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" Of The Thousand Eyes "


[ Weapon / Power ]
The Thousand Eyes  :  This power allows her to extract the eyes of her fallen ennemies ( or still alive, if she somehow manages it.) and use it to summon a perfect copy of said ennemies. She can store, as her power says, a thousand of those eyes. The max summons she can have out at any time are 10, and this apply to " simple summon ". The generic summons are generally dumb and lack self awareness. They can follow her orders but they do not have a mind of their own. They appear as a generally " darker " version of the person who had their eyes stolen.

Some precision on the " Copy ". A perfect copy of a person, only copies it's appearance, physical strenght and weapons. If the weapons was capable of magical feat, or was enchanted, the copy however, will have none of that.

Some precision on the number of Summons. The maximum of normal summons is 10, the maximum of Warrior summons is 5, and the maximum of Special Summons is 1.

These numbers changes depending on what's already summonned. The Number of Warrior decreases each time 1 normal summon is on the battlefield, meaning that if there are 2 normal summons, the maximum of warrior on the field will be 3. When 5 normal summons are on the field, she cannot summon a warrior.

The Special Summons are not affected by these numbers, however if a special summon is " Destroyed ", they are out for the rest of the fight.

Some precision on the number of Ressurection. When a normal summon is destroyed, it can be recalled once. Allowing for a limit of 20 summons in total during a whole fight. Warrior summons are not limited in the ressurection, when one is destroyed however, the limit of " Warrior " decreases by 1, until eventually she cannot recall them. Special Summons when destroyed cannot be recalled, and Mandy will not be able to summon another one until 3 minutes have passed.

" Warrior " Summons  : These summons are more varied in term of appearence, usually they are a " mix " of different eyes. Mandy mixes the eyes into a single entity, mixing multiple atributes of the original owner's eyes. This summons is more powerful and more intelligent than the usual one, and the max she can summon at any time is 4-5. This number decreases depending on how many basic summons are already deployed.
Special Summons  :  These summons form the main strenght of her power. She can have a max of 1 of these at any time, but it is not affected by the number of " Basic "
or " Warrior " summons. There are four of them.

Round is the dumbest of all the special summons, and is generally just used as a tank or heavy damage dealer. It is extremely strong, and is generally bigger than a human ( 2x times bigger than a normal human ), it's gigantic arms and heavy body makes it able to take an enormous beating while attacking the ennemy. Although it's tiny legs makes him extremely slow.

Of course it's stupidity in itself is a weakness since it'll usually charge against someone blindly, and can be lured into trap easily. It has moderate stamina, and is extremely slow so prolonged fight will be it's downfall. On another hand one swipe of it's claws is stronger than a bear's slap.


Cyclop is the weakest of all the special summons. He is extremely quick, agile and cunning. Mandy generally uses it as a scout and you won't see it often in battles. It is capable of generating multiple arms off itself, although it's single eye gives it a hard time with depth perception. It is also capable of flight.

This summon is weak to fire magic specifically, and anything that touches illusions. It's got a lot of stamina, but has terrible strenght, not generally a big threat.


The Doctor is more specialized than any of her other summons. It is capable of morphing itself in different forms, appearing as a small crow or a very tall and slender man.
( Mandy studied him after obtaining him, the record maximum lenght it attained when summoned was 3.4 meters. ). It's attacks consists of disorientating gasses, magic spells and swarms of crows, although it serves more as an " Advisor " than anything else, and thus isn't used that much in combat.

One of the doctor's fatal weaknesses is it's unability to move when in it's " Man " form. It can fly as a bird but is extremely weak in this form. It's magic can be really dangerous if someone isn't careful, it's preferable to attack him from a safe distance, since it cannot cast magic when in bird form, and it's range is fairly limited.


Piranha Head serves as her most used combat summon, it is resilient, quick, and heavy-hitting, generally all rounded for fighting. She can strenghten it by infusing eyes into it, although the more eyes she gives it, the less tamed it become, and the more is it prone to attack even it's master. It's anthropomorphic legs allows it to run extremely fast, and come to a halt really quickly too. It allows for some decent jumping aswell. It mainly attacks with it's claws, " Beak " ( if you can call it that. ) and arm-blades. It is although, way weaker than any of the summons when faced against magic.

