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Hey guys! We just got back from Anime Expo and I gotta say it was actually a really good experience for our first booth!
Here's a pic of the booth for you guys.

We actually had a lot of people come up to us who were big fans of the Dojo! I had an awesome time getting to know a lot of different people. There were little kids who knew our stuff, teens, adults, old people. Just a lot of variety of fans who knew about us which I had no idea about. There were also a few people who knew about Doors and Fluidanims and all of our older animations from back then, so It was awesome catching up with those guys about the good old days. There were also a ton of people who haven't seen our work and were just standing there, watching our animations on our tiny I-pads, and became instant fans right then and there! I think it just shows that the Dojo's name is starting to get out there and people are starting to notice both the staff and community's hard work & passion in creating and enjoying animations.

Some people from the Dojo also came over like Albinorice, Ashe, Ceroblitz, Dkuo, etc. So it was nice getting to see them again. I hope we can do it again next year because it was an awesome experience for us! I couldn't grab any pre-registration tables because they instantly sold out within a few seconds of opening, so I'll have to try to get a table when registration opens up again. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our table!

PS: To everyone who submitted any kind of art on this thread to be sold at AX, please PM me your address so I can send you guys some free posters for your hard work!

Hey Dojo! Some of you may know that I managed to buy and reserve a booth for this year's Anime Expo! If you don't know what Anime Expo is, it's one of the largest conventions in North America where thousands of people gather up to celebrate art, animations, games, and anime. We'll be in the artists' alley where there will be a bunch of booths where amateur artists can show off and sell their work.

More info here: http://www.anime-expo.org/ Also if anyone wants to actually attend anime expo and hang out with the Dojo Crew, I urge you to get tickets early when they're still cheap. It would be awesome to have a meetup!

I figured this would be a great opportunity to show off and even sell the community's work so I wanted to set up this topic to be the official place where you can show off and submit your animations, artwork, or anything else for that matter! I'm making this post way early in the year because I want to give people time to work and plan ahead to submit their best stuff on the due date which is JUNE 1ST. SO TAKE YOUR TIME AND MAKE SOMETHING EPIC! The Dojo staff will be looking over and choosing the best works from our community to show off to the world! After the due date, the staff will look over all of the work and choose the best works from our community to show off and sell to the world!


  • Make sure your animation is posted on the Dojo Portal
  • Link your animation here as a comment

  • Artwork does not have to be Dojo related. You can draw whatever you want!
  • Try to think of something that people would want to buy. For example; Common characters from shows or animes usually sell the best.
  • You have the choice of making prints 11"x17" (big print), or 4"x6" (post card)
  • You can make these prints portrait or landscape

-OTHER- (shirts, trinkets, keychains, figures, etc)
Let us know in the comments of what you want to sell / show

We've been debating the idea of how we should split profits for the people selling and I'm thinking of maybe doing a 70/30 split with 70 going to the artist. We would take care of all the printing and shipping costs and if that particular work sells and goes past those costs, then the profit would be shared. If the piece does not sell then the artist would not be responsible for those costs. Tell me if this is fair to you guys or if you think there is a better way to split.

Anyway this will be the very first time our little Dojo will be having a booth for a convention so I'm pretty excited. There's no way of knowing how well our booth will do with the people but I think it'll at least be a good experience to get the Dojo name out there to the general 'physical' public. Feel free to discuss about the booth and Anime Expo!

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This sounds great!
Too bad im most likeley not going to be at Animie Expo.. :(
I can still do an animation and i don't care about the money! :)

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if you want to go to ax, buy tickets before end of feb!
(idk if this is the hard deadline but it says that on the site)

for prints, all you do is submit your image! the dojo crew will pick the ones they want to print and basically do the print ordering work for you

also you should work at 300 dpi or higher
that means for:
  • big print (11 x 17) your pixel count should be 3300 x 5100 or bigger
  • post card (4 x 6) your pixel count should be 1200 x 1800 or bigger

this is lf2 you butt

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InHouse Staff
I WANNA GO!! It'd be cool to fly out there again!!

I'm here:

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Totally wanna go as well. We also might want to create groups for hotel rooms, so it gets a bit cheaper for everyone involved.

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I don't think I can attend this year, many reasons. I'll definitely start working on something though.
2016 it is then.

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aw sheeee this sounds awesome. A way for us to make some cash monez :p

So by "common anime characters," you mean its ok to draw/ be selling fanart-type stuff?
EDIT: thats a dumb question isn't it lol

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@Irian it's okay to sell fan art like shit
Fuck why am I in the Philippines
I wanna go ;n;

Also does the artworks already have to be a print or should I just like, send the artwork to you?

TJG10able wrote:

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I wanna go, but I cant...I wanna make a print for this whole community, but I don't think my level of skill in art is good enough...can I just make some funny, crappy, but smooth video ad? :p

I'm not inactive, you just never see me when you're online.

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D.I.C.E. Champion
hmmmm : http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/2632/ i guess that one was cool
by the time of June i should have other cool animations to show.

I hope that many collabs will be linked in here, it shows good community coolness

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