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Original idea and concept by @darkhitman

This tournament will be done in a series of four rounds from Preliminaries to the Finals, where you will go head to head with an opponent. You will be matched up as fairly as possible against someone of a similar skill level, and through each win, you will be able to progress to further rounds. The winner will be decided on by a panel of judges, ranging from the Inhouse, globals and Duel Mods.

In each round there will be a loose theme that will be given to all contestants to follow, much like DICE. For example, some themes could be related to Cier’s environment, a certain colour or a special element. Inclusion of the theme in your animations will count as a bonus for the judgement phase.

When both participants have finished and sent in their parts, they will enter the judgement phase. Each animation will have some critique and a winner will be decided. The duration of each round will vary and the judgement phase will last a week. If you fail to provide an animation after the deadline, it will count as a forfeit.

How to Join

Click the Signup button below and fill out all the fields correctly, then click the submit button at the bottom of that page.
You do not need to be on the Official Duelist Roster to participate in this tournament, just simply fill out the application.


Only 16 of the best application entries will be accepted! The quality of the animation you provide will be what counts most towards you getting accepted.


As with any tournament, there will be rules that you have to play by. They are as follows:

  • You must submit your character through our Dojo Duels Tournament application.
  • Only 16 Duelists who were accepted by moderators will be allowed to participate in this tournament.
  • Only animation entries will be accepted.
  • You may use any animation program i.e. Flash, Pivot, Toonboom, Opentoonz, etc.
  • You are free to animate at any FPS you feel comfortable with.
  • You may use any animation medium you desire i.e. sticks, full-body, sprites, 3D animation, etc.
  • You may use any canvas size you want as long as it is watchable by us.
  • You are allowed to share your work in progress like screenshots, previews and livestream of your animation.
  • If you fail to submit your animation by the deadline by round 1, you will lose ALL of your earnings. You will also be disqualified from the tournament and lose 5 RICE.
  • If you fail to submit your animation by the deadlines of rounds thereafter, you will claim no further prizes and you will be disqualified from the tournament as well as lose 5 RICE.
  • If you did submit your animation by the deadline but still lost, you won't be able to continue dueling but you will still claim all your earnings thus far.
  • If one or more Duelists forfeits in the tournament, their money will be evenly distributed among the rest of the contestants.
  • Your animation must be your own, tracing/rotoscoping or outside help is not allowed.
  • Your animation may not contain inappropriate NSFW content.
  • You DO NOT make a thread in the Dueling Grounds section for your tournament Duel.
    Please send your finished entries to Sareth.

From over a 150 applications, these Duelists have been picked to compete against one another in the 2017 Dojo Duels Tournament!

@Afrotique Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6798



Weapon / Power:
Weapon: Deck of cards.
Powers: Master of Sleight of Hand Magic ('Now You See Me' type stuff)

Strengths / Weaknesses
"Strengths: Versatile, Long Range, Dexterous, and Skilled in Martial Arts. Can adapt to situations and prepare magic tricks under pressure.
Weaknesses: Has a limited amount of magic tricks and will eventually run out. Low stamina, Grander magic tricks take up more time to set up."

@dracko Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=7024

@Hanif13 Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6690

@Hun Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=7179



Weapon / Power:
Force Generator - Charger can charge up force in his limbs. The longer he charges, the stronger the force is. Charging for about 1 second would be the same as just a normal punch, 10 seconds would be like a bullet, etc.
In order to apply the force to the opponent, his charged limb just needs to be at least 1 inch away from the opponents body.
He may also apply the force to the ground, to jump higher, etc.
In addition, he doesn't have to apply all the force in one go. He can split the force he charged between multiple releases.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
Good survivabillity
Manages his Force Generator well
Good mobillity, can jump far if he charges his feet with enough force.
Takes a long time to charge a good shot, can be hit while charging, etc.
Is just a normal human if he cannot charge (restrained, combo'ed, confused, stunned, etc..)

@Input Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=11026

Time Havoc


Weapon / Power:
"- Timewarping – manipulate the speed of close moving objects.
- Teleportation – opens portals to move through space. Cannot teleport to places that are not within range.
- Mild shape-shifting – changing the form and texture of (part of) his body by implementing timewarping and teleportation powers to his own body particles at a quantum scale. Often used to transform into his other form or just his arms or legs into hard blades.
- Time Focus – Has total control over time in an area for a limited amount of time. Time Havoc uses Time Focus to slow things down or to speed himself up."

