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 ! Halcyon wrote:
This Duelist has been disqualified for reaching -10 RICE and forfeiting too many Duels unfortunately. With this, they can no longer Duel or receive rewards from Dojo Duel events until the next season.

Please refer to Points and Ranking System Thread for further details:

Weapon / Power:
Moon Blade: Mere's Trusty Weapon. Shoots out beams of plasma that stuns/hurts Mere's opponents. The moon blade is also one of the sharpest weapons in his planet made of Gratnite, the rarest ore on planet Ziak.
Z-Mask: (Stands for Ziak mask) Is Mere's information/Power Level mask. It is extremely helpful in battle to know enemy's abilities, and weaknesses, and can give him invisibility.
Invisibility: Mere's invisibility comes from the Z-Mask emitting Dark matter that camouflages Mere. Though powerful, it can drain a lot of energy from his Z-Mask, so Mere only uses it in tight spots.
Plasma gun: He sometimes carries a plasma gun for extra precautions. He doesn't like to use it, though, because he kills with honor, and wants a fair fight. Mere's okay at the plasma gun, but he does miss multiple times, because he's never been trained with it.

No Mercy: Mere's really cold blooded, he can kill anyone and anything without pity or mercy, he will stop at nothing to kill his bounty.
Fighting: Trained in the arts of Kung Fu, and is a really good swordsman.
Agility: Mere's extremely fast, and can even keep up with a train if necessary. He can also dodge extremely quick, and slices opponents in a blink of an eye.
Diversity: Mere's really good at hand to hand combat, swords, guns, and battle axes.

Z-Mask energy: When Mere uses the Z-mask for anything, it drains it's powers, and may cause it to bug out.
Speed: Because Mere is so fast, he's vulnerable to hits, and one hit from anything may knock him down.
Cocky: Mere's too cocky for his own good, and may let his guard down during a fight.
Moon blade: The moon blade uses power drawn from the sun, and if in a dark area the moon blade wont work, and will dull out.
Stamina: Mere's stamina is Mere's greatest enemy, and has cost him many battles. If he pretty much does anything for too long, he'll pass out or maybe even die.

Mere's a really cocky talkative, and laid back person, but when he fights he becomes more serious and focused. (even though that doesn't mean he's still cocky when he fights.)
Mere is a loner, and he doesn't take orders from anyone. Even though he's immature, he does fight with honor, and wants a fair fight. He's a bounty hunter that kills for the safety of his place, not money.

Character Bio:
When Mere was 3, the Ziak were in a war, and mere was raised to be a soldier, and trained him until he was 12. When the war was over, Ziak became a wasteland and most of the people were dead. 5 years later, the population was beginning to grow more, and other races began to come to Ziak, and Mere's home planet was safe. Mere wants to protect Ziak and their economy, so he goes across the entire galaxy to kill his bounty, and give the money to the poor in Ziak, or the government.

Comic Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 2 loss

Duel History:
Skye (Frest) vs. Mere (Micke714)
Jack (Munisylc) vs. Mere (Micke714)


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Last edited by Halcyon on September 23rd, 2018, 10:01 pm, edited 12 times in total.
Reason: Update statistics
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Sorry for the small image, i cant seem to change it's size.

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@Micke714 Okay, there's a few things to go over here.
1. You image must be EXACTLY 500x200, which yours is not. If I may ask, what program did you use? You can usually change image size inside the program.
That's really about it. I was worried at first, but you seem to have balanced him nicely. My one concern is the diversity aspect, but as long as it's skill, and not overpowered ability, it's probably fine. Just gonna need that demo and the correct size banner, then a mod should look it over! Best of luck!
(Sorry for the accidental ping, Micke)

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I use firealpaca, I think I could change it, but I forgot. Sorry. I'll make another one that's better, and that actually fits. Thanks!

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Huh, Awesome! : 3

The one thing I wanna point out tho, is that an alien can't know Kung Fu - it would have to be like, Ziak Fu! XD

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Lol, that's true, but he wasn't trained in ziak, and he's a humanoid...

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Wow.... You got an interesting duelist there.... I like his bio.... Hopefully you'll be accepted, dude... :D

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thanks, bro. Have you got a duelist, and if you do. Want to PM me his link so i can see it?

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@Naitoshadou AGAIN?? C'mon man!!

@Micke714 OCD, so your username is slight irritation. Lol. But there are a few concerns.

1) Plasma gun seems a bit out of place. Not only that, you never specified if he was a good shot or not. He may have kung fu skills, but if the Plasma Gun is a last resort type of deal, and he can't even aim the thing, it raises a couple questions.

2) Make sure you put the comic in a spoiler. Makes it easier, and saves space when needed.

Other than that, I believe that's it! Good luck buddy!

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thanks for the suggestions! I'll do fix it right now! :)

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