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Joseph Periit


Weapon / Power:
Sword and Throwing Knives: Has an ordinary sword and carries throwing knives that can be outfitted with small gadgets/explosives. Example: Attaching a stun grenade to a throwing knife.

Action Prevention: For up to two seconds Joseph is able to prevent/remove ANY action from an opponent. Those effected will remember thinking about preparing to do said action but not why they didn't do anything. If the action is longer than 2 seconds it will be delayed for 2 seconds, and if it's shorter than two seconds the action doesn't happen.

Is intelligent enough to be able to predict the actions of opponents after seeing their abilities.
As long as he doesn't delay actions it's hard for enemies to figure out his ability.
Relies on confusing his opponents and finding their weaknesses before they figure out his ability.
ANY action can be effected by this attack, things like blinking, breathing, or even thoughts can be removed or delayed.

His ability has a cooldown, although it's a short cooldown normally, depending on how complex or powerful the action is the cooldown time can be multiple times more than the abilities’ length.
Rapid attacks or attacks longer than 2 seconds can't be stopped completely.
Strong opponents that don't rely on abilities are hard to directly fight against.
Smarter opponents might be able to figure out his ability way faster than he expects.
While having average speed he lacks strength and mostly uses weapons to fight.
He lacks long range attacks and his only medium range attacks are his knives.
Only the parts of the body that go towards the chosen action are affected, and they only get affected while pushing towards the chosen action. This means opponents can stop pushing towards the affected action and try a different attack during the 2 seconds.

Likes to mess around with people.
Wants to act cool/intimidating like the people he looks up to.
Doesn't like the idea of death and therefore killing.
Very analytical, but almost too analytical as he will overthink things and doubt himself.
Wears puffy/somewhat bulky clothes to intimidate people or feel better about his lack of raw strength.

Character Bio:
Even though Joseph kept his powers a secret from almost everyone he knew and was always traveling, he actually had a fairly good childhood. Inspired by the stories his parents told him of epic battles and of their kindness and will to live made them true idols for Joseph, making him want to be just like them as he grew up. Even though his parents eventually became too old to fight, Joseph wanted to carry on his family's tradition and became a duelist.

Comic Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:


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Reason: Accept Duelist~
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i just posted my application not long before you and coincidentally my character Receptor has a perfect move set to counter your attacks. long ranged archer takes more then 2 seconds to use his strongest attack and has a high intelligence. i do like your character though.

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@Megastay Let's see here...
1. ANY action might be a bit much. A two second full paralysis is pretty strong, as he could throw a bunch of knives with grenades, lock them for two seconds to prevent them dodging, and it's GG. Can you maybe only restrict some actions, or reduce the time he locks them out?
2. How long exactly is the cooldown? If it's too low it might be an issue. Especially considering how powerful his ability actually is.
3. Maybe clarify your color coding in your demo a bit, I don't understand what the green is.
Otherwise, it looks pretty good to me. Best of luck!

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Global Mod
@Megastay as requested I will review over this too! ^_^

So it seems like you fixed mostly what Naito asked for but I definitely agree that the 2nd comic page is a bit hard to understand whats going on. Can you clarify it more? Thank you!~

Rest seems all good though, thank you! =]


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Global Mod
@Megastay nice, your Duelist has been accepted! Thanks for fixing that up :)

Welcome to the Official Duelist Roster, here is your starter 5 brown RICE ^_^
Good luck!


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@Megastay couple of questions:
How does he activate his "Action Prevention" ability?
Does he have to look at something to prevent it from happening?
Can he do it with his eyes closed?
How often can he use this ability in ... lets say, 1 minute?

Lastly, fancy a Duel with me? :]

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@Ninjafish He activates it by consciously thinking about the exact action that he wants to stop.
In order to do that it's best if he has eye contact, but if he knows their exact location and what they're doing then he can do it with his eyes closed.
Since the very minimum cool down for his ability is 2 seconds (1x the ability length), meaning the max uses in one minute is 15 times, but this is for very small actions like blinking or moving a finger. For stuff like small punches it can be 2x the ability length or more.

I'm also open for a duel :)

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