Strengths / Weaknesses:
">>> Strengths <<<
- Able to manipulate time (as stated above)
- Able to transform into a stronger form (the dark half face shown in image). In this form he is able to withstand more damage.
- Strong senses - able to detect nearby life forces
- Quick reflexes

<<< Weaknesses >>>
- Electricity - especially at a high voltage. It disrupts his entire body system and could possibly stun him.
- He becomes slower in his other form.
- Can only use Time Focus in his other form.
- Time Focus consumes a lot of energy and cannot be used extravagantly or continuously. He usually has to transform back to his human form quickly after executing a Time Focus."

@Juler Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=9234



Weapon / Power:
4 wheels, each pair can be thrown onto his shoes to skate around on (think heelies but with 2 wheels)
a lazer sword (blue)

he can easily throw his wheels onto his shoes, and fight with them.
extremely talented at rollerblading
can hold his own against average swordsmen with his own skills
can think fast, and quick on his feet

cant really rollerblade well on non-smooth surfaces
he's not adept with his lazerblade
takes him awhile to take off his rollerblades

Spoon man


Weapon / Power:
Spoon man use normal spoons as a weapon. He also have a very fast reaction in combat.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
-Spoon man has about 40% more strengths than normal human being
-Spoon man has a specialist in sword play but he prefer to use spoon
-Spoon man has fast reaction which alow him to move faster than normal and allow him to see things clearly (happens when he opens his eyes)
-Spoon man use spoon as a weapon which isn't a very effective way fighting someone
-Spoon man prefer close combat and he is weak against range weapon
-Spoon man need foods to keep him motivated



Weapon / Power:
- Blue wields a sword forged from obsidian. The sword is a mystic one, containing a red energy source inside of it.
- Blue uses a low level Toshi style (energy manipulation), which he learned from his master Anjin, to concentrate the energy from within the sword around the edges.
- Anjin learned the Toshi style through scrolls and taught what he knew to Blue, but Triton(Drone's RHG) is the god who created the style.
-While the Burst Crusaders were together, Blue befriended Triton, allowing him to further develop his Toshi style under Triton's mentorship.
- With that, Blue can draw out the energy from the sword and create shields or burst small amounts of low-ranged force.
- In terms of projectiles, he swings the sword to send a slash of energy toward his opponent.
- Use of the Toshi style does require hand-movement, use of both hands being ideal. This would require Blue to set down his sword whenever he wanted draw energy out, which is a bit of a problem. So, he tends to just swing it around instead.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
-Blue is tactical and quick witted, quick to adapt to any situation.
-Very disciplined in a variety of weapons and martial arts, thanks to master Anjin. -He blends his sword fighting styles(European, Asian), but is limited by the weight of his weapon. It would weigh something like a European longsword.
-He is only human. So, of course, he is also limited to the speed and power of one.
-Outside of concentrating the energy around the blade, hand motion is required to further use the Toshi style to draw out energy from the sword.
-The bigger the attack or shield wanted, the more hand motion it takes and the longer it takes(He generally doesn't do big ones because of this). However, small ones can be made with one swipe.



Weapon / Power:
- Has a throwing dagger with a slot purposed for a ball with teleportation capabilities.
- Upon teleportation activation, Telepurte is transported to the ball's location with the right hand landing onto the ball. If the ball is in the throwing dagger, then hand is placed on the handle of the dagger instead
- Teleportation can control momentum depending on hand gesture. Upwards gesture redirects kinetic energy gained from teleportation into an upwards movement, a forwards gesture will transpose into a forward kinetic movement. Sideways gesture into a sideward motion, and so on. Intensity of gesture dictates amount of kinetic energy used and redirected.
Fist gesture indicates no kinetic redirection.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
- Has proficient throwing capabilities
- Exceptionally good at reading and dodging attacks
- Uses teleportation ball in conjunction with throwing capabilities to further heighten dodging skills
- Instinctive and intuitive

- Area of effect attacks
- Due to dodging capability, any landed hits are very damaging
- Illusions and attacks on the mind
- Anything that could inhibit his free movement

@topburger239 Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=12123



Weapon / Power:
Psycho punches - Strength & Speed in the berserker mode only

Strengths / Weaknesses:
Berserker mode take a lot of time to recovery (enemy reaction time) - without his hands he are vulnerable

@ZucchiniJuice Duelist Info -: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14054&p=130127#p130127

The tournament officially starts on April 28th as the information for the round 1 and everybody's opponents will be revealed on this day!

Round Information


Every round will have a theme that Duelists must follow and abide by while battling the opponents they have been paired up with. After each round ends there will be a week break where voting will be decided upon.

