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“The 8-Knight/Armored Knight”
An Alternate-Universe Rendition of the Character from the 8-Light Universe


NOTE :: The profile below is an Alternate-Universe rendition of an original character, designed specifically for the environment that is Hyun’s Dojo. Therefore, if you notice any significant differences between this version of ‘John’ and the version seen in the original source material, that is most likely why. However, feel free to ask questions about such. This version of the character is still under development…

This 8 is the second person to hold this name/title. The one who came before him bestowed this power to this successor, under the premonition that no one person can remain forever. His (the successor) name was Zak. His parents are gone, and his past, a mystery to any who ever knew him. He has gone by many names, and seen more than any one man could ever hope - or desire - to see. History was his teacher, and a strict one at that. Born to a government scientist and a particle physicist, Zak was a normal boy for his younger years. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine, and was a persistent honor-roll student in primary school. He was an avid reader, but always needed reading glasses. Due to the availability of laser-eye surgery, his parents thought it would be good to have Zak operated on, to remove the need for prescription lenses. He went in for a normal appointment, and to see whether he qualified for the surgery, at age 12.

Life however, had other plans. The government was sitting atop a silent revolution, that would change the world forever - biological augmentation. Doctors now had the ability to replace organs and tissues that could no longer perform their functions with long-lasting machines that could out-perform them. Medicine had moved so far ahead that people could see further than 20 miles - without external lenses. Implants could not only enhance your vision, but also allow you to see different parts of the spectrum - infrared vision was now a commonality. But, statistics in the news would have you think otherwise. In order to test these enhancements, however, distributors would have them installed on unsuspecting patients, in blind trials. Zak's number was up. He soon retired his thick, medicated lenses, and was even able to go without sunglasses. The surgery would also implement transition-like lens features, allowing for adaptive exposure without external assistance.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred until he was 14. Then, he awoke to a startling scene one morning - everything was in false coloring. He wasn't seeing with visible light, but false-colored thermal vision. When his parents found out, they were baffled. Then, they had him hide it - they needed to find out how he received the enhancement. They ran into constant dead ends for months on end - no doctor could do an operation like that, unsanctioned. And to add to the complexity, they could not sue for medical malpractice - the surgery had gone as expected, with Zak not requiring contacts and no equipment left inside the patient. It was supposedly a military-grade version of the implant, not meant for use by civilians. Somehow, Zak now had it in him - albeit, with a non-functional transponder. Whoever was keeping track of his recovery progress had lost contact with the instrument for some time now. The insurance they had had no record of the implant's full capabilities, and would surely respond in (not-so) kind if this was revealed to them then.

Zak's parents were in the middle of a strange situation, and even their clearance couldn't get them answers. They checked the medical documentation and records, and found nothing. It was hopeless, and they chose to simply hide it from public view. Then, they called for help from outside the country. They wanted Zak to have somewhere to go if something happened. Zak went to high school, and for 3 years, nothing happened. He didn't get an inch taller.

One day, the feds came knocking on their door - they wanted the boy. Zak was was in the backyard, weeding their garden when they arrived. Gun shots rang out, and Zak was rushed to the eastern shore - he was being taken out of country.

11 years later…
He came back, standing over his parents graves. He wasn't any taller than he was 14 years ago. He had finished college, and had a part-time job. Before that, he had been trained in 7 styles of martial arts, and could use anything as a weapon. He was on the run, so he had no choice. There was some blood on his hands - he had to dodge bullets some evenings. But he didn't even look like an adult. It's hard to walk into a bar with the face of a teenager, and it irked him. He had a different name now - he had to drop off the grid. John. He lived on his own, and moved from place to place. He could never get himself to settle down, and was plagued with physical deformities that stemmed from his augmentations. His body looked unsuspecting to most doctors, but the enhancements had taken their toll. He was a bit asocial, and nothing seemed to hold his attention for long. He drifted as a ghost for years, and had to take care of himself when he was forced to leave his eastern family.

