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Hey, I'm Ian I'm designing a comic series based on the old 80's cartoon franchises like Thundercats, Heman, MASK, and Centurions called Lightwarriors. I want it to be as close to the 80's action as possible so the entire design is based as if the series has a line of action figures and cartoon to accompany it (I'm actually designing the action figures at the moment). I'd love to have a high-quality Saguka style intro complete with rocking theme music to help with marketing so I'm looking for help!


The music is almost complete, but I need help storyboarding the intro sequence for the lead animation team. So I'd like to create a stick figure style animation for them similar in style of Hayate vs Se (by shinsho0)

The animation would be a little under 2 minutes long, involves 3 animation heavy lead characters and 4 animation light secondary characters, It doesn't need to be detail heavy or massively polished but the more detail you can afford to give for the sake of clarity the better. While I have a general idea of where I'd like the sequence to go, you will be responsible for the choreography of the action sequence as well as be producing the animation, so this may be a factor to consider. If this sounds like too big a job for one individual you are welcome to draft in help and I will be open to a reasonable discussion as to the cost of that too... within reason (if you want to hire help you may need to allocate a percentage of your own budget for that too).


£300 gbp (APPROX $400.06 USD)

This is a paid gig according to your terms 100% upfront OR 50% upfront and 50% on completion- whatever you prefer.
I think I'm offering a fair price for this, although I may be way off, it seems to be pretty hard to find a gauge for comparison. If you legitimately feel your talents are worth more than the quoted offer let me know what you think is reasonable. You get full credit for your work and can use it as part of your portfolio too. You'll get drafted into the facebook group to collaborate with the other artists, writers, composers and 3d modelers which will also look pretty good on a CV.


There isn't a strict deadline for this, I am still finalizing the theme music at the moment but I would expect a reasonable turnaround once work actually starts, certainly I would expect this to be completed no later than late January, sooner if possible. Again I have no reference for this expectation so if it's unreasonable then I'm happy to discuss that. I would expect given the (in my opinion) generous rate of pay that the artist would be focused on this project once it begins.


If you are interested please drop a comment with any examples of work you may have.

I am actively recruiting a lead animation team for this as well. If you think you are OR you know someone who is OR believe you can form a team of people who can get involved in the lead animation portion of this project then let me know, BUT my expectations are pretty high so keep that in mind.



Name - My name? Ian Buchanan name of the project? Lightwarriors
Job Description - Full stick figure style, action-heavy animation for storyboarding purposes.
Payment - £300 gbp (negotiable)
Deadline Date - ASAP (within reason)
Extra Comments - portfolio in comments, future work possible.

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It doesnt seem to be very easy to upload images onto this... here is an image of the 3 lead characters just for you guys to check out Artwork by Ariel Medel

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My most recent stuff: https://shadowqrow.tumblr.com/
More stuff: https://goo.gl/YV9BwS

What I'm capable of doing:
-Fullbody Animations and Drawings.
-Stickfigures Animations and Drawings.

I should be able to do a good job for you.
Hope you like what i can offer.

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Seems interesting
here's my stuffs : https://hundicky.deviantart.com/ or https://youtube.com/hundk
what i can do :
- Effects
- Stickfigure animation / Fullbody animation
- anime/realism/semi-realism/cartoons character style (or jojo bizzare adventure like)

Also here's samples of my recent storyboard that i workin on :


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Hey guys, sorry for not getting in touch sooner,

The position has been filled (by someone here I'm pleased to say).
Once the storyboard/animatic is complete I will be searching to put together a final animation team to complete the job. If you guys would like to put yourselves forward for that, or would perhaps like to assemble a team for such a project then I'd love to talk more about that.



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How much are you willing to pay the lead animation team? I have a team of animators already, and we can put together a short demo-reel for you if you'd like.

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Hey sorry for the radio Silence, the holiday season is my busy time at work so I go into hibernation during that period.

I was quoted $6000-$10,000 by a pro team but that’s a little outside my range.
I’d be looking at around £1000-£3000 depending on what payment structure can be arranged and assuming it’s to a standard I’m happy with.

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