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Hyun's Dojo Sitewide Rules

Be familiar with the Terms of Service.
Remember that before you make an account in the Dojo, you are expected to be familiar with the Dojo Terms of Service. Failure to abide by the terms could result to receiving a warning or even getting banned from the website all-together!

The Common Sense Netiquette.
Conduct throughout the forums should fall in the lines of common sense netiquette. If you go out of your way to be annoying, you should be expected to get warned/banned. In general, we ask that you refrain from flaming, trolling and spamming. Flaming is bullying a member verbally, be it on forums, someone's wall, or through private message. Trolling is posting offensive material with the intention of upsetting members and eliciting a negative response. Spamming is posting in many threads with little or no content for the sake of posting (such as double posting) or unnecessarily making multiple threads. All of these activities will have to force us to apply warnings or bans depending on the severity.

Be engaging and positive.
We encourage good behaviour and positive discussion on our forums, so it is expected for your posts to be on topic and one that engages conversations. Posts that contain a few words or a meme image are frowned upon. Save those for chat, not a forum.

Read and follow the subforum rules.
Also, be sure to check and abide by each forum’s guidelines or policies that are specifically catered to the individual forum. It is prohibited to openly challenge moderators in public or question a moderator’s actions such as thread closures or bans. Any grievances or feedback on these matters are best sent privately through PMs to the moderator in question. If, for any reason, the issue remains unresolved, you may contact global moderators to investigate matters.

Illegal software or merchandise talk.
We also ask of you not to discuss about illegal software or merchandise, as well as solely advertising products. Members found linking to viruses or malicious websites will also be banned. The forums have a reasonably young audience, and as such, posting pornographic and other tasteless imagery is prohibited.

You are responsible for your own account.
Your account is your own, so it is your responsibility to properly secure it. Blaming misconduct on your brother/sister or other will not make a difference. Accessing other member’s accounts without permission is also prohibited and is another bannable offense to your own account. We ask that you be respectful to yourself and others on the Dojo forum.

Give credit where credit is due.
When posting any creative content on the Dojo where you have used heavy referencing or tracing, you must state that it has been referenced or traced and give credit to the original source. Failure to label heavily referenced or traced works will mislead people into thinking the entire work is yours and will be classified as plagiarism.

Report the rulebreakers!
Finally, we want to provide a laid back and educational experience for members to improve and inspire each other. thus having a positive attitude will be beneficial in setting the tone and atmosphere of the forums. If you see someone behaving badly, take action, not the bait. A report goes a long way in notifying moderators to the forum who will properly deal with the matter. Please just relax, chill and enjoy your stay on the Dojo forums!

Witch-hunting under-aged users
Attempting to get a user banned by revealing their personal age via outside or private sources will not be heard. The Dojo staff will personally question the member and any reported "evidence" of said person's age will be considered as a falsified source. Witch-hunting / bullying users that might be under-aged will not be tolerated and result in a warning or ban. If you do feel like someone is under 13 report it PRIVATELY to Dojo staff via PMs or DMs and not in any public setting.

The Dojo Portal Rules

Before submitting your animation to the Dojo Portal, you must read and abide by the Dojo Portal Rules. Failure to abide these rules could result in your submission being deleted, receiving a warning, or a possible ban from Hyun’s Dojo.

By submitting to the Dojo Portal, you agree that you are NOT:
  • Submitting material that is copyrighted by anyone else unless you have permission from the copyright owner.
  • Publishing falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Hyun's Dojo or any third party
  • Submitting material that is unlawful, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate
  • Submitting any porn, nudity, or sexual content without marking the option for NSFW (not safe for work) in the upload options
  • Submitting any spam (sending the same message/content indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients or repeatedly sending the same message/content)
  • Advertising any commercial product

The animation content uploaded to the Dojo also has requirements that you should be well aware of. Here are a few guidelines you can use:
  • Your animation must be fully finished / completed and should NOT be test animations or shorts
  • Have a timeframe of at least 15 seconds of actual animation excluding intro & credits
  • Clear show of effort and quality in the project (based on the uploader’s ability)
  • Remember that your content will be moderated based on your personal EFFORT and NOT your SKILL LEVEL. (A well animated test animation that is unfinished and less than 15 seconds, will get removed over a subpar animation that is completed and follows all the content requirements)

When submitting to the Dojo Portal, you are also agreeing to give any permissions or rights necessary to the Hyun’s Dojo website to repost any content you submit to the Dojo Portal. This includes sites like the Hyun’s Dojo Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
Although this sounds pretty fishy, it's for the sole purpose of giving exposure to all of the awesome content creators here at the Dojo without getting horribly sued. You will still receive a PM from the staff asking for permission to repost any of your content where you will then be able to respond and request not to have your content exposed to other media.

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