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The Dojo Banishment Log is a thread listing all of the users who have been banned from Hyun's Dojo along with the reasons why. All of these logs are approved by Hyun including discussion with Dojo Staff and all decisions are official and final. If there is a user you see banned on the site, please check here for any clarification rather than flooding a user's wall with misinformed questions and answers about the ban. (This list does not include bans for multiple accounts, spambots, inactive accounts, etc.. Only users who have failed to follow the rules and warnings of the Dojo.)

Note: This thread's purpose is to provide accurate information on why said users were banned. DO NOT go to these users and harass them for their sentence. Any attempt to provoke any of these users will result in a warning. Treat everyone with respect as they are still your fellow Dojoians.

Banished Users

GridAnimatez (January 27th 2019)
  • Banished until 3rd February 2019
  • User has a record of posting inappropriate messages on people's walls and breaking numerous other rules, they have been warned by the mods multiple times for this and it seems like at this point they are just ignoring it and trolling.

ThreeA (January 15th 2019)
  • Banished until February 15th 2019
  • User has been warned in the past to stop posting inappropriate content onto the Dojo and to chose to ignore this and kept doing it. User also has a track record of breaking numerous other rules and generally not caring at all.

fLunk (December 25th 2018)
  • Banished permanently.
  • User has failed to heed any and all warnings about leaving a certain Dojo user alone and kept on harassing and making inappropriate comments on their content. It is clear to us this user has no remorse for their future in this community or cares whatsoever respecting their fellow Dojo member and wanting to calmly and amicably talk it out with them either. They instead resort this kind of behavior over and over again, they leave us no choice but to banish them off the site for a long time.
  • UPDATE: After creating an alt account to let us know personally that he still disagrees with our rules and viewpoint, we went out and talked with the user to negotiate with them and still clashed on our opinions. They disagree with what they have been doing is wrong and they wished to be perma-banned in hope it will prevent them from revisiting the site and having to see the content here.

Cookieintheface (December 15th 2018)
  • Banished until December 22nd 2018
  • User has a track record of not listening to mods even when multiple moderators have send out PMs to him about the rules and explaining to him in-depth what they are doing wrong and yet they still multi-post a lot and even have a few records of harassment. They recently left 5 posts in a row in quick succession on a thread which we decided it might be time to give them a timeout.

Metachion (September 11th 2018)
  • Banished until September 18th 2018
  • Having a few cases of them harassing members on the Dojo and being too passive aggressive, trollish and not abiding by the rules. They recently tried to hide it by quickly deleting their own post on someone's wall spewing random aggressive nonsense. They have been warned in the past to read the rules and stop with their behavior and failed to heed them, so they've been temporarily banned off the site.

wolfmaster (August 7th 2018)
  • Banished until August 14th 2018
  • Knowing full well not to post inappropriate messages like they have so no warning will be issued and straight up banned.

fLunk (August 7th 2018)
  • Banished until December 17th 2018
  • Knowing full well not to post inappropriate messages like they have so no warning will be issued and straight up banned.
    This user has been banned in the past for their bad behavior so obviously they don't want to listen or cooperate, their ban will be longer.

NitroTelevision (August 7th 2018)
  • Banished until August 14th 2018
  • Knowing full well not to post inappropriate messages like they have so no warning will be issued and straight up banned.

Comet (August 7th 2018)
  • Banished until February 7th 2019
  • User is still posting inappropriate messages on the site even after multiple official warnings and multiple bans. User refuses to listen and learn, so they have been banned for six months.

MrGreenGuy (August 6th 2018)
  • Banished until November 6th 2018
  • User is caught tracing (stealing) art and claiming it to be his own, kept denying until we had enough evidence to ban him.

awfulwaffle (July 18th 2018)
  • Banished until August 18th 2018
  • User is still posting inappropriate nonsense messages on the site even after multiple official warnings and a ban, yet they still don't want to listen. There doesn't seem to be any reasoning with them so they have been banned for a month for still continuing their behavior.

