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Yo guys, i know i've created new profile, i'd just notice my old hyunsdojo account cant be logged in anymore and its gone out of hyunsdojo existence, ive last visited this page was 2 years ago december 13th, it was the times of first snowball collab and doors 4

Anyway, is ther any way to recover my old account ?
Username : bluervince429

Some good ol' proofs that i had my account.



I last visited hyunsdojo with that account was 12/13/17
December 13 2017

I surely remember the username and password

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Nevermind.. i got accessed to this profile, logging in at android have logging in problems

This Account was Always not active..

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Global Mod
Alright, we will unfortunately have to ban the other account now as it is against our Terms of Service to have more than one account on the site.
And going to lock this as the issue has been addressed~


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