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So basically everytime i wanted to change my swf. to mp4 this pops up:

Whoa! Something bad happened, and the program blew up. Sorry about that!
Please copy and paste this junk and send it to [email protected] along with the SWF you were converting:

The output file C:\Users\ ( NAME ) \Desktop\Animations\erhrhrhs.mp4 cannot be accessed.

If it is open in another program, please close the program before converting.

If the problem persists, reboot your computer and try saving the output video in a different folder.

it may be because im a total noob at everything :p

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no you're not

I can't really help you fix the actual problem but what I can tell you is that I've had many problems with Swivel too, a file that, when I want to convert it, it block during the converting and makes Swivel crash.

I've been told that the creator of Swivel doesn't really have time to take care of his software anymore cause he is developping a game right now, and he has a little bit abandonned Swivel.

For me Swivel became a really buggy software (very useful, but buggy) so I've kind of countered my converting and file mixing problems by stopping using Swivel and use Adobe Media Encoder and Sony Vegas Pro instead

Adobe Media Encoder is for converting my files
and Sony Vegas is for the montage of all my files if I have one project that contains multiple files

Hope it help dude !

"Mmh... Upgrades !"

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