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ImageThe Shifting Blade,
Angelus Gallus

(Thanks to ToddtheSquid for the help with the page)

Angelus - Angelus can transform into a scythe, made of Voidsteel. When alone, he can partial-shift to gain a scythe blade for a hand.

Anomalous Anatomy - Born from one of the many Rifts around Cier, he is able to convert parts of their body mass into Voidsteel, altering his weight and allowing him to jump higher, fall slower, gain resistance or immunity to magic and most energies, and effectively levitate at will, to varying degrees.

Rift Cutter - He can “cut" reality open temporarily to his home rift, allowing him to escape a dangerous situation. This rift is mainly used as a “hub” to other rifts around Cier and as a place he can heal at after enough damage is sustained.

Dissonant Form - There are various rifts around the world, some temporary, some longer lasting. Some small, some large. However, there is a rare type, known as a Voidwell, that seems to appear at random around large concentrations of Voidsteel, granting Voidsteel objects unique properties. As Angelus is made of Voidsteel, this affects him as well, granting him a Dissonant Form while within one of these Voidwells, which allows them to use more powerful weapon shift:
Angelus’ Dissonant Form is a slightly larger, dual-bladed scythe that released Riftblades when it slashes at something. These rift blades travel a moderate distance, and “slice” through materials by transporting the area hit to a random major rift. This will not slice through Voidsteel.

Voidsteel Properties:
[I recently had the revelation that the wiki won’t be finished by the time these apps are up so I decided to just describe Voidsteel right here. Please don’t get mad, mods, I know it’s not following formatting, but it needs to be explained. Thanks! ~Todd]
Voidsteel is a rare, and hard to work with material found on the edges of consistent “hard” rifts (meaning they are dangerous to enter), and the centers of “soft” rifts. (meaning they are safe to enter) Voidsteel has several unique properties. It can absorb magic and destroy it on contact, forms naturally sharp edges and can “cut" via absorbing the energy holding the atoms together. It also has a “negative mass" and will float if left unattended. It has a melting point of 3550 degrees Celsius, is approximately 20 times stronger than steel, and is extremely nonconductive, to the extent that if energy tries to conduct through it, the energy will dissipate long before it can spread too far.

Weapons Don't Feel - When in complete weapon form he cannot feel pain.

Blades Don’t Reload - As his body is Voidsteel, he does not require rest, oxygen, food, water or shelter. He can still eat, breathe and drink, but doesn’t need it.

Veteran Combatants - Even with his short existence, he quickly learned to avoid people that look suspicious and basic self defense. Though he really doesn't have any formal training he has his instincts and powers to make up for it.

Dexterity - Angelus is an extremely accurate shot, and rather quick on his feet, staying mobile and dodging attacks.

Constitution - While not as durable as full voidsteel, Angelus is still capable of withstanding a decent beating.

Weapons Don't Feel - Though while in weapon form he doesn’t feel pain, he can still take damage and after enough damage is sustained he is forced into his humanoid form.
Cluelessness - He knows very little about the world, as they’ve only been “alive” for a couple months.

Suspicion - He tends to be over-protective and suspicious of others. He may not be able to tell the difference between bad and good intentions, only accepting outside help when absolutely necessary.

Tail Grabs/Attacks - The tail is extremely sensitive and has more nerve endings on them, even a light tug could completely remove balance for 5-10 minutes. Removing the tail makes this effect permanent until the tail can be reattached.

Sensitive Hearing - Loud noises such as nearby gunshots, explosions or loud shouts may disorient them and deafen him for 30 seconds or so.

Angelus is naïve, childish, innocent, slightly oblivious, and has an overactive imagination.

Character Bio:
He was born from the Voidsteel at the edge of a rift near Old Aether. When he woke up after his “birth” he felt like he was missing… something. Angelus wanders the world in search of something. What, however, he has no idea in the slightest. During his journeys he has discovered the greed of humanity in their efforts to use him as a natural resource, so he attempts to blend in to avoid being harvested. His voidsteel is actively placing a target on his back as he tries to find his missing link. He just hopes he can find it before something worse finds him.

Animated Demo:TBA

ImageImage(The last two are Angelus being wielded, first in his normal form and second in his Dissonant Form)

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 2 loss

Duel History:
Ronin [EbonyAndIvory] vs Angelus [DragonHunter_Anims]
Abox [2ndShadeofBlue] vs Angelus [DH]



Weapon / Power:
Forge of Flames: Can create any kind weapon or armor (only those he has seen) at will, they are made of solid dragon-fire and can explode if Inferno wills it to be.He can copy any weapon/armor by just touching it for 3 seconds.