Then, out of the blue yonder above, a teenager plummeted from the sky - he was around his height. Zak's body phased for a second - this encounter was unnatural. His physical form had never done this before. Was this person like him? Was he a foe? The mysterious entity answered, with glowing scars and smoke pouring from his metallic body. "What is this?", Zak queried. He looked up once more - only to see what had the appearance of a metallic, man-like figure hovering silently above, like a predatory bird. His eyes glowed red, yet they peered down at him with a deathly cold glare, before it bolted off. So swiftly, he simply vanished. Zak looked down again, to see the once-downed teenager up on his feet, with a slight limp. "I apologize for the inconvenience. Please leave the area, for it is no longer safe here", said the mysterious character. Zak looked around, but no one nearby appeared to notice them at all - were they invisible?

"I don't believe I can," stated Zak with his eyes glowing blue - he was scanning thoroughly for hazards. "That won't work on me," replied the teen. "From what I can detect, however, you are in the same situation I am . On the run?" Zak's eyes stopped glowing blue and now shown a deathly white instead. Zak was clearly shaken by his perceptiveness. "I can answer the first question before you ask it," said the teen without moving his lips. The voice was now in his head. "Please calm down - I can see that you aren't quite in sync anymore." Zak's eyes now shown a bit less brightly, and his heart rate returned to an unheightened state, and his shadow returned to its regular form. "What did they do to you? My psych-defenses never did that."

"I don't know what happened," Zak replied in objective silence. His face now showed the first considerable amount of genuine emotion in years, and his eyes stared back at his shadow - he had almost blacked out. He had no idea what was happening to him. "I know this is a strange question for the moment, but when were you augmented? Your implants are missing some identifying markers, and your transponder is out cold." Zak could not quite recollect in the moment, and thinking about it caused him to recall the years past. "Don't bother - it's too much to handle from what I can see. I have done you wrong. I am sorry." The teen looked down, almost ashamed of such. "Don't be - no one can advance to the latter without acknowledging the former," Zak hastily replied. "Do you have a name?" Zak asked. He broke his once-unwavering concentration to look around - someone should have noticed them by now. But, everything was distorted, and 'moving at a snail's pace'. He gasped in shock - "Who is this kid? How is he doing this?. "We should leave the area - my reserves are running low, and I cannot cloak us for long," said the teen.

He paused before whispering objectively, “My name... is 8”.

More info on the mainstream (Universe 0) version of this character:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/16BI ... sp=sharing

In-Universe Limitations ::
As mentioned before, this version of the character is not the same as the one described in the original source material. The following limitations can be expected in most general interactions with the character:

:: This is not the version of ‘John’ from after the Revolution plot arc. He is still an apprentice.
:: ’John’ will primarily be seen in the Assassin Knight MKII armor - but it will be made to look like MKI for aesthetic reasons.
:: Many of the weapons and abilities listed here will not be made available to ‘John’ initially.
:: No energy discharges that can destroy more than a diameter that's 48% the length of a city block
:: No advanced solid-light projections (Simple Machines only).
:: Certain items will be “soft-banned” - meaning that, unless otherwise allowed by a moderator, the item in question is just a lore-based prop, and cannot be used in battle (‘Lore Items’).
:: Anything that has been struck through is A) currently not applicable, and invalidates anything directly dependent upon it, or B) is under compliance review.
:: Weather-altering effects cannot reach full-size yet - can only be used when he is flying.
:: Can be noticeably harmed by meta-humans more powerful than MCU (AoU) Hulk-buster. Also, cannot tank a hyper-sonic anti-aircraft missile or a nuke (would at the very least K.O. him). But he is bulletproof and knife-proof with the armor on.
:: Unless otherwise specified, if you’re (by some unlikely chance) perusing through the original source material, and notice some abilities that are mirrored in this document as well, it is to be assumed that the ability is (at most) half as powerful it was described/intended in the original source material.

Personality/Character Traits ::
Valid for most social interactions - not open to variance unless on rare occasion::

:: Tends to work alone, and dislikes trying to talk to others. If he walks into a bar, he sits by himself, and avoids eye contact.
:: If he perceives a threat, he's proactive - he has a plan. However, he won't strike unless he is, beyond reasonable doubt, truly forced to. He hates collateral damage.
:: He's efficient. If he can use less energy/force to remove targets, he'll do so.
:: He's honest. He also respects his enemies. If he does make the kill, he may bury his opponent's body, and place a grave marker.
:: He's reserved/shy.
:: He's very close to emotionless - he does it to protect himself from his past.
:: He's silent - you won't hear, see, or feel him approaching. You can, however, detect his chi if your are paying close attention.
:: He can speak in 9 different languages.
:: He has difficulty talking to and relating to people. He has ADHD.
:: Usually shrouded in loose garments, to hide his figure. He is a bit short for his age. Barely at the proper weight for his size.
:: No one has ever seen his eyes unobscured except for his mentor.
:: If he can, he'll spare someone in a fight, rather than kill.
:: He hates backstabbing with a passion - it won't work on him.

