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UPDATE 3/26:
Top 5 Overall Parts:
1. Corn ($500)
2. FARYTHM ($400)
3. mikipoint ($300)
4. Armorstick ($200)
5. Fox & Egor ($50 each)

Honorable mentions:
Kate & luc
Powtato & waterzen

Top 5 Anime parts (in no particular order):
FARYTHM ($100)
Powtato & waterzen ($100)
guitan11 ($100)
kate/luc ($100)

Honorable Mentions:
Septagon & Powdar

Judging Notes:

Top 5 Overall Parts - We based our judging on 6 main factors in order of most important to least important:
1. Overall Animation Quality
2. Obstacle Interaction
3. Creativeness (thinking outside the box)
4. Visual Effects Quality
5. Sound Effects Quality
6. Humor / Entertainment Value

Top Anime Parts - We based our judging on a few factors:
1. Creativity
2. How true to the original anime was the entry
3. How entertaining the anime reference was
4. Animation quality
5. How many different references were included

We chose Corn as our number 1 overall best part in the collab because he pretty much hit all 6 factors on a very strong note. Animation quality was extremely well done and probably the strongest part of this animation. You could really feel the weight in the stick’s movements and how his movements change as he gets more injured throughout the course. All of it was pulled off very well and the movements were perfectly smooth, well eased, and realistic. Obstacle Interaction was also probably one of the best in the collab as Corn utilized a lot of the course to take a huge effect on his stick figure. Nowhere in this part did it seem like he was taking any shortcuts or being lazy. Creativeness was also a strong point with the stick figure getting dismembered in many different creative ways while still completing the course along with the bonus AoT anime reference. Visuals and sounds were top votes as well with one of the best blood particle effects i’ve seen and sound design being very accurate and believable. And finally the entertainment value was without a doubt one of the best parts in the collab keeping the audience’s attention throughout the entire course with no dead spaces or pauses. Overall when you take everything into consideration, Corn well deserves the number one spot.

This part if you really take the time to look at it closely, is a very well thought out and you can tell that Farythm pushed his limits with this entry. You don’t see a lot of puppet styled animations out there let alone good puppet fight animations, but he proved us all wrong and showed that this style of animation can also be appreciated by a predominately frame by frame animation community. The smoothness of the running, fighting, sword swinging, were all very well done and eased properly, most notably the sword trails. Obstacle interaction and creativeness was very well thought out when Naruto and Sasuke were fighting throughout the course, but not making it look unnatural or out of place. We took note of the small details where they used their chakra to fight upside down, splitting up to run 2 different routes, and using shadow clones to keep it exciting and action packed. The only thing that was really lacking in Farythm’s entry was the sound effects as they were extremely repetitive and lacked force and proper layering. Overall it was a very fresh take on puppet animation and well deserves the 2nd spot in this collab.

It’s quite obvious that Mikipoint was going to place top 5 in this collab from the first time we saw his entry. The full body animation of Simon and his robot from GL was pulled off perfectly and really stayed true to the character design of the anime which is not easy to do. The level of detail put into both the robot and the character was without a doubt the best in the collab and the animation was also done extremely well as you can see the robot rotating, stumbling, and moving in impressive ways while going through the course. The reason Mikipoint falls short of the 1st / 2nd spot is because of multiple factors. Visual effects were good in some parts but also lacking in others like the ending which did look a bit rushed. If there was a nice satisfying ending with decent effects, I feel like that would’ve pushed this entry into 2nd. Still a very well animated entry and this part definitely stands out on its own.

This entry’s strong-point was its sheer entertainment factor. There was always something fun and exciting happening and it was definitely one of the funniest parts in the collab. With the clique naruto jokes and slapstick gags throughout the course, it was just a really fun entry to watch overall. Creativity and course interaction were also very strong and I feel like every part of the course was a natural setup into the next gag and it just felt really well thought out. The animation was not at all bad, but the visual effects just didn’t really compete with the other top 3 entries. The particles and stick construction looked very “brushy” and could have used more refinement and attention to detail. A lot of the blood also disappeared prematurely which also came off as a bit rushed. Other than those small shortcomings, this part was definitely one of our favorites.

Fox & Egor
These two parts are technically separate but what impressed us was the fact that they tie into one another so it could be considered a “joint” part. Not only just that, both Fox’s and Egor’s entry were very well animated and just overall made for a very entertaining and creative set of animations. Fox’s movements were smooth and fluid, complemented by appealing effects and a very creative ending that lead into Egor’s part which was equally well animated and provided fresh comedic moments at the end. Not the best animated parts in the collab, but as 2 parts combined they provide a very entertaining piece that thinks outside of the box with creativeness and humor. Sound effects were also a very high point in both entries and really strengthened the movements and gags.

Farythm did very well in his anime references. Not only was it a general Naruto inspired part, he added a lot of very fine details that called to the anime like the shadow clones, chakra walking on walls, the special moves, the little gags, all of it was very well pulled off and obviously deserves a top anime spot.

Not only did Isaacxbode’s One Punch Man part really fun to watch, it actually felt like the real character and he pulled off jokes and gags that really felt true to the anime. Everything from him breaking parts of the course to him getting hit with all sorts of obstacles and absorbing everything, it was all just pulled of very nicely.