Flame Pulse: Shoots a fire slash/fire bullet out of the weapon he is using but then the weapons break in one hit after using Flame Pulse

Weapons He has available (This list will grow as he sees more weapons:
Short Sword. Spear
Duel Swords. Laser cannon
Long bow. Sword N Shield
Duel Pistols. Big giant hammer
Assault rifle. Sniper rifle
Sword wheel (Summons 4-6 swords that fly to the enemy)
Great sword. Hooked Rope

Armor he has available (this list will grow as he sees more armor):
Full heavy armor (enhances strength and defense but only lasts
30 seconds and he can't summon any other weapons while using it...but he can use flame pulse 10 times before the armor runs out)

Flight armor (let's him fly duh.)

Speed armor (he has arm swords attached and goes faster)

He can create any weapon/armor he has seen
Doesn't need to touch the weapon to direct it
Armor can increase his abilities
Fire can't affect him

Water will weaken his weapons and armor
Summoning weapons/armor is physically draining
Hand to hand combat=bad
Can over-rely on his powers
Armor/weapons can deconstruct and explode if he creates too many of them or they are summoned for too long
He has to touch things he wants to copy

Highly Analytical
Won't talk to people he deems lesser than him
Nice to those he feels is worthy
Strong sense of justice

Character Bio:
When he was a child everything was going great until...
A dragon destroyed his town and killed everyone he knew. But as the dragon was resting after its feast, Inferno killed it at the age of 12 and absorbed the dragon's fire into his body. Now to this day, he is training to hone his skill with the dragon fire and defend the weak who can't defend themselves from godly threats such as dragons/OP duelists.

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 1 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 1 loss

Duel History:
Shinku Tenshi(BillyTheKid777) vs Inferno(DragonHunter_anims)


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Reason: Update statistics
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First part, I looked at your Duelist picture and it is too big.
The required dimensions are 500x200, please fix that.

Next thing. You see, your "Forge of Flames" ability is interesting,
but seems too overpowered in some terms.

Being able to create weapons is fine, but also a whole set
of flaming armour? That is a bit too much. That would mean
that he gets almost untargettable and unhittable, and not too
many Duelist have the powers to control or use water
against you.
If you maybe changed the armour part to something like,
he is able to engulf himself in flames for a few seconds,
giving him some protection and offensive potential and
the armour can explode when the cooldown begins -
though the explosion shouldn't be too big or too strong
and the cooldown shouldn't be too short either, or he
could just spam the ability and create himself a
strong defense.

The rest is quite alright, despite your Bio being rather....
short. Maybe you could write a few more lines, although
it sure describes how your character got his powers.
Maybe you could tell something more about him or
his motive.

Apply some changes and get the demo done, then you
can ping a Moderator to take another look.

"Skill comes with training. Training comes with motivation. Motivation comes with destination."
- Barthimo1

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Hey. I noticed your image doesn't show. You can use a website called imgur to upload an image, and you don't need to login. I am guessing you probably know about imgur anyways, just wanted to make sure though. ^-^

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I fixed it and I finished my demo

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Global Mod
@DragonHunter_Anims As requested in PMs, I will review over this.

DragonHunter_Anims wrote:
Forge of Flames: Can create any kind weapon or armor (only those he has seen) at will, they are made of solid dragon-fire and can explode if Inferno wills it to be.

This is the only slight problem I found. I am fine with them being able to eventually over time store up more weapons as they fight more Duelists and see more, but can you say there is a process to doing this? Like your Duelist has to defeat the opponent before he can put the weapon into his collection? ;o

Besides that the rest of your app is all good! If you manage to fix that up let me or any moderator know again and we will accept this if we don't notice anything else :)


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Global Mod
@DragonHunter_Anims thank you for fixing that up! Congrats, you have been accepted! ^_^
Good luck in Dojo Duels~


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Sexy New Banner :^)

Whats a signature?

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This looks better than you told me it was.

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oooooooooh, interesting

My duelist:
Zayne and Dave

(Status:working on duelist demo)

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Dudee,, that power of yours is like elsa from fairy tail, and I really like it!,, can we duel,,

PM me on hyunsdojo if interested

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strengthens me .”

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