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Weapon / Power:
- Poruga wields a traditional Daisho, a Katana and Wakizashi for those unfamiliar. They are forged from a rice imbued hard ice that rivals steel in durability and cutting ability.
- The katana itself does not have any special abilities, the wakizashi however does.
- If the Wakizashi manages to inflict a cut or wound, a form of ice shard is created from within the wound. From here on, the shard will very slowly grow ice out of the wound until it either embodies its hosts body, or the original shard is destroyed. Very dangerous if cut in several places, as it helps the ice encompass a person’s body faster. This, in turn, has been known to be called Creeping Death.
-The Daisho can be dual wielded.

- A master of Kendo/Kenjutsu.
- Skilled practitioner in the arts of Aikido and Tai Chi.
- Will fight using objects from his surroundings if an opportunity arises.
- Has had many years of fighting in wars, giving him advanced knowledge over warfare and fighting.
- Has Tactical Prowess, plans his possible moves far in advance based on information he can gather before the fight starts.
- Likes to use the Tactics of Mistake.
- Fairly nimble.
- Being born and raised in Neira has benefitted him with a natural resistance to colder weathers common in the northeast regions of Cier.

General Weaknesses
- Prefers not to kill if possible, but will if there is no other option to stop a fight.
- Poruga is 53 years old, meaning his body cannot take a heavy beating in a fight and recover easily, no matter what shape he is in, but he is not terribly frail either. He will generally try to end the fight within a certain number of attacks and won’t drag out fights.
- Has problems with the warmer weathers found everywhere outside of Northeast Cier, and will slow him down depending on the extremity of the heat. But he is not afraid to travel south on the off occasion.
- Does not possess any form of superhuman powers, he also does not have any easy way to counter those with said superhuman powers.
- He lacks any ranged weapons, nor does he have the experience in using any advanced ranged weapons past possibly a crossbow.
Weapon Weaknesses
- The swords can be broken if a big enough force smashes into them, like one from an exceptionally big hammer with medium to high power.
- The swords can also be melted if sustained in temperatures equal to boiling point (100 C/212 F) for roughly two minutes. Will melt even faster if it is sustained in temperatures higher than 300 C/572 F or higher.
- Dual wielding gives Poruga greater speed, but the power of his attacks is cut in half, he generally only dual wields when he needs greater speed to fight his opponents.
- Creeping death, if not destroyed otherwise, will stop growing if Poruga sheathes the Wakizashi, fully encompasses its target, the Wakizashi’s blade is broken/melted, or Poruga is unconscious or dead.
- The growth can be slowed or stopped by magic, shattering, melting, or severing the limb from which it grew on. But the shard itself cannot be destroyed unless the conditions from the bullet point above are met.
- Creeping Death does not work on things that are constantly sustained in extreme heat.

Distant – Due to his years fighting wars and his banishment from Neira, Poruga tends to not be very intimate, usually keeping his distance from society and making very few friends.

Mournful – Over the course of his lifetime, he has come to regret many of his decisions revolving around killing. Metaphorically speaking, he has an eye that sees the past and one that sees the present, and having the two mixes has him constantly mourning over people he’s killed, but is not a generally depressing person overall. He tends to visit a grave of fallen comrades whenever he travels.

Cautious – He’s been known to be careful and avoids unnecessary problems or outcomes.

Character Bio:
So who is Porgua you may ask? That is something merchants ask when looking around for mercenaries to hire so they can travel through places like Neira Pass and the Veil safely. To answer that question, one would have to search for documents and rumors from both the Dojo and the faction of Neira to get the full answer. For the most part, the documents will go like this:

“Poruga: Current Known Age: 53 Faction of Birth: Neira Whereabouts: Uknown
Basic info: Poruga was born and raised in Neira close to the faction wars period. In his teens, he spent a majority of his time learning and mastering the arts of Kendo and Aikido and was enlisted in Neira’s Death legion company, a branch of Neira’s army that specialized in tactical guerilla warfare, at the age of 22.
At the age of 36, when the faction wars began, Poruga’s unit was sent to be the front lines against many of the opposing factions Neira declared war on. About 10 years into the faction wars, Poruga and his unit had racked such a high number of kills, anytime someone mentioned his company was marching towards them, literal villages would retreat to prevent the tremendous amount of bloodshed that followed. Around the same time, a tragedy finally struck his company that brought an end to Neira’s conquests at that time.”
“According to reports, Death Legion was ordered to march to Blackwatch in a secret agreement to eventually help them eliminate the faction of Aether. While marching through the Veil, Death Legion was caught in a crossfire between Navia and factions from the Valley of Raitera for control of the lands surrounding the Veil. Caught between both armies whom had developed advanced weapons and magic compared to their own, Death Legion was unable to fight off both factions and was ultimately defeated, save for a few who managed to escape.
Poruga, being one of the escapees, tried to return home to Neira to try and get reinforcements or join another legion. However, Neira refused to allow it and branded Poruga a traitor for not dying during the battle. As such, they have banished him from Neira, but allowed him to keep his Daisho as a respect to his service. Neira officials claim that from time to time people saw him wandering the frozen wastes of the Crystal Taiga for many years after that, but no one knows his whereabouts currently.”

That is the extent of knowledge for known documents regarding him. Rumors nowadays claim he shows up in towns just south of Neira Pass from time to time and offers mercenary escort services to those who are willing and desperate to get through dangerous places in the Northern parts of Cier without being scathed and require people who don’t ask too many questions. So long as you don’t mind him stopping to mourn for his fallen comrades along the way.
Comic Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 1 win / 1 loss

Duel History:
Skye Blasterson (Frest) vs Poruga (Solar_Battler)
BaB (Pyn) vs Poruga (Solar_Battler)


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If you need any extra proof of my drawing talents or ensure this is not stolen from anywhere or from someone else, here is a link to my deviantart to which the reference sheets have been posted to as well. http://lonekoopa.deviantart.com/

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@Solar_Battler --- Everything seems all good to go, mate. Welcome to the duelist roster! Good luck on your future duels and adventures! :D

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D4rkRailgunr wrote:
@Solar_Battler --- Everything seems all good to go, mate. Welcome to the duelist roster! Good luck on your future duels and adventures! :D

Thank you good sir, glad to finally be on it! :D

Status: Currently dueling in: Research vs Defense. PM me if you are wanting to duel.

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Stay Pink my friends.

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So he's like a normal human just with extreme skills. Right?

(Creator of original character: Kreeden)

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