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[ Weapon / Power ]
Her ' Pills ' and a Machete  :  Alysson sports with her a small can of pills, which contains roughly a 100 of them. They refil everytime Alysson finishes a fight by unknown means. All of the pills inside look, smell and taste the same, but there are 4 different varieties inside of the can :

Pain Pills : These pills give Alysson tremendous pain upon eating them, and let her controll her Pained form. More in it's respectable tab. (~25% of the can)
Joy Pills : These pills fill Alysson with immense joy, and lets her control her Joyed form. More in it's respectable tab (~10% of the can )
Sad Pills : These pills remplaces Alysson's emotions with unending sadness, and lets her control her Sadenned form. More in it's respectable tab (~25% of the can )
Fear Pills : These pills transform Alysson's mental state with unimaginable fear, and let's her control her Feared form. More in it's respectable tab (~50% of the can)

She also owns a machete that she often uses in combat, nothing special about it.
" Pained "  : 

Alysson's pained form is her more powerful in terms of raw combat strenght. She sacrifices her own body to acquire all kinds of weapons to help in her fight. She physically breaks apart so that she can fight, she does not feel any pain in this form and will fight at her life's peril, so it is also her most dangerous form for herself.

While acquiring strenght and speed, she loses stamina and self control, she doesn't fight for long and while usually be at the mercy of anyone once the drugs have weared down, thus if she cannot finish a fight in time she will start to flee.
" Joyed "  : 

This form give her agility, speed and a bit of strenght while also equipping her attack with flames along with better eyes. In this form she loses any self control and will fight like a maniac anyone in the surroundings, she can make eyes protrude from herself to observe her surroundings from any angles and generally uses her machete along to fight.

This form is fairly strong overall, but if she loses eye contact with the person she is facing, she'll freeze up and won't be able to move, to counter this she makes eyes appears from anywhere on her body if it can get her a look on her ennemy.
" Sadenned " : 

This form makes her eyes and hands pour out an endless stream of black liquid. This liquid is highly acidic but it's also the only ability that's given to her in this form. She mixes her machete along with this liquid to project it on her ennemies and to give her weapon a more acidic touch. She doesn't gain strenght or speed and is thus comparable to a ' normal ' human in terms of body strenght.

This form is comparably the weakest out of any of her forms but it's also the one where she keeps her mind the best and as thus she can fight with complete control over her abilities, which is definetely a plus compared to her other forms.

" Feared " : 

Her feared form is the one she uses more often, this form gives her psychic abilities and notably the ability to enter the dreams of others, and to put asleep others. When in this form she becomes ethereal and cannot touch or be touched by anyone, thus she usually puts other asleeps and fights them with their own imagination. These kinds of fights are hard on her mind and on the fighter's she is facing aswell, she has to control both the victim's imagination while making sure she isn't absorbed in said imagination.

She cannot be touched outside of the dreams but when she penetrates one's mind she can be fought on, although hard since she'll probably uses one's will against himself, if her opponent possesses a strong will they can easily overcome anything she throws at them. Another problem of this form is if her opponent's will resists the sleeping spell,
she has little to no way of fighting, and will have to resort to eating another pills, that alone has many drawbacks since eating multiple pills can make her uncontrollable.

[ Strengths ]

Well Built :  She is pretty strong as a normal being, and doesn't necesserily need to use her pills to fight someone..
Few Situations :  There are a few situations she can't overcome without the help of her pills, although they have very specific weaknesses to them aswell.
Fear :  Most of her transformations arn't enjoyable to see and can even traumatize the most faint of hearts.

[ Weaknesses ]

Not very smart : Alysson doesn't really use strategy or anything of the sort when fighting someone, and thus is easily tricked.
Dependant :  Alysson depends a lot on her pills to fight a situation, although she doesn't use them right off the bat, if she feels threatened she'll get out her can, at that point if someone can get her supply of pills, they're sure to win.
Weak Minded :  Alysson is very weak minded when not using her pills and it's in turn very easy to manipulate her into doing things.
Magic :  She doesn't handle magic well and is very weak to it.
Distorted Mind :  Alysson is prone to hallucinating in the midst of battle and can even freeze up at a crucial moment. She is very unstable and unpredictable.

[ Personality ]

Twitchy : She is always moving or doing something, if she doesn't she feels threatened.
Traumatized : Because of her past, she doesn't trust anyone.
Mind-broke : She often speaks to herself, imagines things and it's very hard to talk to her without being weirded out.

[ Character Bio ]

Everyone is born Equal, it's easy to say that. It's easy to spout out words of nonsense. Easy to speak behind a screen, or to speak when you know nothing can touch you.

It's much easier to speak than take action... It's also more effective one would say.

Let me tell you a story... Your story.

Alysson was the leader of a small band of delinquent living in blackwatch. They commited small petty crime, stole random things hoping it had some kind of value, to re-sell it.