Ambusher (July 18th 2018)
  • Banished until August 1st
  • For consistently harassing the same member for no reason and after multiple mod warnings to stop, the user choose to ignore them and keep harassing them for unknown reasons. It has been decided to give them a 2 week banishment for this.

MDesign (July 6th 2018)
  • Banished until July 13th 2018
  • For continuously spamming the forums, loads of accounts of multi-posting, trying to pass off content they upload as their own as a joke and disobeying the mods a lot. Taking this all into account the user has been banned for a week.

awfulwaffle (June 26th 2018)
  • Banished until July 3rd 2018
  • Been posting a lot of inappropriate messages on his profile wall for no reason whatsoever. User also has previous logs of harassing members and posting sexual content on the Dojo. The staff knows that this user is fully aware of what is acceptable on the site and what is not and they have been warned in the past to read the rules of the site. So it was just decided upon to banish them for a week.

Shadow2086 (June 23rd 2018)
  • Banished until June 26th 2018
  • For continuously disobeying the rules and ignoring mod warnings multiple times about the Portal rules.

PrefectDeity (May 31st 2018)
  • Banished permanently
  • Having been caught framing someone else in making it look like they were mass spamming the forums with alts, they were caught by the Dojo Staff using IP-tracking and it all linked back to the same one IP that logged into his account. This user also has insurmountable cases of spamming the site and the Discord server with inappropriate content and seems to just generally be toxic and a troll. They were given a choice of improving themselves and actually be a contributing artist / animator to the community but it seemed like they didn't wanna change their attitude towards the site and stop creating a bad environment for the rest Dojo people. It was decided upon this user will probably never improve so they will be forever banned off the site.

mrlordsaif (May 29th 2018)
  • Banished until 12th June 2018 26th June 2018 September 29th 2018
  • After they have been giving a strict warning to stop spamming the same sentence and disobeying a moderator, this user went right ahead and did the exact same thing multiple times. It's clear there is no reasoning with them and to prevent this it was decided upon they need a break from the site.
  • This user also has previous logs of harassing members on the site and breaking multiple other rules.
  • Ban length extended by another 2 weeks for trying to ban evade by multi-accounting.
  • User refuses to listen and created more multi-accounts and uploading inappropriate content on them. As a result their ban length has been extended to 4 months.

ThreeA (May 28th 2018)
  • Banished until 11th June 2018
  • Spamming the site and people's activity feeds. Has been sent warnings in the past and as of recent as well to stop posting nonsense on people's walls but they've chosen to disobey what the moderators advise him to do and still spam and being generally toxic.
  • User has also been caught harassing Dojo members as well.

cyberg_gos (May 1st 2018)
  • Banished until May 4th 2018
  • For constantly creating and spamming new Duelist apps in the Duelist Application section after multiple warnings from both mods and users on the forums. If you want to change something please just edit your application and don't create an entire new thread.

flunK (April 17th 2018)
  • Banished until May 17th 2018
  • Recently finished their banned time and then they immediately harassed the same member they were previously told to stop bothering. The user seems to refuse to listen to moderators and the rules. It's their 3rd ban so they will receive a longer time than usual.

Elex (April 17th 2018)
  • Banished until May 1st 2018
  • Having been warned previously about harassing a Dojo member and being toxic in general, not listening and going back and harassing the exact same person. The user has been warned countless times about a variety of things since they joined the site but they refuse to listen to moderators or read the rules.

PenC1lmaster (April 14th 2018)
  • Banished indefinite.
  • For plagiarism and spamming other Dojo member's walls as well as his own which spammed people's activity feeds.

Gyuzso (April 8th 2018)
  • Banished until June 8th 2018
  • Every time this user gets banned of Discord for stirring up trouble or ear-raping people in VCs for no reason he goes onto the site and starts spamming it. Their original ban was 3 weeks but because of this it has been extended to 2 months.

flunK (March 30th 2018)
  • Banished until 13th April 2018
  • Spamming the forums and people's profiles after multiple warnings, they also have cases of harassment.