Weapons and Abilities ::
Only Usable when in the Armor (includes incomplete wearing as well)::

:: Energy Manipulation: Ability to use, transfer, and change energy from one form to another.*
For instance ::
:: ’John’ could draw all static electricity that accumulated on his body from high-speed, friction-inducing motion, and convert it into visible light. He could then use it to blind his foes (electromagnetic energy). That is, if it wasn’t already dissipated for safety reasons via a virtual ‘grounding-wire’
:: He could also use himself as a heat-pump, to draw thermal energy form either the environment or an attack. That thermal energy could then be focused onto a small area of air, causing rapid expansion and sending various nearby objects flying (kinetic energy). It acts as an omni-directional cannon in this case. In another usage case, he could use himself as a thermo-electric generator, and produce a focused IR laser beam from the collected energy instead (electromagnetic energy).
Important to note that the energy cannot be changed into matter, or vice versa. This would require external assistance.
:: HAARP: The primary user can alter local area weather/natural phenomena within a 2-mile radius. Extremely power consuming. Limited to strong winds, varying precipitation, and some lightning.* **

Usable with Out-of-Body P.E. (within 2-mile radius of the Armor) ::

:: Blade of Time: A sword of unknown origin that allows the wielder to alter the flow of time, if worthy. Only the original/first 8 knows of its design and composition. ‘John’, however, does not. This weapon requires a considerable power source to utilize, and may also drain life force when used.* ^*
:: Dimensional Satchel: An artificial rift in SpaceTime that can connect the user to another area, to access distant resources. If used to access nearby items, the resulting feedback can harm anyone within a 30 foot radius - especially the primary user. This ability is not meant to be used for personnel - items only. Attempting such has consistently-fatal consequences.** **^
:: Dual Iron-sight Sniper Rifles: self-explanatory. They simply shoot lasers/electricity instead of bullets. If charged with a large enough power source, the projectiles can achieve kinetic elasticity, making them a danger to anyone nearby if utilized improperly/without mastery - including himself.*
:: Virtual Mechanics: allows for limited manipulation of the surrounding environment, via installation of (solid-light versions of) simple machines within the user's vicinity. For a similar fictional example of the ability, consider (RWBY) Weiss’s Semblance - without the Dust mechanics. Simple platforms that can be used to exert a force - must follow the laws of Physics. Draws large amounts of energy, since slowing down photons is not a cheap process. The available constructs are limited to those requiring a platform to operate (i.e., see-saws, springboards, etc.).* ** **^

Usable without the Armor ::

:: Twin-blade: A hilt with two solid-light swords on either end. Has plasma actuator-based thrusters attached to it, allowing for a variety of non-conventional attacks and limited gliding - as long as there aren't any atmospheric anomalies nearby. For a reference, please see this animation from around the 2008 time-frame. **^
:: Solid-light Shurikens: Work like any other throwing knives - but they can only be used by the primary user. **^

Strengths ::
:: Stellar Reactor: the device used to power everything in the armor. The device is a fission-fusion reactor that has the ability to produce significantly more energy than what was input (approx. 5-10 times as much to be more specific - see this for a better look at the statistical projections) If built large enough, a device of this design could potentially produce enough power to light up a full-blown city for months on end. The version in the armor is capable of powering a medium-sized house - as long as major power-hogging devices are run at minimum (refrigerators, electric stoves/heating elements, AC, water heaters, etc.)It's the pinnacle of human engineering, and has the ability to solve a multitude of the world's problems. It can also cause wars. 8 can use this item’s ‘Unibeam’ to cause more damage than the armor’s thrusters can dish out^*.
It [the Reactor - due to built-it Casimir Effect facilities] also allows 8 to move at super-luminal speeds for very short bursts, but not without consequence - there is a 95 percent chance that it may accidentally accelerate the frame-of-reference for anything and anyone near him as well. The probability is also directly affected by proximity/physical contact. This would include foes/combatants, projectiles, incoming attacks, etc. Using this without extreme caution can also kill 8, due to the mental strain caused by accelerating himself - if he over-exerts his mind, he is left open to attack (even the augmentations need to reboot). If he collides with anything without slowing down properly, he can injure himself as well. In addition to this, accelleration also strains the circuits keeping him alive. Cannot be used for durations longer than 1-2 minutes dilated time. ^*