Piranha Head is made for fighting, and will be Mandy's most used summon. it's extremely quick and has good strenght, but it has very, very low stamina, and will get tired if the fight lasts too long. It's more intelligent than most doll, and will analyze a situation before fighting, although it's stamina increases when boosted ( Eyes infusion ) it's intelligence and self awareness are greatly reduced in that form.

Lumos : 

"Lumos" Is her most powerful summon, to summon it a few requirements are needed. First, all of her other summons will be canceled. Second, she needs to be in critical danger. Third, is a a bit of her blood.

Lumos is a mysterious summon she acquired long ago. She herselfs does not disclose how or where she got it.

It is capable of flight, is extremely resilient, strong and has the ability to also use Magic. Besides, it's appearance can demoralize someone who isn't prepared to face it. It's main spell attack is in a form of a light-beam that shoots out of it's mouth. It can burn through most material, but the damage dealth is both physical and mental, long exposure to the beam while have a drastic effect on the person's mind. Weakening it, and sometimes even turning people mad.

Precision about it's " Madness Beam ". Slight exposure to the beam ( barely touching it ) will make the target slightly dizzy, and a slight burning pain will appear wherever it touches, altough both of those will wear off after some time passes. Medium exposure ( A direct hit lasting a few seconds ( 30-60 seconds tops ) ) will make the target nauseous, can create hallucinations, in some extreme cases puking. The burning pain on the other hand is barely felt. Long Exposure ( 1 to 3 minutes ) will increase the number of hallucinations, perhaps sometimes producing a dream in the target's mind, those are the only effects, but the hallucinations and dreams will dig inside the target's biggest fear or trauma.

Precisions about it's spells. Lumos is able to use magic to some extent, mainly light magic, but are not extremely powerful and more made for either healing or irritating purposes. The main strenght of this beast lies in it's physical one.

About Lumos. When Lumos is summoned, every other summons are destroyed, this count as a " Destroyed Summons " and will suffer any consequences above. Lumos has a time limit of 6 minutes after being summoned, and of course, cannot be recalled as Mandy would be extremely weakened after doing so. The amount of blood she has to give for the summons can vary, but every-time Lumos is summoned she will feel nauseous, dizzy, sometimes she'll even pass out for the entire duration of it's summon, leaving her extremely vulnerable.

As Lumos fights throughout his time limit, after 2 to 3 minutes have passed, he will start to crumble, and his overall capabilities will weaken for the rest of the time limit. Making it vulnerable. Lumos is certainly powerful, but not invincible. It's weakspot are it's mask and the back of it's body which is not covered. Although it is capable of flight, it cannot " Fly ", only float a few meters above the ground.

Cloak Of Niranfa :  This cloak was given to her by her mother when she achieved her ritual. It is a cloak that adapts to anyone's power, and it's not exclusive to Mandy ( so it can be used by her ennemies if stolen. )

The way it act when in Mandy's possession, is a shadow like hood, that can morphe tentacles and tendrils for attack. She herself is not a great fighter, and this cloak is mainly used to store her " eyes ", allowing her to use summons out of her cloak.

Duelists Eyes  : None at the Moment

[ Strengths ]

Strategic Mind :  She is pretty smart, and is generally fast to devise out a strategy against her opponent.
Number Advantage :  With her power, it's easy to outnumbers her ennemies, giving her another advantage.
Lumos :  If things go sour, Lumos can be called as a final push, it is extremely powerful and is only available if she is in great danger, which can often surprise an opponent.
Fear :  Depending on the opponent, she can demoralize them with the sight of her summons, which are generally frightening, she can even imitate some fear if she knows her opponent well ( aracnophobia for example. )
Specialized Summons :  Apart from Piranha Head,
all of her SS ( special summons ) are made for certain type of situation, their are generally a few she cannot overcome.

[ Weaknesses ]

Not a fighter  : Mandy doesn't fight head on, ever. She will always concetrate on using her summons efficiently.
Defenseless :  Apart from her cloak which give her a bit of defense, she is extremely weak if someone can get pasts her summons. She is even more so weakened when summoning Lumos, at the extreme she'll pass out.
Cloak :  The cloak is a double edged sword, will it makes for good defense if needed, it's also possible for the opponent to steal it, giving them an advantage since she will not be able to summon anything without it, and the cloaks will adapt to the ennemies power aswell.
Magic :  All of her summons are weak to magic, and will crumble much quicker if magic is used against them. The specialised summons are a bit weaker to magic, especially Piranha Head.

