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~a r t~

Greetings, I'm DYE, or Crylex, as most of you know me.
I'm looking for some commissions so I can get money to feed my face.

(My first time making one of these so forgive me if this is a tad sloppy. I'm open to some tips on how to improve the thread.)

-Two years of freelance art experience, proficient in concept art and full sketch work. adept in graphic design and logo work.

examples include:

This is an ongoing thread. I am open all year since I do this often.
All business, such as information and due dates, will be done through DM's. If you are looking to hire me do not post here. This thread is for comments and questions.
Should you hire me, I take money through PayPal in advance. upon reception of payment, I will begin the requested work. once complete I will show a preview with a watermark, if the content is up to approval then the watermark will be removed.
Prices will also be discussed in DM's, but the general price syllabus is:

Graphics(including logos, silhouettes and typography): $20+
Portraits(people, groups, murals, etc.): $40+
Landscapes(cities, forests, life-studies): $50+

(these prices will vary due to the size of the request.)


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These are beautiful, bro.

⇑ ⇑
Check out my server!

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if you need food ask mom.

you could be like an superpopular instagram/tumblr or something smh you got the skills

despite only making up 13% of the population....

only for the cool kids

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Just live with welfare...

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draw me like one of your french girls


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Beautiful artwork! I'm not exactly a rich man myself, but I wish you all the best!

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