- ROUND 1 - (OVER)
Announcement Post
Round End Post
Results Post
Deadline : 19th May
Minimum Time Requirement : 30 Seconds excluding intros, credit scenes, etc.
Theme : A regular Duel where Duelists pick a location in Cier and battle it out.
Round Rules: There is no specific rules for this round, it's just a regular Duel so all normal Duel rules applies where the both of you pick the location of your Duel on the Cier map. Remember, please do not make a thread in the Dueling Grounds section.

Round 1 Entries
ZucchiniJuice Main Character) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrOdvOj ... e=youtu.be
Mikipoint (Spoon Man) - https://youtu.be/zDq4a7j7w9M

Input (Cairis) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrw4guYSwZU
Hanif13 (Arzon) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y13NljnYpY8

dracko (Shura) - Forfeit
Wave (Bravo) - Forfeit

Afrotique (TG.108) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNcYvG8-Qug
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) - https://youtu.be/FecI6Kwgvmg

Telepurte (Telepurte) - http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/11340/
PivotBlimp (Blue) - Forfeit

Dorange(Cohle) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MybExEK ... e=youtu.be
Hun (Reinz) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqBpYbL2pb0

Kintuin (Speaker) - https://youtu.be/5Yvx5ieCE_Y
IAmTheOcelot (Charger) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB9-32SizYE

Juler (Stirling) - Forfeit
topburger239 (ignis) - http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/11355/

Round 1 Judging Results (Judge Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jej ... aring&#41;

ZucchiniJuice (Main Character) vs Mikipoint (Spoonman)
ZucchiniJuice (Main Character) wins 4 to 3!

Input (Cairis) vs Hanif13 (Arzon)
Hanif13 (Arzon) wins 7 to 0!

Afrotique (TG.108) vs JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc)
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) wins 6 to 1!

Telepurte (Telepurte) vs PivotBlimp (Blue)
Telepuerte (Telepurte) wins by default!

Dorange (Cohle) vs Hun (Reinz)
Hun (Reinz) wins 4 to 3!

Kintuin (Speaker) vs IAmTheOcelot (Charger)
Kintuin (Speaker) wins 7 to 0!

Topburger (ignis) vs Juler (Stirling)
Topburger (ignis) wins by default!

NOTE: Because 2 animators in the same matchup have forfeited, the judges have agreed to pick the best part from all the losers and put him back into the bracket for round 2 for a 2nd chance to win the tournament. If this user makes it to the final round he will have to win the round with a 3:1 ratio vote to win the tournament.
The user selected to return to the pool is @Dorange as we felt he had the strongest part out of all the losers in round 1. He will replace the bracket for Dracko and Wave and move on to face JessTheDragon in round 2!

- ROUND 2 - (OVER)
Announcement Post
Round 2 End Post
Results Post
Deadline : JULY 7th
Minimum Time Requirement : 45 Seconds
Theme : You face off your next opponent, but during the fight, a natural disaster interrupts your battle! The both of you must escape now! Pick a race scenario below:
Round Rules:
  • You must show you and your opponent's Duelist trying to escape the natural disaster scenario you have selected above.
  • You must pick 1 of the 3 scenarios given to you. (Does not have to be the same as your opponent's choice)
  • You don't necessarily have to fight your opponent during this round, but it is optional as you both are trying to escape.
  • You may end the duel however you please as long as your Duelist escapes from the disaster.

Round 2 Entries
ZucchiniJuice (Main Character) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdsBe3XmguE
Hanif13 (Arzon) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoxmNmuRNc4

Telepurte (Telepurte) - http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/11698/
Hun (Reinz) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgA-ilMsxy0

Dorange (Cohle) - Forfeit
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) - https://youtu.be/Qj1y6_pQ68g

Kintuin (Speaker) - Forfeit
Topburger239 (Ignis) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqmfQ_R ... e=youtu.be

Round 2 Judging Results (Judge Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mmj ... Svkrw/edit

Hun (Reinz) vs Telepurte (Telepurte)
Hun(Reinz) wins 4 to 3!

ZucchiniJuice (Main Character) vs Hanif13 (Arzon)
Hanif13(Arzon) wins 6 to 1!

Dorange (Cohle) vs JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc)
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) wins by default!

Kintuin (Speaker) vs Topburger239(Ignis)
Topburger239(Ignis) wins by default!