:: SKAIS: The human-like A.I. system that assists 8 (‘John’). This assistant aids in managing the entirety of 8's technology and weaponry. Due to 8's augmented body, he could manage it himself - quantum computing was incorporated into his design. However, this puts tremendous strain on him when he does so for long periods. The intensive calculations required to perform upkeep on the armor (which is made partially of these weapons) and 8's internal systems would be enough to leave 8 at a standstill if he were to do this unaided. As such, an assistant with its own hardware, like SKAIS, helps by offloading some of the processor time. Is not allowed to interact with anyone other than 8. **^
:: Duality: Due to the integration of SKAIS into the armor, the armor itself is autonomous as well. It’s 2 against 1.* SKAIS can also have human conversation^*. **^
:: Aviation: Tacit. The armor can fly, and so can 8 - as long as he’s within a 7 ft.** radius of the armor. No long-distance flight, however. **
:: Combat: 8 is a hand-to-hand fighter primarily, and can use weapons as well. He knows (not mastered) 7 different styles.

Weaknesses ::
:: Effective Range: All of 8's abilities and weapons are connected to an externally-managed entity. The armor is where 8 gets the majority of his abilities. It houses the Reactor, which powers his weaponry. It also is managed by SKAIS. If the armor is removed, 8 is just an augmented assassin (although with over 40 years of experience). The general rule is, as long as the armor is within 2 miles, 8 has the (limited) abilities of the 8-Knight (the armor). ** There are consequences for going outside of the Effective Range… ***
:: Bitter Past, Open Wounds: 8 never aged. While 8 is almost 60 years old, his body never aged past 16. In addition to this, he is also doomed to remember everything he ever sees or experiences - in full detail. Past traumas can cause him great pain. He was a fugitive at multiple points in his past. If something triggers a flashback, it can cause him physical harm in some cases, due to it causing systematic feedback (PTSD is amplified by his augmentations). While it theoretically can't kill him, it can leave him vulnerable to mental attacks - for those who are not faint of heart themselves. **
:: Heart of the Matter: The Stellar Reactor is the key. If this item is damaged or attacked, it directly affects 8's performance. It isn't an infinite power supply - it has to cool down and recharge at some point (it takes matter and energy to produce energy). 24 hours or more of continuous, heavy, combat activity will definitely do that.
:: Like Minds Hurt Alike: 8 is neurologically-linked to his armor. Although the armor is made of metal, it can take damage. It just requires unconventional means to do so. If the armor is damaged, 8 feels this as physical pain. It works the same way for the armor/SKAIS. But, 8 could also lash out if pushed like this…
:: Don’t Blink - Keep Sync: If 8 and his subsystems aren't completely in sync, anything they are doing can have adverse affects on them. 8 has been struck by his own lightning/attacks before. When this occurs, it tends to deal a great deal of damage to him and nearby entities.
:: Priority Check: Multitasking is not an option for 8. While he can process multiple tasks at once, he can only use one ability/weapon at a time. ***
:: iForgot: 8 can loose track of items at times. If they leave his field of view, he has to rely on SKAIS to track things down, or look for them himself. While some items have RFID trackers, others don’t.***
:: EMP: 8 (‘John’) is not EMP-proof. Large explosions and large, bright flashes of light can also disorient him. But, the reactor will still work - this is how he can recover* from an EMP attack. **