Guitan’s part was another animation that had a lot of fun different anime references. From pokemon, one piece, jojo, to dokidoki, it was entertaining to watch and overall a good anime referenced part.

Powtato & waterzen
There were a lot of pop team epic parts in this collab but this one stood out the most to us. The accurate character designs, the gags, and the trollness of this part is what made this part very true to the anime and was overall very enjoyable to watch.

This part was a really amazing One Piece inspired animation. Not only did it have Luffy but also Sanji and the added touch of Big Mom at the end was really impressive. The smaller details of Luffy’s special movesets pushed it even further and had the vibe of the entire anime in one part. Very well done and deserves the top anime spot.

UPDATE 3/21:
Judging is being finalized and we'll be announcing the winners shortly. Thanks for being patient with us~ There are a lot of really good parts so making the right decisions is very important to factor in all elements of animation skill and creativity. Will update more soon..

UPDATE 3/10:
Collab is COMPLETE! After many days of nonstop work, we managed to give birth to a wopping 45 minute collab. This is definitely the biggest collab in Dojo's history and that makes me extremely proud. For judging we're going to take about a week to sift through all 100 parts and try to narrow it down to the winners so please be patient because it could take a week or two before winners are announced. I'll be continuing to update this thread for the judging process. Until then, enjoy the collab!

UPDATE 2/26:
Collab due date has now passed! Compiling phase has started. You guys can keep turning in your parts but chances of you getting into the collab while im compiling will get slimmer each day. Release date is not solid yet but I will announce it when I get confirmation from our sponsor (it should be early March). I've gotten over 150 entries so great job everyone and thanks for participating!


Sponsored by VRV - https://vrv.co/dojo
February 25th 2018

Animate any character of your choice to run through the infamous Dojo Death Course! Take any path you want, choose any way to die, or choose to run through the entire course. Be creative as you possibly can to win MONEY! YES this collab is sponsored and we will be choosing the best most creative animations.

Since we are sponsored by VRV it is encouraged that you put in some ANIME themes/characters to your part and if you do, you'll have a higher chance to win money! Either way have fun and good luck!

Download this Flash template to make your part. You MUST use this template file to participate in this collab

  • Show your character going through the course. Be creative as possible!
  • Your character either has to die by one of the many deadly traps or reach the end goal.
  • FPS has to stay with the template's FPS. That is 23.97.
  • Full body, stick figures, sprites, etc.. all welcome!
  • Don't put your name or logo anywhere in your part. We will add it for you.
  • Animate the VCAM if you can. Use the preset one in the .FLA.
  • Sound effects are mandatory, if you don't use any then you are most likely not going to get accepted.
  • NO Music.
  • NO NSFW content.
  • YES you can joint
  • YES you can submit multiple parts
  • Try to keep your part below 40 secs if possible.

  • Email your entry to [email protected] with email subject “YOURNAME Dojo Death Course"
  • You can only turn in your .FLA part.
  • For the sake of length and quality, not all parts will be accepted so do your best!

We will be only giving out Paypal payment prizes to theTop Best Entries! If you were selected as one of the best then we will send you a Dojo PM on the site and you will be required to reply back with your Paypal email so you can claim your prize!

Entries will be judged based on animation skill, creativity, humor, best deaths, and best finishes.

1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $400

3rd Place - $300

4th Place - $200

5th Place - $100

These prizes will be for parts that are ANIME themed parts only, meaning you animate some kind of iconic anime character or themes from an anime. These prizes are STACKABLE with the prizes above

Top Anime Themed Part - $100

Top Anime Themed Part - $100

Top Anime Themed Part - $100

Top Anime Themed Part - $100

Top Anime Themed Part - $100


Big thanks to our sponsor VRV for sponsoring this collab. If you don't have VRV already, opt in to get a free 30 day trial of VRV premium and watch a bunch of anime and other fun shows. There's a lot of really good content on there so go have fun and support the Dojo at the same time!

Free 30 days of VRV Premium!

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Haha, LET'S GO PEOPLE! I hope my part will get featured! Good luck everyone! :D

Don't worry about me, im just a friendly civilian!

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ayy I wanna try this out

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Count me in this! Great more delays on my other projects xD


Status: Dueling x2

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Wish I could join but I don't use flash xD Oh well, good luck to everyone else joining this collab!

"Me? Im just a swordman, a DEMON swordman.."

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This really sounds great!, i wish i could take part

for the money :P

no hope for me to win

Good luck to everyone else <3

Heyo, I am dazerflames
I have been watching hyunsdojo since 2014.
I am a programmer but also a rookie artist....not that good tho (^~^')
Hope to make new friends and learn from you guys and gals to draw xD

Let the will fire BURN!

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I'll try ( ͡°ω ͡°)

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Why is the due date so short,any ways,cont me in :3

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Currently in Active Task: Aiko, Cooking quest
Available to duel: pm! (i have alot of duels! x3)

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Man.... I hope God can help me get that 1st Place Prize!

Even though you don't love God, he will always wait for you with open arms.

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