- ROUND 3 - (OVER)
Round 3 End Post
Round 3 Result Post
Deadline : AUGUST 29th
Minimum Time Requirement : 45 Seconds
Theme : During the course of your Duel the both of you get ambushed by an outside source.
Round Rules:
  • The outside source can be anything from a monster, group of bandits or even other Duelists. It's up to your creativity!
  • Both Duelists must temporarily fight off the ambush together before finishing the duel.
  • A clear winner must be shown at the end having defeated both the outside source and Duelist opponent. How you go about this is up to you.

Round 3 Entries
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) - https://youtu.be/GFk8cvtKuns
Hanif13 (Arzon) - Forfeit

Hun (Reinz) - https://youtu.be/LrrG1r_Dhfc
Topburger239 (Ignis) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOuwUOb ... e=youtu.be

Round 3 Judging Results (Judge Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UTu ... 5tpMs/edit )

Hun (Reinz) vs Topburger239(Ignis)
Hun(Reinz) wins 4 to 2!

JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) vs Hanif13 (Arzon)
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) wins by default!

Announcement Post
Round 4 End Post
Round 4 Results
Deadline : October 24th
Minimum Time Requirement : 60 Seconds
Theme : The last epic battle. Both of you unlock hidden potential powers by harnessing RICE.
Round Rules:
  • This will be another regular Duel with a special twist. Both Duelist contestants will harness the amazing powers of RICE and unlock hidden powers inside themselves they either knew about or didn't, and become powerful forces to be reckoned with during the course of the Duel. Be as creative as you want with this!
  • Must show you and your opponent harnessing RICE in some special way to unlock your true potential.
  • Show your Duelist defeating your opponent.
  • Because of the amazing powers you both acquired, during the course of your Duel the both of you will cause a monumental event on the Cier map / lore. This can range from a giant crater, changing the weather in the location forever, causing a vortex in time and space or over throwing a high mighty king. It's up to you guys to decide on what to do!
  • Both Duelists can have different monumental events if they so desire. The winner of the Dojo Duels tournament's event will be taken as canon, the lore plus map will be updated accordingly. However, moderators will still review over what you guys want to change and if it's too much then it will be denied, so if you are unsure what you have planned will be accepted, please contact a moderator and ask!

Round 4 Entries

Round 4 Judging Results (Judge Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s2o ... Co0O4/edit )

Hun (Reinz) vs JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc)
JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc) wins 5 to 0


As mentioned before, the judges will be comprised of the Inhouse, Global Moderators and Dojo Duel Moderators. They will give comment and critique to each animation and cast a vote on who they think should win.


If you are lucky enough to be selected, you’ve got a plethora of prizes waiting for you. As a Duelist progresses through rounds, you gather up more prizes as you go, with the ultimate winner walking away with $800, 75 RICE and all the goodies.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will be awarded with the Dojo Duels Tournament Participation Medal Image
However, fail to finish the 1st round's animation and you will not be rewarded this.

Money : $50
Goodies: Round 1 Winner MedalImage

Money : $100
Goodies: Round 2 Winner Medal Image

4th Place
  • Goodies: Dojo Duels T-shirt
3rd Place
  • Money : $175
    Goodies: Dojo Duels T-shirt
  • Money : $150
    Goodies: Round 3 Winner Medal Image, and a Dojo Duels T-shirt

2nd Place
  • Money : $200
    Goodies: Optional Name Change.
1st Place
  • Money: $500
    Goodies : Dojo Duels Champion Medal Image, Optional Name Change, Custom Forum Title

Good luck to everyone participating!

Tournament Sponsors
Image Image

Big thanks to Dollar Shave Club and Buffered for sponsoring this event!

Go to http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/dojo and get a one month membership of ANY razor for $1. Free shipping, no commitments, cancel anytime.

Sign up for Buffered VPN today https://buffered.com/streamer/hyuns-dojo and ensure your online activity is safe, private, and secure.

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I am so in this!

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Good luck everyone joining! Yea im gonna duck and cover out of this one.
*Hype intensifies*

''I'm here to purify this world. Darkness will not survive.''

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Well good luck whoever is joining this. Don't know if I'll be able to. Rip. It will take like 4 months and I only have 2 months of summer break....double Rip.


Status: Dueling x2

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Dojo Duel Gold Rank
Gosh, I have never been so hyped in my entire life.

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i'll just be a spectator, cant really animate this year, next year probably

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Faction : Xen
YouTube : Crystalanims
Deviantart : CrystalDrawOfficial

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Same here, school's getting real busy. I'll just be one of the crowds cheering for whichever duelist might win.


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This is gonna be the best tournament ever!

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As a spectator, I'm excited. That being said, will there be a story ?

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