more limitations…
* Most of these abilities are gained later in time, after Zak encounters 8 (the original). He has to develop these over time. As such, most of these won't show up often when he's fighting - for a considerable length of time. In order for Zak to utilize his abilities properly, he first has to reach an ascended state, in which he produces an energy field around himself. This is part of what powers his abilities. He can bypass this state, but this comes at a huge risk. If 8 uses any of these too much, the effects can range anywhere from internal bleeding and bone fractures, to death. He can't use these abilities at full power, or on a regular basis.
** Certain items listed here are specific to this rendition of the character, and may not be the same.
*^ This is more of a ‘Lore’ item, and is not intended for regular use. Unless otherwise specified by a moderator, you may not use this item in a moderated fight (Hyun’s Dojo). This is to prevent overuse/abuse. The Blade in particular, cannot be used in most cases. It can only be used in the event of a universe-threatening crisis. The Blade also has a mind of its own, and was lent to 8 by 79 (Agent-X). When used, it must first be unlocked by 79. 79, unfortunately, has remained off-grid for a while now - finding him in such an event will be next to impossible.
*** Attempting to do so affects how in-sync he is with his subsystems (Keep Sync).
**^ May only be used by the primary user, to prevent misuse/overuse/abuse.

How Powerful Is/Was 8? ::

If you are wondering about how powerful this version of the 8-Knight is, please refer to the spoiler below.
WARNING :: Spoilers?...

Zak will be starting out at the beginning of his career - some time after after he met the original 8-Knight and the Revolution event seen in:

Story - Plot Arcs, Part 3

Just before The Modern :: in the same document.

For practical purposes and initiation, he will be starting out with the Assassin MKII - but it will be modeled after its MKI counterpart, for aesthetic reasons.
Now, for some background on the armor itself:
:: one of the new-age armors made during the time of the Armored Knights, and was in use until the split up (Revolution) of the group at around 2030
:: was designed specifically for stealth operations, and would set the standard for the stealthiness in the later armor series

The armor/suit has the following armaments and abilities (load-out):
:: Stellar Reactor MK II
:: Casimir Effect facilities (integrated into the Stellar Reactor MK II)
:: Virtual Mechanics MK II beta
:: Active Cammo - Light-Manipulating Metamaterials
:: Radiation Refraction and Manipulation - Light-Manipulating Metamaterials
:: 3D Holographic Projectors/EM Depth Charges
:: Thruster Heat Dissipation and Thermal Masking
:: Solid-Light Shurikens
:: Twin Solid-Light Katanas
:: Twin laser rifles and Solid-Light Rapiers
:: Solid-Light Throwing Knives (heat-seeking)
:: Smoke Pellets
:: OverClocking MK II beta
:: Electromagnetic/Ionic Manipulators
:: Superconductive Gravito-magnetic Field Generator
:: Active Selective Noise Cancellation and Manipulation
:: Active Network Monitoring and Vulnerability Detection/Cracking suite
:: OnBoard Organic/Inorganic Chemical Analysis Array
:: completely controlled by SKAIS
:: Out-of-Body P.E. MK II beta
:: Short-Term Wormhole Generator
:: Q-EM Thrusters (FTL)

Further Clarification can be found here:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wQR ... sp=sharing
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dzy ... sp=sharing

Hope this helps!

Media (if you want, you can attempt to animate them. I won't.) ::
Character Demo(s) - Static/Comic Only ::

Light Knight Mark III :: pre-Revisions
This Armor (MKIII line) is the last 8-Knight Armor produced inStory.

8-Knight Duality :: For any given altercation, Zak can utilize the Armor’s abilities and tools as long as he is within close proximity of it.
He can summon energy, weapons, and even parts of the armor itself at high speeds.
The version of the Armor seen in this image is MKIII-r1.

The latest art submission for this character - this time, while wearing the Light Knight MKIII r3 (last revision and armor ever made).
This is a stylized cover, based partially upon the following:
http://data.techtimes.com/data/images/f ... -1-jpg.jpg
Notice how the example's armor wisps off of the arm, almost like ribbons. In the image displayed here, however, I went for a slightly different approach - energy?...

More info on 8-Light:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xZr ... sp=sharing

Previous Design:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B98YR- ... sp=sharing

Assassin Design:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B98YR- ... sp=sharing

If you Kept Reading?
Why do you want to see this?!? There is no more!
If you were somehow expecting more from this one-hit character, here's something to look at:
https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

WARNING: The amount of content under this link is quite large - only look if you have hours of time on your hands...

