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EDIT: It's super late and I've spent all night trying to get this out on time so here's the collab up on youtube first. Thanks everyone for participating and making yet another successful collab! To those who didn't make it into the collab, I will be making another video at a later date with your parts and everyone who submitted a part will still be getting medals. Merry Christmas everybody!

The holidays are just around the corner so now is the time for a new holiday themed Dojo collab! This one is going to be simple and lighthearted giving you guys the freedom to be as creative as you want! This collab will be released on Christmas day 25th so let's make it a good one!

The theme is simple; Make a snowball fight animation and be creative as possible! The only requirements are that you have snowballs being thrown in your animation and the background setting must be snowy. If you do not know how to draw backgrounds, there will be a file with a snow background provided for you. Have fun with this animation to celebrate the holidays and the end of the year! Good luck!

An example part by Miccool from the last Snowball Collab in 2008!

(To be released Christmas Day)

  • You can use any animation program as long as the final video export is 1920x1080 resolution.
  • If using flash, you can use any 16:9 resolution. Make sure to turn in the SWF file.
  • Use any FPS (up to 30) that you are comfortable with.
  • Full body, stick figures, sprites, etc.. all welcome!
  • Put your name on the top right of your animation.
  • VCAM is allowed.
  • Sound effects are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • NO Music.
  • NO NSFW content.
  • Try to keep your part 15 - 30 sec.

How to turn in your part:
  • Private Message via the Dojo to Hyun with the subject subject “YOURNAME Snowball Collab”
  • Or email [email protected] with email subject “YOURNAME Snowball Collab”
  • You can turn in either FLA, SWF, or MP4 it doesn't matter.

All of these resources are optional. Use them if you feel like they will help in your animation. Remember a snowy background is a needed requirement!
By Hyun
(IMG) http://sta.sh/01cj6fp3hhot
(FLA) http://sta.sh/016bv64ljc5x

By Stickly
(IMG) http://sta.sh/21z4r74har8p
(snowman) http://sta.sh/0233ngdtua9r

By HeartOfTheStorm - Backgrounds and some random resources
(FLA) http://sta.sh/022fcj867hok

By MR-Vj
(IMG) http://sta.sh/0u1eaabckq0
(FLA) http://sta.sh/01qglhpkjt73


#1 Best collab part
  • Snowball Champion Medal
  • “Snowball Champion” Forum Title and Color

Top 5 collab parts
  • Snowball Warrior Medal

For completing a part
  • Snowball Medal

Note: For the sake of quality and length, not all parts will be accepted. Quality parts will have a better chance of making it into the final collab.

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Definetly in. Any program? I can export it 16:9 but can't export it as 1920 x 1080. Sorry, the highest I can export is 1080 x 720, would this be okay?

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Imma Join if its only about a snow ball fight.

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Gat eem.

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This should be fun, i'll give it a try.

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Are u sure any fps hehe. Thx to 60 fps

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Sign me the f*ck up!

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|can someone translate this i dont know british
|I’ll do my best *ahem* AY YO MA

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Sign me up! I finally have something to animate!

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I'm in
i'm fucking in bro

i have a big fat baguette
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i love the old miccool style sexy af imma join



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I'm in! Do I need to name symbols with my name?

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Well u can add me on the dojo if you want! More active on discord.

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