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Player X


Weapon / Power:
Star Energy : The Power that flows within him after eating the fruit.
It can be used in these usual ways:
Light manipulation : Being more structure based attacks made out of it (as well as able to teleport to it)
Energy attacks : To empowering oneself to physically attack stronger, to doing Energy based projectile attacks (e.g Dragon Ball Z)
Shooting Star : A punch focused with star energy, making him dash forward as he punches like a gun bullet.
Singularity Punch : PlayerX shoots a star energy attack, spreading around his opponent and teleports to it to punch towards them.
Cluster Charge : Uses star energy to flow around his body instead of one limb, shooting star will be 30% weaker.

Orbit Gravity Manipulation : He can manipulate gravity around him, this allows him to fly, push off or pull entities.

(Most Unused)
Dublur :This technique was taught by a Tarian Elder, this technique multiplies the user's power, apparently since PlayerX is still young, it also made his body twice as big like an adult!

Cape Sword : Apparently he can shape his cape as sharp as a sword, plus transferring star energy flowing to its blade.

Star Form : White glowing particles form around him, then bursts into a white glow and revealing a masculine form of an entire different being,a distant wave of heat emitting from it.
Strength and Speed is greatly enhanced, as well as his entire body is moldable at will so it can turn his hand into a blade (something like lava).
Circumstances of triggering the form:
- Strong will feeling
- When actually in need in Starform’s view
- Its White Blood exposed

Blood Heat : Flare Up![LOCKED] :This technique makes his blood superbly heated as fire! this increases his strength and and changes his attacks more related to fire.
Blood Heat : Plasma![LOCKED] : This is an upgrade of his last technique mentioned,but now his attacks are far stronger. After he turns red, he turns purple, following with smoke and plasma trails.

PlayerX uses his young creativity to his attacks and to his situation.
Generally fast and light actions due to different gravity in the Cier realm.
Agile movement.
Can rarely feel his opponents presence
Starform has immense strength and speeds
Is able to do the previously mentioned abilities in an extreme manner

Water or Coldness can subdue his Heat-based attacks for a short amount of time.
His Dublur technique wont last long, when it is time steam will come out around from his skin and he is back to his normal state.
He's strong, but not superbly intelligent, since he is still a kid (only at this time).
Starform only lasts in a certain amount of time given or after a job is done in their opinion.
When permitted to become Starform, its strength is locked to a certain degree so PlayerX doesn’t do irresponsible actions with it.

He's usually a good kid, gives off a charming, carefree attitude. He sometimes can get cocky in an easy going demeanor, but as well as a having a sense of justice and a heroic heart with a “Never give up” attitude.

Character Bio:
PlayerX lived in a suburban community created by a nearby company. This company was no ordinary company, it uses and provide a power source called "power fruits", this was discovered decades ago by a tree that provides it. One day His Brother's friend invited them both to his father's office, and in there was a plenty choices of power fruits that was allowed for them both; they both chose one. His Brother ate a power fruit that's shaped like a cartoony blue thunder bolt, while PlayerX ate a power fruit that’s shaped like a star and it taste really sour and then they both gained powers somehow. They tried their newborn powers and practiced more than a few times at home. One day at his school he was introduced by a young looking person who looked like the same age as PlayerX.

His name was Character. He is from a dimension between spiritual and reality and was sent here because he is finding a person who manifested the star fruit, and train the powers within them. He was up for it because he’s curious how far his true potential can go. Before Character can be so sure, he tested his current state of powers. After the small spar, Character found what he needed, so he went to a place called Taria Sanctuary that is from the mentioned dimension. As he entered the Sanctuary, he felt slightly sleepy, but as he see the beautiful view of the Taria Sanctuary, he felt very gazed and exciting.

Character shows PlayerX his Room of the Sanctuary, apparently Character is much of a Tarian Observer. In the room there is a dimensional transporter that can transport people to other dimensions, a healing chamber, some sort of training area, and Character’s work desk. Character let him to have a permission to hangout here whenever. Then PlayerX was scrolling through the available dimensions that he can transport to since he is easily bored. He looked at the data of the world called "Cier", and it basically says "Duelists" fight among each other for certain purposes. So he transported there and spawned somewhere on Aether 2.0. He had a little trouble getting out of there. Eventually he got out and started his journey.

In a later time, PlayerX discovered his Starform is its own sentient being, an alien, apparently named Nur, a Solarisapien Warrior on a planet named Solnumia. It mentions about it was the second strongest warrior of the planet, though died in some invasion or war, leading to its death falling into PlayerX’s world, became the magical tree and its soul transferred to the star fruit, which apparently was the first one to grew. It doesn’t remember anything else other than having the divine strength in a universal standpoint, but weakened after fused with this one cheeky bulb boi. So now it has to try its hardest to recollect its lost memories.

Comic Demo:

Animated Demo:
Coming Soon

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 3 loss

Duel History:
Player X (SugarRatio) VS Zarka'il (WeinbergEnte)
Player X (SugarRatio) vs Manon Nova (SoundofSpeed)
Skye (Frest) vs. Player X (SugarRatio)
Guardians of Bijou


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Last edited by Sareth on February 19th, 2019, 8:26 pm, edited 18 times in total.
Reason: Fix up~
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I spy,
A person from above the sky.
Whether or not I might ask to fight,
The possibility is looking bright~

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First thing I read:

'Light Speed' oh boy, you might want to nerf it down or remove it

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Inzei wrote:
I spy,
A person from above the sky.
Whether or not I might ask to fight,
The possibility is looking bright~

Nice poem lol, and we'll see in the future ;)
Axia wrote:
First thing I read:

'Light Speed' oh boy, you might want to nerf it down or remove it

ok i will edit try to fix that.

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Great to see this little guy getting his own page. Such a great character.
Would like the demo to have gone up at the same time but seems doing the page early has become the norm.
Also I feel some of the info needs tweaking like the weaknesses. Still, good stuff overall.

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this guy looks like fun
his bio sounds off somehow, but i get the gist..i think..
this is gonna be fun to draw x)

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@KingROSH Im bad at making stories i guess :"v

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its not bad
its not bad bad

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Global Mod
@SugarRatio your "Light Manipulation" is too over-powered. I don't mind if he can travel really fast, but you'll have to put a restriction or cool down on it, and it can't be at the speed of light. You can just rephrase it like "seems instantaneous" or something similar then that is fine. Also, being able to teleport to them, I think in general you should come up with a good weakness for this ability.

Also, why does some of your powers say "Locked"? Is it because they can't do it yet but they'll acquire this abilities later on during Duels? Can you maybe just specify that a little somewhere, maybe in parenthesis?

SugarRatio wrote:
A person who is equal or far stronger than him.

We won't really count this because this kinda applies to everyone already without mention.
You can still leave this in, nothing wrong with it, but we won't really count it.

Then we need that demo, so once you are done with all of this, let us know :)


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@Sareth thx for helping what im missing or wrong with, i'll try to fix PlayerX and make him not that overpowered. :D

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