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[align=center] Gyro (WIP)


Weapon / Powers:
Weapon: Orbs of eternal night

-Orbs can slightly bend peoples perception of the area around them. They can be moved while this is active, so they normally orbit the target.
Orbs do this by manipulating shadows.

-Orbs can combine to make shapes, Such as, Squares, circles, etc.

-Orbs can weaken light around them, this is so to make the area much darker. Usually giving Gyro an advantage.

-Orbs are imbued with dark energy, it can be unleashed in a concentrated blast of black wind, OR, through the form of a shortly manifested weapon. (sword, gun, mace) etc, and these weapons are highly dangerous.

-Power, Orb Manipulation.

-With this, he can move his orbs around, and make them, liquid, (of which is highly toxic and acidic because it is made of the darkness.) a extremely hard solid. (Like steel alloy's.) or a particular toxic gas. (He's not affected by any of this.)

-Power, Darkness manipulation.

Can bend the darkness to his will, it can even make him move faster. But every bit of the shadow in the that is used up, slowly drains his orbs.
When he uses it too much, it has a 50/50 change of activating The Curse of the orbs, but after the curse is over, he can't use his orbs for the rest of the duel, or other 50, he dies. (Don't question it)

-Power, The curse of the orbs.

He can let the darkness use him for a short time, around 5 seconds. This makes him move at the highest speed of mach 1, and turns any body parts affected by said curse, sharp, and metal like. When the curse ends, he is weakened, and cannot use this for another 30 seconds.


Darkness cannot affect his eye-sight, neither can smoke.

Not being fully human, he relies less on blood, or flesh; and cannot feel as much pain.

Manifestation requires little to no energy because of how short each manifestation of the dark is.


Pretty much anything with light.

Magic attacks.

Speedy characters, as he ****walks**** pretty slow, and the orbs are heavy magically and physically, so running tires him fast, and he doesn't even run fast.

He is not very good with hand to hand combat, so characters whom of which he can't keep a distance from puts him at a big disadvantage.

Is easily distracted, and he has a fear of spiders.

(Still, don't question it.)

Weakness of weapon.)

- Gyro's perception can change if he is using his perception changer, and is too close to orbs.

-Orbs do not always combine right, and shapes can end up sloppy.

-Too much light, can weaken the orbs for about 10 - 30 seconds, leaving Gyro a weak, plain old stick-figure.

-Weapons manifested last 0.5 - 1 seconds.


Just a edgelord.

Bit of a softy tho.


Character Bio:

Once, a unnamed duelist, rumored to control black winds, murdered his father. All because the father tried to protect the village the dark grey clan lived at.
Gyro's mother hung herself, shortly after his father's death. He contemplated death. He tried to hire assassins to kill- Swy- Sw- Swift? I forgot his name. They all failed. He had... One last option. He chose to burden himself, with the three orbs of Darkness,. Created by HyunRolled himself, to stow away this vile darkness. By stealing these orbs, he gained immense power, and is ready to avenge his family.
He joined the duels after recently finding out a character with a bandanna, red, mind you. Has just joined the dojo duels... He realized this person immediately. He packed the orbs, all his stuff, and set off to fight this murderer. (But also, thinks the rice might have enough power to resurrect his family...)

Animated Demo:

( Coming soon...)

(Heres the WIP)

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Duel Mod
1. Your banner MUST be EXACTLY 500x200 pixels, which you is most definitely not.
2. Please explain who Cthulu and Nyx are. Yep in mind that you may not reference things fro real life unless you recreate them in your canon.
3. Please explain how he came to Cier and join up as a Duelist. Pretty easy idea: He was born here, and he joined to get the chance to fight his parents killer.
Let me also call in some friends to look it over @D4rkrailgunr @iiNoName @Sareth

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(wELL I am DumBB, srrYY, i'mA do SuM StuFF

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Cyr0 wrote:
Gyro's perception can change too, depending on how close he is to the orbs.

so does he every time stay away from the orbs?

i don't think that would be a really useful power unless you're fighting someone in a relatively dark area

Cyr0 wrote:
said curse, sharp, and metal like.

i am confused about the "sharp and metal like" part. do you mean that when said bodypart is affected, it will become metal?

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Well, not exactly. I mean, normally this kind of stuff seems easy to me, but well- gyro's Perception Can Change too- It's because of when the orbs do the manipulation of shadows, then- afterwards all perception around them changes. But if Gyro is, 1- Brought to his orbs, 2- Using it while they are close to him, (by mistake)
Then his perception changes.

And "The sharp and metal-like" part, means his limbs all become extremely hard to harm, and they naturally sharp, so many attacks just part when they hit his body.

(For example. punching him while this is active, would cut your hand. A sword, though would break where the blade hit. Magic, depending on if it's Light or elemental, ((Only works on elements.)) the elements would part when they make contact with his "skin."

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Global Mod
@Cyr0Fr0z3 reminds me of my old RHG character haha.
Anyhow, onto the review!

First off, your banner image has no background which makes it appear like there is not much there? Can you give your image some form of background?

I see you have a weakness section for your weapon? Can you move that to the weakness section? It just felt a bit awkward seeing that there and immediately after you talk about the strengths of your Duelist again and after that the "Strength" section, you see? D:

Cyr0Fr0z3 wrote:
-Power, The curse of the orbs.

He can let the darkness use him for a short time. This makes him move at the highest speed of mach 1, and turns any body parts affected by said curse, sharp, and metal like.

Can you put a limit on how long he can use "The curse of the orbs" power for and how many times perhaps?

Cyr0Fr0z3 wrote:
20/20 vision boiiiiiiii's

Don't feel like this is much of a strength? Can you explain a bit more or remove this please?

In your weakness section I saw this:
Cyr0Fr0z3 wrote:
Bright Lights.

Glowy stuff.


They all kinda feel the same to me, so can you write them down as one weakness? After that I don't think you'd have that much other weaknesses? Can you fix this and add more special kinds of ones related to your character?

Also, your Character Bio didn't feel to serious? You even mention Hyun which isn't apart of Dojo Duels himself, his Duelist will be one day but I doubt he'll be called Hyun!
Can you write a bit more in-depth and talk about the lore of your Duelist?

Lastly your Duelist Demo link is not working!! It doesn't lead to any animation? Can you fix this please ; - ;
Thank you so much! If you manage to do all of this let me or any moderator know so we can look over this again for you~


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Mmk, im stupid on my behalf. I'm going to do some stuff @Sareth Chan, and i will make you proud.

P.S, the link is just a update on how far my duelist demo is doing.

Edit: Please note Negasth, Xeno and Hyunrolled, are not dead, it's just an illusion

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(Deleting gyro, making new duelist. ウィアブー)

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Hmm.. Legit, none of the weaknesses matter much of their suffocating on toxic gas or burning from acid. Either super nerf that or fit rid of it all together. Along with that, your curse of the orbs. In my opinion, it shouldn't be used every 30 seconds. Duels can last a pretty long time as there are no specific time frames. Look at dragon ball z. Planet is gonna explode in five minutes. Fight takes 50 episodes.

Along with that, there are a few things that need clarification, such as why the weapons he manifests are dangerous. It's like me saying that I hate you and not telling you why (Indont actually hate you).

A plus with that, the overall application is kinda complicated and long. Make it short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Last thing. You don't have to fix, it's just my opinion. That bio makes him sound like the center of Cier, which is kinda narcissistic. Just sayin. Best to make a quick bio and develop the story via duels.

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Global Mod
@Cyr0Fr0z3 if you are gonna delete this Duelist then just overwrite this thread for me will you? ^_^
Don't create another thread! Thank you! x]


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