Please note that most of the content there will not be used here. Nonetheless, if this character does actually get some action, some changes can be made. They may/may not come from there...

No more!

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:

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Holy jesus. This is amazingly detailed over the top. Good work.

The duel mods will enjoy reading this, much like i did.

You are missing your banner, but that's all i noticed from this work.

Nice job.

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Thanks! I'll be trying to add a banner soon...

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wont read all of those personally maybe if just really need to haha that's a duelist I don't wanna fight because I will read everything and I don't want that, it really makes my head hurt. but overall its cool I read some an 60 year old that doesn't look old and grow well that's great. and an assassin for 50 years kinda made me double look because I thought it was a truly old man

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Global Mod
@TopHatProductions115 oh boy, this is quite the Duelist information, holy poop! o_o I will tell you that you did a great job on making them depthy! But that is also sadly the downfall of the Duelist, they are WAY too over-powered even with all the great weaknesses you put up. You'll have to add specific weaknesses to each of those abilities or rewrite / remove some of them somehow D;
This is just too much at once and he starts out way too powerful! They are simply put, extremely OP.
This is not to say your character can't have all of these abilities, but starting out this powerful is too much and I think gradually building up your character to that level will be better (even then, I think some of those powers might always be forbidden unless you can come up with some serious good balancing). I know you came up with a great backstory as to how he got here, but I still don't think that excuses for all this powers and fighting styles! It is just too much T_T

Also some of the weaknesses I think kind of meant the same thing?
Like these two:
TopHatProductions115 wrote:
All of 8's abilities and weapons are connected to an externally-managed entity. The armor is the only reason why 8 is capable of all of these feats. It houses the reactor, which powers his weaponry. It also is managed by SKAIS. If the armor is removed, 8 is just an assassin (although with over 50 years of experience).

TopHatProductions115 wrote:
In this universe in particular, he cannot use any of his abilities unless he is wearing the armor.

So just keep one of them ^_^

You will also need that profile banner pic! Check this thread on how to do that:
And maybe you can make an extra page or two showing off your characters abilities a bit in action for your demo?
Once you did that, I'll help you setup and fix your app! You can use this thread to see more or less what your application should look like:

Lastly, that last part where you said "If you Kept Reading?", is that related still to your Duelist? I am not sure it requires a whole extra section to itself, you can just add that underneath your Character Bio with the rest of your story stuff :)

Fix all of that, then let either me or any Duel Mod know when you are ready for another review!


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Dear community,

I have taken all comments into consideration, and am working on the necessary modifications. I have completed a preliminary character banner, but that banner could change if I can draw up a new one (all of the art is done by hand). It could also be don in color if I can get my hands on my old art tools (not a promise - going to college). I have also introduced the first round of 'nerf'(s) for the abilities. Please note that these 'nerf'(s) are relative to:

1) The character's original (hyunsdojo) abilities and the repo (Google Drive) - two seperate universes
2) Other duels seen on YouTube and other video sources

As such, the process may take a few days - unless I simply remove all super-human abilities from the roster, and save them for a later date. That one's solely up to you guys :) leave a comment on that! In addition, I am also working on the demo images (for comic-only). As noted here:


"If you're only going to be doing Comic Duels you must have a drawn demo showcasing your character design and abilities."

So, that will take a few weeks possibly - I have to do them by hand, since all of the original artwork is done by hand, and there are no digital suites that do what I am looking for without paying a hefty price. Please give direction wherever you see fit. It helps - a lot!


P.S. do NOT google my username - it's terrifying...

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I'm nearing completion of the first concept art piece. The next one will be ready in a week or two. Uploads coming this week...

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Sorry for my absence - it's been a week, to say the least, on my end. I'm coming up a bit late with uploads, and I am still working on profile edits. I'll try to finish this before the end of August. Two uploads are confirmed for this character - I don't know if I can do another with my current schedule. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me via e-mail or PM.

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Global Mod
I am glad to see you are still working heavily on this Duelist man! That makes me happy! Can't wait to see your updated version! :) Just remember to let me know once you have done it and you managed to fix everything I mention! See you around!~


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WELP, i just wasted like 10 years of my life reading this. BUT this is AMAZING.

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