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Weapon / Power:

Loadout preference:

  • Katana (or any sword).
  • Glock (or any hand gun).


  • Chronos has the ability to slow time, appearing as "Superspeed" or "Blinking" to an outside observer depending on the magnitude of Time Dilation.


  • Elevated Assessment: Aided by a hyper perception of time, he can assess situations thoroughly at levels higher than ordinary Duelists.
  • Combat Expert: Mastery in swordplay, and general hand to hand, he uses sword and gun in conjunction together for a unique style of fighting.
  • Tactician: Due to the nature of his skill set, he relies on strategy to win and avoids drawn out fights.


  • Removal of Glasses: Chronos wears a corrective lens, without them the world would appear distorted and discoloured beyond comprehension, even more so during time shifts.
  • Physical Contact: Having contact with Chronos during a Time Freeze will bring the opponent into it along with him until contact is broken.
  • Speedsters: Moving fast against Time Dilation will just bring the fight to an equilibrium.
  • Low Stamina: Preferring hit-and-run tactics, Chronos tries to end fights soon after starting, resulting in poor endurance and stamina.
  • Susceptible to Magic: Time Dilation is nullified by Magic users.
  • 2/3: For his skill to work, he has to balance between: Time Dilation, Magnitude, and Duration. It is a taxing skill and he can only have the best of two at a time, otherwise it would prove lethal towards himself.
  • Intense Light: Chronos' pupils dilate during time shifts while processing more information. Sudden blinding lights can disorientate him.


  • Minor God Complex.
  • Aims for Style Points.
  • Morally Inclined at times.

Character Bio:

Chronos is a first class hitman. Extremely selective of his targets, he specifically goes after people in possession of Cier's empowered Rice. His goal is to collect enough Rice to supercharge his abilities so he can go back in time to stop the crisis which he inadvertently was responsible for. The event triggered a faction war and his home town was caught in the middle of it, losing everything. As time passes, Chronos needs more Rice to go back to the correct time. However, since Chronokinesis is a heavily taxing power, the more he uses it, the sooner he will die.

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:

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Well, well, well.

Jommy boi back at it again


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Global Mod
Gonna post this on behalf of Hyun.
Congrats, you've been accepted to the Official Duelist Roster! Show these kids how us old RHG guys do it! huff huff ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


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Wow that demo o_o

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holy shit he's here.... welp.... r.i.p. noobs [including me] xD


Duelist Currently On Maintainance

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I think he killed us with advanced demo already.
Or he backstabbed us with his ability.
I should run away before the tragedy.
That incoming toward us instantly.

*run away*

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Rooting for duels now


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Duel Mod
He's finally here! :U

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Noice Duelist m80. A time manipulator too? Nice.

Void's gonna have a kick outta this

God Bless!

Void: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=9113

Status: Dueling - Vortex (unofficially)

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Is that white guy Onlywatching? Great character tho demo is top notch!


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