Salt (March 10th 2018)
  • Banished until September 10th 2018
  • Starting a bad joke and also money scamming users into thinking a Dojo user died when mods confirmed to have found him still leaving Discord message a few hours earlier. Just for future reference, never immediately outright believe messages like this from anyone online unless a group of mods confirm it and never send your money unless you are 100% sure.

Krine (February 4th 2018)
  • Banished until May 4th 2018
  • Harassing Dojo members continuously and having had countless warnings from moderators to stop this toxic behavior and not listening to any of them.

MrGreenGuy (February 2nd 2018)
  • Banished until February 5th 2018
  • Has been warned countless times about multi-posting and not heeding the warnings of mods.

DJLDUnlimited (January 29th 2018)
  • Banished until February 1st 2018
  • Moderators warned them before about continuously bumping topics on the forums and refused to listen.

ChrisF (January 25th 2018)
  • Banished permanently
  • Purposefully mass spamming the Dojo and abusing the ping system.

SN17Ninja (January 25th 2018]
  • Banished until January 28th 2018
  • For repeatedly creating duplicate threads in the Duelist Application section even after a mod warning and they chose to ignore this.

ritesh (January 25th 2018)
  • Banished until February 1st 2018
  • Bumping and spamming loads of topics on Dojo forums, ranging from the collaboration section to Dojo Duels. Warnings were send but they weren't paying attention to them so it was decided to ban them instead.

nargapish (aka ugandan_knuckles) (January 13th 2018)
  • Banished until January 20th 2018 January 27th 2018
  • Trolling too much on the forums and spamming people's profiles even when moderators warned them multiple times, they still went against it.
  • Ban extended by a week for using the ugandan account to troll and then avoid the ban by going back to their main account. Multi-accounting is not allowed to avoid punishment

Darkhitman (December 29th 2017)
  • Banished until January 3rd 2018
  • For continuously harassing a Dojo member even after a moderator warned them and they chose to ignore this.

ellascottt (December 28th 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • All their comments contained fishy links to suspicious websites, some of them seemed malicious. This is a high offense so they were immediately banned.

CL0udSanim17 (December 19th 2017)
  • Banished until January 19th 2018
  • Tracing and claiming some artworks as their own. Plagiarism is a high offense on the Dojo! It's okay to post pics of stuff that you just like as long as you credit them but to trace entire pictures and try to pass it off as your own is not tolerated at all.

GETREKT05 (December 3rd 2017)
  • Banished until December 10th 2017)
  • Mods have warned him multiple times about continuously multi-posting but failed to listen to them, so they were banished.

Plank (November 11th 2017)
  • Banished until May 11th 2018.
  • For continuously baiting and flaming people on walls, having seen no improvement in behavior.

PenC1lmaster (November 10th 2017)
  • Banished until February 10th 2018 April 10th 2018 June 10th 2018
  • For plagiarism and spamming other Dojo member's walls as well as his own which spammed people's activity feeds.
  • Ban extended two more months due to ban evasion.
  • Ban extended another two more months due to ban evasion.

ChrisF (October 20th 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Has been warned in the past of spamming people's profile walls and their own with random messages and content that would show up on other people's activity feed as well. Because they failed to heed the warnings of mods, they have been banned.

89degress (October 5th 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Obvious troll account and spamming the forums with random advertising messages.

fLunk (October 2nd 2017)
  • Banished until October 05th 2017
  • They were banished for spamming people's profiles.

voteforchiefdestiny (October 2nd 2017)
  • Banished until October 16th 2017
  • For constantly creating multi-accounts, complaints received from Dojo members about them and recently harassing moderators on newly created accounts.

