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  • HookChain: His favourite weapon, red lava-like hook, this weapon can hook enemies and can stretch very far, according to the throwing power (The more momentum he use, the further it will go)

  • Bloodlust: He will turn red and it will makes him faster and stronger (activate when his skin touches blood or whenever he's bleeding)

  • His movements are very quick
  • He is a hard target to hit, even when shooting him, you could miss
  • He knows a lot of fighting technique

  • Since he is too old, running fast make him tired easily
  • He can't activate Bloodlust when there's no blood
  • He have a low level of awareness around him
  • He have a low level of defense
A good looking old guy, he smiled to almost everyone, become interested when there's someone challenge him to a fight.
Aged 60+

Character Bio:
It was the year 1957, he's an experiment from a secret 1st class Blacklab, a lab that's secretly powerful and using humans as a "Subject". A simple mistake could lead to the biggest disaster and that's what happened to Rudy, an unknown fluid flowed to his blood and connected to it. Changed Rudy's color and by the time he's awake, everything seems too slow to him, like the time have stopped, so he took that advantage and run away. After years passed, he mastered the speed control and the Bloodlust abilities in hundreds, or maybe thousands of matches that he fought. Learned things what to do and what's not. Still, he wanted to fight, and his age can't stop him just like that.

One day, Rudy was bored, so he practices combo like he always do, but suddenly, when he's playing around with a "chain" he accidentally created a combo, he was surprised, then he decided to create his own weapon, a similar weapon but with long, stainless, stretchful rope, with a stainless, sharp, light hook at the end of it, allowing him to hook his enemy.

Animated Demo:
Work In Progress

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The application is pretty good, but a few problems:
First, can you move all that stuff about how he created his weapon down to the character bio?
Second, you said in the strengths that he's fast and hard to hit but then in weaknesses you said he's old and can't move that well? Do ya mind explainin a bit?
Third, that demo shows absolutely none of his powers and abilities. Read here to learn how to make a proper demo. viewtopic.php?f=64&t=11913
Fourth, can you add more strengths weaknesses in general, I feel like they're kinda lackin. Maybe add somethin for his weapon.
AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I think that's it.

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Duel Mod
@MrRe1gn In addition to what ninjasonic said, your demo has a awful lot of idle animation, which reduces the actual amount of acceptable demo. Remember that it has to be 30 seconds of fighting or otherwise relevant animation to qualify, otherwise it seems like you're just trying to fill space. Finally, don't make more than one topic! you can edit your current one using the button in the top right corner.

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the only prob is the demo, I gotta fill something, I'm still making the real demo..... and thanks for the criticism.....

Edit: the double-topics was an error, I'll delete the other 1....

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Duel Mod
@MrRe1gn --- May I ask something? Wouldn't his weakness of old age also affect his strength/s of being hard to hit or quick movements? You stated that (most of) his joints and stuff like that is what hinders him from making any sort of combo moves. Wouldn't they also affect his really quick movements which make him hard to hit? Please explain that, or maybe fix that!

Yeah, like what @iiNoName and @Naitoshadou said, the demo is, although past 30 seconds, lacking enough action to be accepted. The 30-second requirement must consist of fighting scenes and other scenes showcasing your duelist's abilities, like Bloodlust and his hook weapon.

Just let me or any other moderator know when you're ready once you've fixed everything up!



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