Who is Alysson ? She was a troubled kid, a weird kind of troubled. Her mom died at birth, and her dad beat her, until she finally managed to escape the hell that was her house.

You, are Alysson.

Living in the street isn't easy. You had to somehow eat. The small petty thievery you committed was about just enough to sustain yourself and your friends, but you couldn't continue on like that...

Together with your friend Alexia and a bunch of other kids, you decided to try something a little bigger, going to rob a small store. Until now you had only committed small thievery and pickpockets, never a full on robbery, and it was clear as day you we're only amateurs, kids, children...

Today was the day, you had prepared yourself, only you and Alexia we're doing this, it would be too risky to try and rob a store with the whole band after all. You had even bought a fake gun, the kind that just looks like a gun, and sounds like one, Alexia managed to found a big bag, and after reeling your scooter, you we're going to the store you two had chosen.

The robbery went pretty smooth, the store clerk was too scared to do anything, and gave away the cash pretty quickly, you we're happy with how the heist went smooth, Alexia even managed to steal some beer from the store, and the two of you we're gonna on the road once again.

Alexia happy with her heist, went and drowned herself with the beer she had stolen, you, on the contrary was still stressed like hell, you tried to calm down Alexia, that's when the sirens rang out.

Police cars, one of them was pursuing you and Alexia, you accelerated, but this was just a scooter, not nearly enough to out speed a car. You refused to pull off, the police car lightly tapped the back of the scooter, you and your friend crashed in a wall, although sustaining only bruises and light injuries from it.

The police officers hurried to cuff the both of you, leading you in the car and going off towards the police stations, at least that's what you thought, turns out the policemen's thinking we're less... " Justified ".

The car pulled out at a deserted facility, you and you friend found yourself unable to speak, and we're forced out of the car. You both tried to resist, and ended up getting hit by the overpowering officers.

They kept hitting the two of you, wearing you out, when you stopped offering resistance, they forced you inside the facility, there.

When you woke up, the officers we're speaking in another room, a few smoking. Alexia was besides you, crying as she felt powerless, you looked at her, remembering what had happened slowly...

There were multiple tools nearby, you could feel your entire body hurt... You didn't want your friend to feel this, you heard the policemen coming back,then you grabbed a nearby screwdriver, slowly lifting it up...

And ending Alexia's suffering with it.

She cried, Alysson, but you we're here for her...

" Why... ? " Alexia whispered, her last words, before emptying herself of her blood...

You couldn't say anything, only the voice of the corrupt broke the silence " Dude, fucking waste ! "

" Whatever, less shit to do now, get the pills ready ... "

The men forced you to eat something, you tried to resist, but your body slowly lost consciousness... The last thing you saw was a mask...

When you woke up, you were wearing one of that mask, you looked down at yourself, you we're on the cold floor, in a pool of blood. You got scared, this time again you couldn't remember.
You slipped, and fell head first in the blood. When you looked up, you saw the body of the officers, horribly torn down, cut up, beheaded, obliterated, punctured... Generally in horrible conditions.

Your stomach went inside out, you had just the time to remove your mask before vomiting, the scent of bill and blood slowly filling the air, the stench was horrible, impossible to bear...

You walked out, still bloody, bruised and injured from all that went down...

One of the police car was still here, the other one had disappeared. You looked in your hand, keys...

You don't remember when you got them but, it'll be useful.

You started the car up, looking around, you had never drove a car before, yet you knew what to do...

After a bit of trying around, you rolled to your garage, that's where your friends were waiting for you and Alexia to come back...

You arrived here, got out of the car and hurried to the door, before you could open it, you smelled a familiar scent...

You puked again, your stomach feeling empty at this point, the stench, her friend's bodies, that's all you could remember after opening the door, they we're dead... All of them, killed by guns and knifes...

You slowly walked in, entering by a second door, and grabbed new clothing... There was a banner next to your mirror " YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKED WITH US ! " It said... You tore it down into tiny pieces...

Besides it, was a poster... " SEARCHING DUELISTS " ... You remembered why you wanted to be strong. You though being a "bad person" gave you strength, you always fantasized about being a duelist, ever since being a child, that might the only thing keeping you sane. But you had no powers, no 'real' strength, you just had the feeling, of being strong.

Nobody is born equal, not everyone is happy, not everyone has friends, not everyone is rich. That much, your story tells it.

Everyone wears masks, Alysson, you know that as well. Policemen go around, smiling, until you end up behind the line. That line.

It's what makes us, emotions, hate, hapiness, sadness, fear... Without them we are nothing, grow up Aly, you're not the kid you used to be, it's no time to be dreaming.

Wake up.

[ Comic Demo ]

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:


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Reason: Accept Duelist~
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Duel Mod
Whooooa, that's cool! I'd say just get the bio and the comic done and you should be good!

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@Frest Thanks, the comic demo ain't going to appear anytime soon, although I hope to have the story posted later today, tomorrow at the latest.