Rayancaleb (September 20th 2017)
  • Banished until September 27th 2017
  • User was spamming the Dojo with too many random topic threads that included advertising on the end of each post. They failed to heed the warning send to them previously about this so it was decided upon to just ban them for a week.

GlenDavis (September 9th 2017)
  • Banished permanently
  • Mass spam advertising on the site.

A_creator (September 4th 2017)
  • Banished until September 18th 2017
  • Still failing to heed mod warnings about unnecessarily posting too much when you can just simply edit your previous comments. Posting more than once is only allowed on certain parts of the forums and in certain situations, please follow this rule.

MohammadA (September 2nd 2017)
  • Banished until September 16th 2017
  • Sharing possible harmful malicious links and advertising on our site, both of these are prohibited. Also not listening to past mod warnings and failing to read the rule threads.

dasg234 (September 2nd 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Mass spamming the site.

Krine (August 29th 2017)
  • Banished until September 1st 2017
  • Harassing a member on their wall for no reason, having past warnings and not listening to moderators. We decided to ban them for 3 days.

GETREKT05 (August 24th 2017)
  • Banished until August 26th 2017
  • For multi-posting too much and not heeding multiple warnings from moderators.

Illuminati6661 & Illuminati333 & illuminati1166 (August 12th 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Spamming the Dojo forums and multi-accounting.

A_creator (August 9th 2017)
  • Banished until August 12th 2017 (extended by 1 week to August 19th 2017)
  • For multi-posting too much and not heeding multiple warnings from moderators
  • UPDATE: They were still multi-posting the day they came back, still not listening to moderators, so their ban has been extended.

PrefectDeity(July 21st 2017)
  • Banished for 6 months until January 21st
  • Mass spamming PMs to members and posting NSFW links.
  • Some suspicion that another user might have accessed this account to cause the spam. Some proof and documentation was provided but results were not conclusive so the permanent ban was reduced to 6 months and after the unban user will be forced to change his password and given a last warning.

Nessy(June 21st 2017)
  • Banished until June 28th 2017
  • Continuously spamming the Dojo, it was decided upon to ban them for a week.

samisharif(May 29th 2017)
  • Banished until June 5th 2017
  • Mass spamming Dojo Duels.

Cirtex(May 21st 2017)
  • Banished until May 28th 2017
  • Multiple warnings of multi-posting and bumping threads.

Crysins (May 7th 2017)
  • Banished until July 7th 2017
  • Plagiarism.
  • Trying to pass of content as their own and stealing animations that other people made is a high offense on the Dojo so it was decided by the staff they'll receive a 2 month ban.

Comet & Exanneon & Dapstart (May 7th 2017)
  • Banished until May 14th 2017
  • All members have past history of being troublemakers, not reading the rules and having received far too many warnings at this point.
  • Comet talking about how to acquire illegal content, constant mass spamming, not following the rules and listening to mods, off-topic bad posts, and recently posting inappropriate content on someone's wall.
  • Exanneon has bumped topics, mass spamming, not following the rules, stealing artwork in the past and recently posting inappropriate content on someone's wall.
  • Dapstart has purposefully mass spammed a lot in the past, bumping a topic, creating seizure inducing avatars, and recently posting inappropriate content on someone's wall.

Yukii (aka enkei) & doob (March 2nd 2017)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Mass multi-accounting both on site and Discord, toxic behavior and stirring up too much trouble.
  • Yukii has a history of extreme multi-accounting to ban evade, being toxic in the community and trying to get other members banned on a regular basis. Recent evidence also came up they've been using their alternative accounts to spam the portal with animations that aren't theirs and went out of their way to hurt the Dojo. There is no reasoning with the member and they showed no signs of ever improving after giving them one too many chances, so we came to the conclusion it would be best for them and the community to not be involved with the Dojo at all anymore.
  • Doob worked together with Yukii in helping mass alt spammed our Discord server and Portal and being toxic in the community, didn't listen to multiple mod warnings and didn't seem like there was any reasoning with them either.

