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Dojo Duel Champion 2017



  • NovaFrame MK I- An external skeletal system built around the body; assisting body movement and strength- built primarily for sprinting.

Strengths (NovaFrame):

  • Really fast.

  • Really strong.

  • Bullet resistant; blocks most sharp weapons.

  • Visor increases distance and peripheral vision range.


  • Like literally anything, the suit is breakable.

  • The suit only marginally improves her endurance.

  • She learned various bits of martial arts via online videos. She’s not very good.

  • Nova has about 0 strength without the suit or its functionality.

  • She’s a twig.

  • Give her a sandwich.


Goofy and lighthearted; if a circumstance can be made humourous, Nova will make it so.

Nova is very clean in her speech, and generally not very rude. Her moral compass is strong, however, she’ll likely leave criminal warriors/false duelists to MRCI or other authoritative operations.

She is very cautious about her identity as Nova, taking good measures to conceal Scarlet Alonso.

Character Bio:

Physical stats : 
Full name: Scarlet Grace Rodriguez Alonso
Alias: Scarlet Alonso; Nova
Age: 19
Height: 5’4 (Scarlet), 5’7 (Nova)
Weight: wow, rude
Race: Catanian

Meta : 
The red and black costume is built around the NovaFrame, padded with material to both imply muscle and serve as armour.

Top speed, 47MPH

Static to full speed in 6 seconds.

NovaFrame can lock limbs in place, which can act as a jack of sorts.

Maximum lifting capacity (locked), 500 LB

Maximum lifting capacity (open), 230LB

History : Born in Highgate Landing, Catania, Scarlet’s life through school was normal.

She’s held a liking for the Duels system since she was a tween; the use of costumes and elaborate weapons and magic was far more interesting than plush gloves and sports tape. Though, she’s never chosen to be very athletic.

At all.

In her recent studying at one of Highgate’s tech universities, Scarlet and some classmates developed an external structure to expand on or even automate limb movements; initially designed for paralyzed persons.

Duplicating this design on her own, she made a stronger variation of the structure; disguised into a costume. While Scarlet can’t fight on her own, the NovaFrame increases the force of her attacks, and especially, her running speed.

She now participates in Duels under the alias of Nova for her safety as Scarlet.

Comic Demo:


Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Previous Duelist:
Manon Nova


Weapon and Powers:

Charev: A fancy name for a simple weapon. The name derived from her native language, this sword is nothing exceptional.

For years, Manon has fought with sorcery that could be created from her body at will. Now, it seems as if that ability has been annulled (After an unfortunate encounter with Lothric). She can, however use her little remaining Rice.

  • Consuming a grain of Rice will provide a temporary boost of strength and endurance; up to superhuman levels.

  • There are no changes in appearance.

  • Effects wear off after about 5 minutes. Perhaps even faster if the fighting is intense.


  • As a physical fitness enthusiast, Manon’s body is certainly stronger than average. Punches, kicks, and other martial arts fighting techniques are not to be taken lightly.

  • After many duels, Manon has become acquainted with several different fighting styles; giving her a sort of head start against less versatile duelists.

  • Manon has mastered the use of the military-developed Krav Maga martial arts.


  • She’s no Mage; while she has managed to use sorcery in the past, she’s far from immune to any magic attacks. In fact, her inexperience with magic makes her much more vulnerable in such a battle.

  • She’s not the brightest. Even though she has years of military methods ingrained in her mind, she still tends to act first and think later, almost always trying to remain on the offensive.

  • After exposing herself to the harsh environment of The Moche (D6 vs Manon), Manon’s lungs have become extremely vulnerable to smoke or contaminants in the air. If a duelist uses/produces smoke, gases, or other contaminants, Manon’s shortness of breath provides an advantage to the opponent.

  • Though perhaps not a convenient weakness to most opponents, Manon holds a certain fear and/or contempt for robots, cyborgs, and people who hide their face (Such as in a mask or helmet).


In an ideal condition, she’s very talkative, in a real-world London/Cockney dialect. She loves to be the centre of attention, and will go out of her way to be friendly and helpful. In friendly duels, she makes an effort to not seriously injure a person.

However, under stressful or antagonising circumstances, such as more violent duels, she’s almost the opposite. Depending on the opponent, and what they could do to another person, she’ll decide herself whether or not they should be allowed to live.
Her sense of right and wrong is not very clear, and does not fight with a real sense of honour.

Character Bio:

Physical stats : 
  • Name: Manon Nova; no middle name.
  • Age: 24
  • Height and weight: 5’10” (178 CM), 164 LB (74 KG)
  • Race: Nerian (Real-world French)
  • Coloruing: Pale but healthy skin, blue eye, black hair

Backstory :  Manon was born in a land on the other end of the planet, called Cyruvia. Circumstances brought her to Cier, where she found purpose in dueling.

After a devastating encounter with the legendary warlord Lothric, Manon has left her Cierian family to live on her own in Highgate; proud to be a Master-Rank Duelist. When not dueling, she works as a personal trainer for a Highgate fitness centre.

As a Duelist, she works with local law enforcement, and often ventures outside Highgate to take on known criminals or troublemakers.

Comic Demo:


Duelist Statistics:
[spoil]Rank: Gold

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 12 win / 2 loss

Duel History:
Galaxy (Fisher) vs Manon (SoundofSpeed)
Ballistic (Yaozzerz) vs Manon (SoundofSpeed)
Zyron (_Inky_) VS Manon (SoundofSpeed)
Manon (SoundofSpeed) VS Eaze (EZDoesIt)
X (GalvanGraphics) VS Manon (SoundofSpeed)
The Great Bunnie Panic
D6 (Mr_Dinodude) VS Manon (SoundofSpeed)
Manon (SoundofSpeed) VS Xiong Mao (NeoNyle)
Srey(LeoDS) vs Manon(SoundofSpeed)
Aiko (XxScatterxX) vs Manon Nova (SoundofSpeed)
Kurai Suimin (Galvy_01ITA VS Manon Nova (SoundofSpeed)
Lothric's Tomb
Chadwick(Sceambeg) vs Manon(SoundOfSpeed)
Eaze(EZDoesIt) vs Manon(SoundOfSpeed)
Player X (SugarRatio) vs Manon Nova (SoundofSpeed)
Manon Nova (SoundofSpeed) VS Lucien Shiner (FlashFighter212)


║ 2 ║║ 0 ║║ 1 ║║ 0 ║║ 1 ║║ 1 ║


║ 0 ║║ 1 ║║ 0 ║║ 2 ║║ 0 ║║ 0 ║


║ 0 ║║ 0 ║

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Finally ! Also, Freezer Burn looks cool :)

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Banned User
woah nice job i like it

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Duel Mod
Well look who decided to join the duel, you might wanna change the name "animated" to "comic" demo. :o

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Dojo Duel Champion 2017
Sticklet wrote:
you might wanna change the name "animated" to "comic" demo. :o

Ah, I should have seen that xD Also, how do I make a spoiler? I don't want the demo to be just hanging out making the page larger than necessary.

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Very nice duelist, I'd love to see her fighting in duels!

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Global Mod
@SoundofSpeed congrats! Your Duelist has been accepted to the Official Duelist Roster! :)
Let me know whenever you have any questions concerning Dojo Duels!


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Welcome to the roster Sound, its a pleasure to have you with us ^^

Might I say however your art style kinda reminds me of a cross between stick and Sonic, probably just cause of the hair and eyes o3o

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"Half blind in her left eye."
Fashion hurts you know. "When i die i don't want people to look at my rotting corpse and say 'ew', i want them to say 'dang. Wish I look half as good as her when I die.'"

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