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Weapon / Power:

Double Barrel Pistol : Steam has a custom built pistol and has been using it for the past millennium.

Twin crescent blades : Steam has two Crescent blades hidden in his forearm that can be extended as a defense or an offence.

Vent : Steam can vent all his internal pressure into a cloud of steam hiding him from opponents and such. This steam is hot so be careful.

Whistleblower: The sound that Vent produces is the equivalent of 3 large steam train whistles going off all at once. (In layman's terms: loud-as-fuck)

His clockwork body allows him to be precise with his movement.

Elemental Resistant: Steam is naturally resistant to most Elemental attacks. Except Water.

Steam is the master of improvisation.

Iron Skin: He is an automaton he can’t feel pain

Piston Power: Increased strength

Drunk : Steam gets a boost of power from drinking just about anything that’s combustible. However he constantly goes for Whisky, Vodka, beer, ect, ect.

The Grind: Steam is a clockwork automaton which makes his body slow and clunky

Drunk : Steam can get drunk this makes him inaccurate and sloppy.

Burning Heart: At his core he has an exposed boiler that holds the coal that never seems to die out, however, this doesn’t mean that water through the slots of his chest won’t put out the fire. A solid water based attack, or a fire extinguisher, will smother his fire easily. And while he won’t go down instantly, his steam will run out faster than you can say “Tick Tick Tick”.

Depressurization: Upon Using Vent, Steam will be a bit slower and weaker until he can build up more… well… Steam…





Character Bio:

Steam was created around 1600 years ago. Designed and built to be a Farmer. A servant, or slave, for his creators. Yet this all went through the door when his boiler was filled with water, and his fire ignited. No one really knows what happened. But it was on that day that the clockwork man named Steam, was created.

Steam ran from his creators, escaping the prison they had confined him to.

He traveled the world, spending the years seeing what it had to offer. Occasionally having a casual upgrade to his body. Though his fire, once ignited, never seemed to run out. The Coal that burned inside of him never fell to ashes. It was strange. But normal, at least to Steam it did. Steam grew cynical and bitter as time passed. Turning him into the good-for-nothing perverted jerk he is today.

Animated Demo:

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Should point out that Piston did not make the art. The art is created by me. Pistion is a good friend of mine and i helped him make the banner and the profile pic

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Futurama inspiration? I can dig that. Good luck on the demo!

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KyzerGyder wrote:
Futurama inspiration? I can dig that. Good luck on the demo!


This isn't futurama inspired. But thanks anyway/

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This is pretty cool :O
An almost-literal steampunk duelist lol, I also like that he's a robot Duelist (I know he's an automaton, which is a bit different, maybe calling him an autonomous machine would be the right term)

We should battle some day, we both have autonomous machines as Duelists who have differing, near-opposite personalities. Besides that, can't wait to see him in action o/

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Sure thing. Once I get a character accpeted

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Global Mod
@Piston1937 haha I actually enjoyed reading through your Duelist app a lot! This is quite the unique concept and seems awesome :)

I am just wondering though, what is the purpose of his "Whistleblower" thingy? Sounds like just a nice add-on and not an actual Weapon/Power? Unless you expect to scare the crap out of Duelists xD?

Also, can you add one more extra good weakness? I was just considering his strength plus weapons/powers section and thought he could use one more to balance them out nicely!

Good stuff, very good! Once you fix that and get your demo up, let me or any moderator know when you are ready for another review! ^_^


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