Salt (April 12th, 2017)
  • Banished until April 15th 2017
  • Posting too many inappropriate offensive comments and having received too many warnings in the past.
  • User has been posting quite a lot of inappropriate offensive like comments and not heeding the board warnings from moderators for it. Has been banned for 3 days.

Gyro (March 25th, 2017)
  • Banished until April 25th 2017
  • Still PM spamming, stalking and harassing a Dojo member.
  • Having been told multiple times to stop and still continuing to stalk a Dojo member with spam PMs. Thus it has been decided upon they need a break from the Dojo for a month.

theCrimsonViper (March 7th, 2017)
  • Banished until March 14th 2017
  • Continuously posting troll like comments all over the forums.
  • User appears from the start to have been posting troll like comments that don't contribute to any topic. We also believe because of the troll like nature of their profile and the clear lack of caring what happens to them that they might be multi-accounting as well. As their first warning to start taking things more seriously they have been banned for a week.

fear (February 4th, 2017)
  • Banished until March 4th 2017
  • For posting a lot of hate and troll like comments on his wall towards staff members and the Dojo community alike over a large period of time and didn't seem to want to stop anytime soon.
  • It has been decided upon by the mods to give him a break from the Dojo for a month.

Gyro (February 1st, 2017)
  • Banished until February 15th 2017
  • User continuously kept PM spamming someone and has been reported multiple times by them. Mods tried to talk to Gyro through PMs and even send them a warning but clearly they didn't wanna listen and kept going.
  • A one week ban has been issued for their continuous behavior.
  • UPDATE: User had a 2nd account and continued PM spamming. There ban has been extended by a week for multi-accounting and still continuing to not listen to any moderators.

BlackyDrew (January 31, 2017)
  • Banished until February 14th 2017
  • This user has had multiple cases of getting into altercations with other users from the Dojo and recently has been toxic towards more Dojo users after multiple warnings.
  • A two week ban has been issued for his repeated behavior.

X (aka Zed) & Waters (aka Marlon) (January 18, 2017)
  • Banished Permanently
  • We’ve gathered enough information to conclude that X (aka Zed) and Waters (aka Marlon) were the two responsible for compromising multiple accounts on Hyun’s Dojo causing damage, griefing accounts, and also attempting to frame another user to get that user banned.
  • X was responsible for purchasing a password database and obtaining access to a Dojo staff member’s account. He then gave Water’s access who was responsible for a majority of the account password resets and damage to the website. We’ve concluded that X was also directly responsible for this event by actively purchasing the database, finding the exploit, and instead of bringing it to the staff he brought it to another user (Waters) who he knew had a long history of breaking the rules and harassing other users. X also has had many accounts of harassing and downtalking multiple users of the Dojo both on the website and discord. Although previously being a moderator and contributing a lot to this community, his continued misbehavior towards other users along with recent events shows that he has caused more harm to this community than good. After given countless chances to improve his behavior, X’s continued disregard for his actions have lead us to no other choice but to ban him from the Hyun’s Dojo community permanently until further notice.
  • Waters was directly responsible for compromising multiple accounts on the Dojo, causing most of the damage to the website. This includes accessing global mod accounts, attempting to frame a user, changing passwords, posting on user accounts, etc. This user has also been previously banned multiple times on both the website and discord for harassing and downtalking members of the Dojo. Compromising the Dojo website and causing direct harm is the highest malicious offense and can only be dealt with a permanent ban from the Dojo website and Discord.

Plank (January 2, 2017)
  • Banished until April 2, 2017
  • Generally toxic member, bad behavior, posting inappropriate comments and direct attacking other Dojo members.
  • Plank has shown many signs in the past of posting not only nonsense on other people's walls but posting inappropriate messages on the forums after having been told by mods of his behavior. Has shown a toxic bad attitude towards other members as well as posting stuff on his own wall that was a direct attack and mocking another user. He seems to not heed our warnings so we've decided to banish him for a week.
  • UPDATE: After continued monitoring of Plank's behavior in the Dojo, it is clear to us that this user has no signs of improving his attitude towards new users in this community. His ban has been reenlisted for 3 months as a last warning. Any signs of misbehavior after his return will result in a permanent ban.