[ Personality ]

Calm : She is always calm and never really panics, apart from near-death situations, where she loses her cool.
Traumatized : Because of her past, she doesn't trust humans. And so it's really hard for her to speak to them, and will generally not start a conversation with them directly. Although being friendly to her can help her open up.
No Humor : She doesn't have much humor, and will usually take jokes literally. Especially the dark ones.

[ Character Bio ]

Mandy herself doesn't hide her backstory, especially if you directly ask her " Who is she ? ". But usually people tend to have a hard time speaking to her for somewhat obvious reasons.

Mandy lived with her family near the Shadow-hold, her races is named " Endrians " and do not originate from Cier, they come from another continent. How they came to appear in Cier itself is still unknown though. Endrians ressembles human in every aspect, expect for their Skin which are a distinct Gray tone. A war broke out on their continent, forcing a lot of Endrians to flee from their home, although Mandy and her Family were actually the first arriving in Cier.

She lived a normal life, studied, and at Age 15 she undertook the " Ritual ", an Endrian tradition which consists of awakening the latent power of someone. It calls upon the numerous God of the Endrians which bless the one undertaking the ritual with a power, this power is never the same and even if two can seem alike, they'll vary in some way.

Mandy gained the " Thousand Eyes " from the ' Unknown ' God. It let her make a copy of anything dead or alive as long as she had their eyes, their parents proud of their daughter for acquiring such a power promised to send her somewhere where she could properly learn how to control her power : Mic-Fortress. When she became 18 they had acquired enough funds to send her there, although the sinister nature of her power scared some of the students there, and she was kicked out soon after. She decided to instead become an archeologist and study ruins, artifacts of all sorts, and finally she stumbled upon rice.

Of course Rice was not unknown to her, but it was the first time she acquired a grain, and learning of it's property she decided that maybe, if she managed to acquire lots of it, she could stop the war for ressources back at her home, and for that she decided to try and become a duelist, but it is soon after she made that decision that she had heard the terrible news...

An enormouse surge of energy, ravaged her continent, rendering it barrent, unhabitable. Because of it a lot of Endrians came to Cier, but were soon enslaved, killed for sports for, as ironic as it sounds, their eyes. Which contained enormous magical properties and thus had quite the value going for them. Realising how powerless she truly was, she decided to try and gain Rice, discover what exactly had hapenned to her home, and hoped to instore Rights for Endrians.

Fast forward to today, where Mandy is now 22 years old, the population of Endrians in Cier has halved from the killing sports, and the rest are now enslaved or poor. She now searches for anything that could save her people from complete exctinction, and had only a single clue : A pink flower, that she had took from one of her adventures, which contained enormous magical properties and was capable to fertilize even Barren land and wastelands. She had only discovered one of these plants, but hoped to get more.

[ Comic Demo ]

Mandy ( With Cyclop for size comparison ) :

The Four Summon :

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Whooooa, that's cool! I'd say just get the bio and the comic done and you should be good!

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@Frest Thanks, the comic demo ain't going to appear anytime soon, although I hope to have the story posted later today, tomorrow at the latest.

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Duel Mod
@TheSMilingHarmony a fascinating idea for a duelist, and one I hope gets accepted. However, there are a few things you'll want to fix.
1. The numbers and overall power of her summons seem pretty high. Let's say she has 4 warriors with decently strong abilities, like teleportation or pyromancy, as well as piranha head. This seems like something too powerful for any opponent to really fight, especially since the description seems to imply that they are as strong as normal humans, and with a conglomeration of different powers. Maybe limit it so she can have 10 normals max, 5 warriors max, decreased by one for every two normals, rounded up, and 1 special max, with a limit of 2 warriors or 4 normals when one is summoned.
2. There seems to be no limit for resummoning, which means she can bring back things already defeated. What might be better is that she summons up to 20 max normals, 10 max warriors, and 1 max special per duel, with lumps being a special case.