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@TheSMilingHarmony a fascinating idea for a duelist, and one I hope gets accepted. However, there are a few things you'll want to fix.
1. The numbers and overall power of her summons seem pretty high. Let's say she has 4 warriors with decently strong abilities, like teleportation or pyromancy, as well as piranha head. This seems like something too powerful for any opponent to really fight, especially since the description seems to imply that they are as strong as normal humans, and with a conglomeration of different powers. Maybe limit it so she can have 10 normals max, 5 warriors max, decreased by one for every two normals, rounded up, and 1 special max, with a limit of 2 warriors or 4 normals when one is summoned.
2. There seems to be no limit for resummoning, which means she can bring back things already defeated. What might be better is that she summons up to 20 max normals, 10 max warriors, and 1 max special per duel, with lumps being a special case.

Actually, here's a better way to define it: Max current summons and max total summons, defined as points:
Max current summons: 10 points
Normals: 1 point
Warriors: 2 points
Specials: 5 points

Max total summons: 25 points
Normals: 1 point
Warriors: 2 points
Specials: 5 points, but only one permitted per duel

Lumos being a special case
3. Lumos needs to be brought down in power a little bit. A summon that basically is a giant dragon is a little much. A time limit on the summon might make it a bit more manageable, so they only have to survive until the summon ends. However, the madness clause is a little much, as it would keep them from really being able to fight back. I'd recommend removing that clause entirely.

Overal, I love the idea, but the way you've phrased it makes it seem just a little too powerful. YOu're going to need to put more limiters or weaknesses onto your abilities. Of course, I'm no mod, so you can ignore me if you wish, but I'd guess a mod would have similar concerns.
Best of luck!

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@TheSmilingHarmony OMG you're the guy that did the drawing for Whiplash!! I am still wondering why ya did it! Thank you thoooo!


1) In my opinion, I swear this is one OP character. Couple reasons is the Basic and Warrior summonings. I understand this is suppose to be an outnumber advantage. I do! But you never really specified how many basics she can summon before the Warrior Summonings are affected. I'm assuming more than 5 basics is below 3 Warriors. My opinion, I suggest you keep the 10 basics, but she can only do 2 at a time for Warriors. You still have the advantage situation, but its also fair, and can give slow duelist a chance.

2) Okay, so you're telling me that if a duelist isn't reliant on magic, these things are powerhouses?? The Special Summons anyway? I hope you become more lenient to physical duelist, especially to Piranha Head. He doesn't seem to be affected at all to physical fighters. Speedy, hard hitting, and can jump a decent height?? A little unfair in my opinion.

3) Lumos is damn cool, but how exactly do you beat it?? It seems unstoppable. I like the conditions, but there doesn't seem to be a way to beat him. Not all duelist can fly, or have the range to kill it. Seems overkill.

Not much despite all that. Just summonings are a bit of the problem. Other than that, this is an AWESOME duelist!! Good luck making it in my man!

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@Naitoshadou thanks, something I comppletely forgot midway, will edit it asap

@MrBeanie Yeah I'll need to add specific weaknesses for specific Summons ( especially Lumos lmao ), didn't thiiiink of it that much.

Concerning the limit of re-summon, I didn't want there to be a limit to " only 1 SS per fight. ", I will however think of a counter to that.

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Global Mod
@TheSmilingHarmony yeah sorry to say but I agree with everyone else on this being hella OP even if you nerfed it down already, it needs a lot more nerfing D:
You do have a pretty great Duelist and I simply love how creepy they are and all the monsters they can summon though!

But The Thousand Eyes power sounds really strong especially if she brings an exact copy of that dead person or Duelist back without more restrictions! On top of everything else they can summon, I don't know, just feels too much for a starter Duelist. If you were to gain this abilities over time as you progressed it would've been more okay, maybe, but right now it's too much to start off with.
Can you also say that Lumos can't stay forever on the battle and has a time limit? And you consume a lot of blood to summon it, making you sorta weak after the whole ritual?

Don't get me wrong, you do have some good weaknesses, but considering everything your Duelist can do it felt like it out-ways it far!
Check out this thread on OP Duelist applications:

And also this, there is a good read in there about how to balance your app:

Hope this helps you out :) If you manage to fix all of this, nerf it up and get that demo out, let me or any moderator know so we can review over this once more ^_^


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Ooookay, did some updatin ( didn't have time to make the story, too tired ) on this, Updates are located in :

Powers : The Thousand Eyes, Every Special Summons, Lumos

Weaknesses : Defenseless

Also added " Duelists eyes " as a category, although I ( obviously ) have nothing in there for the moment.

User avatar
@TheSmilingHarmony Yaaaay! Its even better!

For The Thousand Eyes, ya mind being a dearie and put the second paragraph for Lumos in his category? Its good to know that summoning Lumos will get rid of others, that's fine, but his time limit and float should be in his category. Makes it easier to understand.

But that's really it! I think ya did well! :)

User avatar
@MrBeanie did just that just now

And finally made her Bio, expect the demo like, in November, atleast.

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