Critic (December 18th 2016)
  • Banished until 18th January 2017.
  • Continuously posting generally bad / offensive messages and harassing mods.
  • After warnings from mods to calm down and stop posting inappropriate messages on the forums, he back-lashed at them and tried to convince everyone his way of bad posting was okay. Simply rephrasing what you wanted to say would've solved all of this but insulting multiple people and just bad mouthing everyone and the entire community, and being a toxic member in general doesn't help anyone or anything.

SmashMan (November 14th 2016)
  • Banished indefinitely.
  • Making an account just to link it to your Twitch, to stream games and get more followers, isn't allowed
  • 0 posts, only game streaming.

Lucidius (October 25th 2016)
  • Banished until March 31st 2017.
  • Recently has faked his own death causing a lot of confusion within the community.
  • Known to have more than 3 warnings for breaking many other rules within the Dojo.
  • It's clearly apparent that this user's behavior has been growing worse over time and crossed the line when faking his own death for attention. We felt like this user would be better off away from this community to recollect his thoughts and try other things so we've agreed to ban him from the Dojo for 5 months.

GENIUS132002 (October 18th 2016)
  • Banished until November 1st 2016.
  • Constantly picking fights with users, swearing a lot for no reason and being generally toxic user.
  • They have been caught a few times fighting with other Dojo members, swearing for no reason and picking fights with mods. They seemed like they didn't want to listen so they were banned for 2 weeks.

fbrdbd (October 15th 2016
  • Banished until October 29th 2016.
  • Shared illegal and cracked software.
  • Gave out activation key to Flash.

KhoiNguyendeExy (October 4th 2016)
  • Banished indefinitely.
  • It started with a weird "ban request", because Khoi couldn't concentrate on school, because he was too addicted to the Dojo and Dojo Discord. After denying his ban request, he continued to annoy, swear at mods and showed overall bad behavior, hoping to still get banned.
  • Kilo didn't take lightly to that, so instead of a year, it's till whenever Kilo or staff sees fit.

Externus (September 9th 2016)
  • Banished permanently.
  • Long history of harassing members, showing no signs of improvement and far too many complaints.
  • The user has been talked to multiple times by various mods for his behavior / harassing members, where he just continually kept up his act and showed no signs of improvement. His latest action just felt like a way to circumvent the system to do what he wants intentionally without getting punished for it. It has been made extremely clear of what consequences would follow if he continues his behavior, and he has knowingly crossed the line leaving us no further choice but to ban him permanently. Letting anything slide at this point would be unfair on the entire community.

jonas33 (August 25th 2016)
  • Banished permanently.
  • For sharing intentional harmful malicious keylogger content to the Dojo, and plagiarism.
  • Not only did he claim certain content as his own that wasn't, but he did it intentionally to bait / lure users into downloading his file that was a keylogger to steal your passwords. This is a severe direct attack to the Dojo and thus he will be banned permanently until further notice.

Waters (June 17th 2016)
  • Banished until July 17th 2016
  • A long history of harassing and bullying users on both the website and discord.
  • Despite being warned and banned previously for his behavior, he's continued this act with little to no signs of changing his negative attitude towards certain users

thebigblackgun (June 3rd 2016)
  • Banished until January 3rd 2017 (extended by 1 month 2 weeks)
  • For showing a picture on their Dojo wall that could've made people accidentally kill themselves. They traced artwork and claimed it as their own, as well as multi-accounting.
  • The user uploaded a picture on their profile wall that could result in people inadvertently killing themselves. Pulling this off as a joke is never acceptable here and encouraging people to do this without them fully aware of the consequences is a severe offense on the Dojo and could even result in a permanent ban. Recently it was brought up they also traced artwork and claimed it as their own as well as multi-accounting. Because of this their ban has been extended.