Actually, here's a better way to define it: Max current summons and max total summons, defined as points:
Max current summons: 10 points
Normals: 1 point
Warriors: 2 points
Specials: 5 points

Max total summons: 25 points
Normals: 1 point
Warriors: 2 points
Specials: 5 points, but only one permitted per duel

Lumos being a special case
3. Lumos needs to be brought down in power a little bit. A summon that basically is a giant dragon is a little much. A time limit on the summon might make it a bit more manageable, so they only have to survive until the summon ends. However, the madness clause is a little much, as it would keep them from really being able to fight back. I'd recommend removing that clause entirely.

Overal, I love the idea, but the way you've phrased it makes it seem just a little too powerful. YOu're going to need to put more limiters or weaknesses onto your abilities. Of course, I'm no mod, so you can ignore me if you wish, but I'd guess a mod would have similar concerns.
Best of luck!

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@TheSmilingHarmony OMG you're the guy that did the drawing for Whiplash!! I am still wondering why ya did it! Thank you thoooo!


1) In my opinion, I swear this is one OP character. Couple reasons is the Basic and Warrior summonings. I understand this is suppose to be an outnumber advantage. I do! But you never really specified how many basics she can summon before the Warrior Summonings are affected. I'm assuming more than 5 basics is below 3 Warriors. My opinion, I suggest you keep the 10 basics, but she can only do 2 at a time for Warriors. You still have the advantage situation, but its also fair, and can give slow duelist a chance.

2) Okay, so you're telling me that if a duelist isn't reliant on magic, these things are powerhouses?? The Special Summons anyway? I hope you become more lenient to physical duelist, especially to Piranha Head. He doesn't seem to be affected at all to physical fighters. Speedy, hard hitting, and can jump a decent height?? A little unfair in my opinion.

3) Lumos is damn cool, but how exactly do you beat it?? It seems unstoppable. I like the conditions, but there doesn't seem to be a way to beat him. Not all duelist can fly, or have the range to kill it. Seems overkill.

Not much despite all that. Just summonings are a bit of the problem. Other than that, this is an AWESOME duelist!! Good luck making it in my man!

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@Naitoshadou thanks, something I comppletely forgot midway, will edit it asap

@MrBeanie Yeah I'll need to add specific weaknesses for specific Summons ( especially Lumos lmao ), didn't thiiiink of it that much.

Concerning the limit of re-summon, I didn't want there to be a limit to " only 1 SS per fight. ", I will however think of a counter to that.

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Global Mod
@TheSmilingHarmony yeah sorry to say but I agree with everyone else on this being hella OP even if you nerfed it down already, it needs a lot more nerfing D:
You do have a pretty great Duelist and I simply love how creepy they are and all the monsters they can summon though!

But The Thousand Eyes power sounds really strong especially if she brings an exact copy of that dead person or Duelist back without more restrictions! On top of everything else they can summon, I don't know, just feels too much for a starter Duelist. If you were to gain this abilities over time as you progressed it would've been more okay, maybe, but right now it's too much to start off with.
Can you also say that Lumos can't stay forever on the battle and has a time limit? And you consume a lot of blood to summon it, making you sorta weak after the whole ritual?

Don't get me wrong, you do have some good weaknesses, but considering everything your Duelist can do it felt like it out-ways it far!
Check out this thread on OP Duelist applications:

And also this, there is a good read in there about how to balance your app:

Hope this helps you out :) If you manage to fix all of this, nerf it up and get that demo out, let me or any moderator know so we can review over this once more ^_^


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Ooookay, did some updatin ( didn't have time to make the story, too tired ) on this, Updates are located in :

Powers : The Thousand Eyes, Every Special Summons, Lumos

Weaknesses : Defenseless

Also added " Duelists eyes " as a category, although I ( obviously ) have nothing in there for the moment.

User avatar
@TheSmilingHarmony Yaaaay! Its even better!

For The Thousand Eyes, ya mind being a dearie and put the second paragraph for Lumos in his category? Its good to know that summoning Lumos will get rid of others, that's fine, but his time limit and float should be in his category. Makes it easier to understand.

But that's really it! I think ya did well! :)

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@MrBeanie did just that just now

And finally made her Bio, expect the demo like, in November, atleast.

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