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Im sorry for the people who lost, good luck to the winners btw! :)

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ya'all should have lemme join the top 16 >:o

Faction : Order of Origins
Duel 4: Core VS Negasth (Starting)
Duel 5: Pyro & Kuro VS Tafari & Negasth (Starting)

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To all those who lost, y'all did well! Good luck (yet again) for those who got to the 2nd round!! ;)

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Dojo Duel Champion 2017
I'm still kinda disappointed about the forfeits, especially Dracko's. I was actually looking forward to dueling with him.
But anyway, congratulations to the winners of the first round! b >∀< d

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Gj guys! Someone tell me what it's like to win money 'cause I don't know. Kidding, but good luck with round two! Looking foward to seeing what y'all pull off!

My favorite mythical creature is the honest politician.

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IAmTheOcelot wrote:
Well.. that's a devastating loss, lol. Not surprised tho.. I kinda deserved it for half-assing my animation.
GG kintuin, you did really well~

thanks man u too.

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There is a god.

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Dorange's opponent was really good.
Here are my bets for the next round's winners.

Arzon, Time Havoc, Reinz

Speaker and Ignis, well I don't have a solid basis for them. Good luck to whoever wins.

This is based from what I've seen now, everyone can still improve and nothing is for certain.

Good luck!


"Life is like animation, you control your quality, quantity and outcome"
~ Fordz

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Dorange wrote:
There is a god.

You deserve the second chance man.

Failure is not getting knocked down, but refusing to get back up, for life will constantly knock you down, and whether or not you decide to get back up, is what determines what kind of person you really are.

Duelist: Azeures

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ROUND 2 is now LIVE!
- ROUND 2 -
Deadline : JUNE 30th
Minimum Time Requirement : 45 Seconds
Theme : You face off your next opponent, but during the fight, a natural disaster interrupts your battle! The both of you must escape now! Pick a race scenario below:
Round Rules:
  • You must show you and your opponent's Duelist trying to escape the natural disaster scenario you have selected above.
  • You must pick 1 of the 3 scenarios given to you. (Does not have to be the same as your opponent's choice)
  • You don't necessarily have to fight your opponent during this round, but it is optional as you both are trying to escape.
  • You may end the duel however you please as long as your Duelist escapes from the disaster.

Round 2 Matchups:

ZucchiniJuice (Main Character) vs Hanif13 (Arzon)

Telepurte (Telepurte) vs Hun (Reinz)

Dorange (Cohle) vs JessTheDragoon (Time Havoc)

Kintuin (Speaker) vs Topburger239 (Ignis)

Winners of this round unlock another $100 and 10 White Rice!

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