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Xavier o' Guin


Weapon / Power:

  • Metal Bat - Just an ordinary bat he brought from the local sports store in Bahp Town.

  • Rocket Shoes - These shoes absorb his mana/energy slowly via skin contact. They are capable of traveling at high speeds, alas he really can't control these so he uses it in small bursts only when he needs too. They last around 6 hours with full charge and take about 4 hours to recharge. He has a whole closet full of these consisting of everything from boots to sandals.

  • Ability Name: Miscellaneous - He was born with a number of small abilities. This is a special quirk of the town he was born in. No two people have the exact same set of powers.

  • Mana Sharing/Expulsion: He can give away his 'magical energy' to other people and things (his Rocket Shoes in this case) to help them recharge. If he gives away too much, he will faint. Likewise, if a person or object receives too much, it will conflict with their own inner mana and internally damage them. (the item will just crumble apart).

  • Magnetism: Within about a range of a mile, he can feel and control various metals. The set back is he can only control only about the physical amount he can hold so stuff like lifting a car is a no go as it puts a huge strain on his body. He mainly uses it to control his bat when his opponent isn't within immediate reach.

  • Teleportation: He can normally teleport himself anywhere within a range of 3 meters, so he uses this as a way to dodge attacks he normally can't in close combat. He can do about 10 tp's at one time before he tires himself out. Each teleport is the same energy as him fallout sprinting that distance, so about 30 meters is his absolute limit. He can also combine them, for lets say one large 30 meter teleport, or fifteen 2 meter teleports, etc. etc. From there its a matter of how much energy he recovers. (After sprinting to your limit how tired would you be?). Because of the huge energy consumption he doesn't use this much.

  • Precision Mode: A mode that forcibly heightens his awareness, reflexes, and speed. Everything seems to be moving at half the speed, but this is only from his point of veiw. The recharge rate for this mode is the same as the amount hes able to use, which is about 20 seconds. His left eye turns a bit red (normally black) during this period. Using his mana sharing he can also give others this ability for about the same amount of time.


- He is quite quick and nimble; has great reflexes

- He has phenomenal battle instinct. (He really can't utilize this because hes so weak tho.)

- As he doesn't have and real attacking abilities, this forces him to be a quick thinker and strategize to use his abilities differently for each opponent.

- Due to his quite flexible body, great reflexes, and instinct he can quickly pick up on a fighting style and imitate it.


- He has absolutely no fighting experience.

- Low Stamina

- He is frail and physically weak. A direct punch from his won't do much.

- Each individual ability is quite weak on its own.

- He really doesn't have any real offensive abilities, so against super defensive opponents, there's not much he can do.

- He really doesn't have a chance against anyone with any type of superhuman abilities.

- He's doesn't have good control of his powers yet.

- He is still a teenager, so he can be impulsive at times.


Normally, Xavier is that quiet kid you never notice, and is that one innocent kid. He tries to not be the centre of attention because of his social anxiety. He tends not to voice his opinion and goes along with the flow. But around people he can trust he tends to open up and become quite loud. That being said he doesn't trust alot of people. He is a huge Duelist fanboy.

If you were to make him mad, he wouldn't blow up in anger like most people, but would find other ways to make you pay. When push comes to shove however, he becomes violent and doesn't know when to hold back and will go overboard. He can hold a grudge. Really hates to be looked down upon.

He prefers to be called by his nickname: Dexter.

Favorite genre to listen to underground rap and hiphop, and because of this his hobby is to freestyle

He's actually unintentionally extremely sarcastic and can be very pessimistic and nihilistic; will intentionally make you mad to get you to rush at him.

Character Bio:

Physical Stats : - Xavier o' Guin (Prefers to be called Dexter)

- Age: 16

- Race: Black

- 5'7" (170 cm)

- 137 lbs (62 Kilos)

- Light brown skin, black eyes, dyed dark red hair.

- Prefers to wear any variation of reds and pinks and black, hoodies and jogger pants.

Bio : 
- He grew up in a quirky little town around Micfortress. Like everyone in his town, he has the ability of the Miscellaneous, and even for them had a strange array of abilities as the ability usually came with a theme and at least one offensive ability. Wanting to prove that he wasn't weak just because he was a little different, he asked his parents if he could become a duelist. They agreed, thinking that it could help him with his confidence issues and to rake in the cash and rice for the family.

Comic Demo:


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BET nigga whenever i get d6 done well handle that grudge problem ;^3

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*we'll ;v

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@Comet let's see here...
1. Teleportation within 3 meters is a little much...is there something that prevents him from just spamming it relentlessly?
Actually, apart from that, it looks really good. Best of luck!

Check out my duelist here: [C]ETA
Current Status: Potentially Dueling

Written Duelist: Azriel, Psychopomp
Information on Written Duels here

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Global Mod
@Comet your entire Duelist application seems all good really! I really like this! :)
The only thing I request of you is to add one extra comic page and you are all good to go! ^_^
Let me or any Duel Mod know when you are done and we will accept ya~


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Was just browsing the forums when I saw this. Looks good, man!

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@Sareth tweaked him a small bit, and added that 2nd page demo ;v

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Global Mod
Alright! It seems all great to me :) Your Duelist has been entirely updated on the roster here, check it out and let me know if it is all good:


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