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(Banner art by Mau)

The weather's cold, the trees and plants are still sleeping, yet there's love in the air. Yes, it's that time of the year to declare your love to that special someone in this spellbound Valentine's Day Dojo Collab. Flowers, chocolates and promises you don't intend to keep, you can be as creative as you want in this affectionate animation. You need to start now if you want to shout your love in this collab soon, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.


You are tasked with making an animation of asking somebody out. It can be anyone, from someone you know, to that special someone that resides in the Dojo. You can base this anywhere, from the rooftops of Paris to a bench in a park. You are only required to make sure you are asking another on a date! Put all your love and display it with butterflies in your stomach. Good luck!

Here's a small example of what you can do by Endo (minus the music)

Image DUE DATE - FEBRUARY 12th Image
(To be released Valentine's Day)


  • You can make multiple parts and ask out multiple onii-chans!
  • You can use any animation program as long as the final video export is at least 720p
  • If using flash, you can use any 16:9 resolution (ex: 800x450). Make sure to turn in the SWF file.
  • Use any FPS (up to 30) that you are comfortable with.
  • Full body, stick figures, sprites, etc.. all welcome!
  • Put your name on the top right of your animation.
  • VCAM is allowed.
  • Sound effects are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • NO Music.
  • NO NSFW content.
  • Try to keep your part 10 - 15 sec.

How to turn in your part:

  • Private Message via the Dojo to Hyun with the subject subject “YOURNAME Valentine Collab”
  • Or email [email protected] with email subject “YOURNAME Valentine Collab”
  • You can turn in either FLA, SWF, or MP4 it doesn't matter.

For completing a part in this collab, you will get:

  • Valentine's Day Heart Medal

Note: For the sake of quality and length, not all parts will be accepted. Quality parts will have a better chance of making it into the final collab.

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wow this was fast


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WOW...Valentines Collab....lets do dis

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cool cool, gl with this bois.

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Heck why not I'll make a part

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dosnt oniisan mean older brother. 'ask out your older brother'

Duels kinda on hold

vs Pierre del Astorio / vs Winona Pumpernickel / vs

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Lets make this!!!

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I'll attempt to give this a shot.

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i will join but i still dont know how to private message my animation

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count me in! maybe ill even finish my part this time


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