    EDIT: 22/06/2016 Extended by 2 weeks due to circumventing current ban.

backspace890 (May 31th 2016)
  • Banished until June 15th 2016 (extended by 1 week)
  • Acquired multiple warnings from mods and ignored our help and private messages. On top of this they also had multiple accounts. 2 week ban.
  • There were various incidents of the user multi-posting and spamming nonsensical posts on the Dojo Forums after having been told off, and mods personally private messaging the user to help them out. They have ignored our pleas and help for one too many times so it was decided the only way we can hopefully get to them is suspending them for a while.

BopTheRobot (May 27th 2016)
  • Banished until June 10th 2016
  • Has had multiple cases of not following the rules and recently tracing artwork among them. 2 week ban.
  • The user has multi-posted on various occasions, bumping a topic, posting off topic messages, and multiple cases of spamming. We have tried to PM him and to talk to him many times before but doesn't seem to heed our warnings and trying to help him out. Recently he has been caught where we found him claiming artwork as his own which the staff agreed upon was the last straw.

YpmuJ (May 16 2016)
  • Banished until June 6th, 2016
  • Repeated offenses of tracing artwork without credit. 3 weeks ban and album cleared.
  • User was warned to remove traced works from the album but has not complied. More evidence of traced work has been found along with many pieces that are in suspicion of being traced or heavily referenced.

Externus (April 16th, 2016)
  • Banished until May 15th, 2016
  • Repeated cases of harassing other users and breaking the rules. 30 day ban.
  • User has a long history of harassing other users with disrespect and name calling, particularly the newer members. This user was also previously banned for a more extreme harassment case in 2015. Aside from the official warnings, he has also been warned many times about his behavior from multiple moderators in which misbehavior has continued resulting in a 30 day ban.

AosoraSeika (March 31st, 2016)
  • Banished until April 7th, 2016
  • Repeated offenses of getting into arguments with other users. 1 week ban.
  • This user has been known to get into confrontations with other users via heated arguments that derail in both wall posts and through PMs. Although the user has been warned multiple times to stop his behavior, he has continued his efforts. A 1 week ban was placed to stop the confrontation immediately.

Elipter (March 31st, 2016)
  • Banished until April 7th, 2016
  • Repeated offenses of getting into arguments with other users. 1 week ban.
  • This user has been known to harass multiple users' walls in a hostile manner. Warnings given about this behavior was met with backlash and questioning of moderator duties when they were justified. Further actions of harassing users after that have resulted to a 1 week ban.

OfficialShane aka ShaneAndEmoji (2015)
  • Banished until August 23rd, 2016
  • Severe cases of harassment and mass spam throughout the Dojo. Has also made countless multi accounts to evade ban. Permanent ban reduced to 6 month ban.
  • Shane has been known to be unstable when provoked, resulting in large amounts of spam to other users' profiles and walls. When confronted and banned, he evaded the ban by multi-accounting and continuing his spam for many weeks. He has also been known for harassing the members of the dojo on other social media because of this. Recently Hyun has contacted Shane when he made yet another account "ShaneAndEmoji" but seemed to have good intentions of starting over and has shown signs of reaching a compromise. After communicating with Shane, it was decided that ShaneAndEmoji will have its ban lifted after 6 months of good behavior.

Nawhz (2015 - present)
  • Banished permanently
  • Multiple severe cases of verbal harassment to users and staff. Permanent ban.
  • This user has had a long history with the Dojo and has been known to harass many users along with Dojo staff members. This user has been banned multiple times for misbehavior and has not shown any signs of changing his behavior when coming back to the Dojo. Nawhz has also been making multiple accounts to evade his ban under usernames such as "HitlerIsFaultless". It has been discussed with staff that this user is toxic and with no signs of improvement, causes a threat to this community and will not be returning.

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