-
Character's name: MIST
Character's weapon/power: could turn the dark ball floating next to him into anything he wants
Type of sounds: all types because my weapon can turn into anything.if not everything than just give me sword sounds/melee
Special asks: im really nervous and do you get picked to be in or do you just get in automaticly unlesss your not trying and after posting am i supposed to make the template or am i supposed to wait till you get me a template?

u wot me boi? com n get it
my rhg - http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?98250-Dan
my dojo duelist - viewtopic.php?f=48&p=68930#p68930

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Name: Asuq
Animation: http://asuq.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/8eae ... _aad2c4c4/
http://asuq.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/b89b ... _c988aa12/
Soundline challenge(optional): http://asuq.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/fab9 ... _a6e020d4/
Character's name: Disc
Character's weapon/power: long/short range circular blades / expplosion on contact disc
Type of sounds: slicing / sword sounds / explosion sound
Special asks: If theres any slomotion part i would love to use my explosion disc for it.

Hello c:

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yo name:davemegalol
animation: http://sta.sh/02aiyjtpy796
http://davemegalol-xd.hyunsdojo.com/sho ... /#comments
http://sta.sh/01ap936az0ur http://sta.sh/014j23hwa86q http://sta.sh/01r6rvrrfig4
soundline thing i did about a few months ago :http://sta.sh/08cl5ahk12d (tho im much better now :P )
charecter name : rechin
weapon: duel axeand can do sharkplasma slashes / he can throw it and it will come back

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I'M IN..!!! tomorrow i'm free 2 days, and i think i'm can finish it ahaha
Name: Dracko
Animation: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/5617/
Soundline challenge(optional): WIP shuri,.. yesterday i'm started your challenge ahahaa
Character's name: SHURA
Character's weapon/power: SILAT freestyle and karambit
Type of sounds: i think just MELEE
Special asks: i dont have any ask yet :)

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Name: Lyolo
Animation: http://lyolo.hyunsdojo.com/showcase/b42 ... /#comments
Soundline challenge: http://sta.sh/01i3a96pahrv
Character's name: D47
Character's power: summon a distorted goat out of his head
Type of sounds: Magic(+goat)
Special asks: slow motion when the goat come out
position no9 if possible

Your d*ck is only limitted by your imagination
Oh and your possibility too

Albert Einsteinz____________________

Also, add me on skype: Lyolololol (5th grade name)

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