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Weapon / Power:
*samurai sword: a sword that at the same time is a sword of fire.
*pure fire:fire, which gives you blow and kicks of fire, with a sword that when you want has a blade of fire.

*In a place of fire, he increases his power.
*its power increases when it gets angry.
*when he discovers the enemy's point in the battle, he takes it
*Fight until death

*the unexpected attacks.
*blows of mallet.
*the attacks fast.
*electric shock.

*kind to people.
*But serious when fighting and taking a picture.

Character Bio:
*He was a normal child, lost and alone, who suffered from bulling.his parents beat him.his father was the one who hit him.but one day he escaped from his house. And he stayed to live in a corridor of a house, where a (sensei) picked him up and took him to his dojo, giving him food and comfort, as kilot wanted him as a father, Kilot told him everything that happened to him as a child and The sensei began to teach how to occupy a sword. And to fight. And soon Kylot discovered his firepower. The sensei forged a sword for Kylot.The next day, some people killed the sensei with a gun. Kylot heard a shot and when he went to see.He found his sensei dead. While looking at a ninja who was walking away through the window, he promised to have a revenge, for his sensei, sad to go to the funeral. It was the last time he saw him.

Animated Demo:

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Isn't the weakness part of the application supposed to be what the guys is weak to and not more of his strengths?

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Yes, I just hope that,a verification.

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Global Mod
@Aversios seems all good =]
I think you just need to proofread up this app and get your demo out and you should be all good ^-^
Let me or any moderator know when you are ready for another review!


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