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Just change the color of your umbrela/weapon, so that they wont notice it ;)

If resh umbrela was = black
Yours is = Pink!

In that way they wont notice that at all ;)....

But its like where the same problem here.
When i was a kid and dont know how to animate I found this movie RPG metanoia and in that movie there where 6 or 7 characters and that two the characters has verry nice and creative weapons, the one has YOYO and it glow color green if its explode (like hyun) and the other character has umbrella that was color black and shoot like a rifle or explode (like Resh)

In that movie i realy like other charather that has yoyo and he make that as his weapon,, and im like thingking if .. If . wat if im gonna make an stickfigure animations to post on youtube and that character name yoyo and his weapon is yoyo,, but in that time i found hyun with his stickfigure animation on youtube (20 seconds of yoyo).

And im like what! Wat! I cant make an YT channel named yoyo and the same weapon of that guy,, they just
Make a manny bashers of my comments like copyrighted! ..

Of shit this is not my dairy.. Wrong post

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strengthens me .”

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@Enig_Anima nothing legally wrong, but it is up to you if you think it makes you seem unoriginal, I recall resh is not the only one that has thought of an umbrella gun so do what you want.

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imitation is the finest form of flattery i guess? Don't stress about it too much, just add some original function to it.

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